Sahamies Returns: Weekly Top 10 Online Winners/Losers

Ilari Sahamies
Ilari Sahamies

Right on schedule Ilari “Ilari FIN” Sahamies has returned to his winning ways on PokerStars.

This week the flying Finn picked up $492k in the high stakes games on PokerStars and is quickly erasing the massive deficit he wracked up earlier this year.

In February Sahamies was down $726k playing online poker but after this week he’s only down $148k.

It’s an oddly familiar pattern for the noted high stakes pro as last year he lost over a million in the early stages of 2011 but then went on a serious tear after the WSOP that eventually saw him finish with nearly $2 million in profit.

Not everyone was as happy as Sahamies this week as Phisherman36 lost a staggering $775k over the last week.

Viktor "Isildur1" Blom, Jens "Jeans89" Kyllonen and Sander "Berndsen12" Berndsen also factored into the high stakes games this year.

Check below for a complete breakdown of the top 10 winners and losers on PokerStars this week.

Jens Kyllonen
The other Finn on the comeback trail.

Top 10 Online Winners this Week

No one came close to touching Ilari Sahamies’ amazing run on PokerStars this week.

Mickan1984 was the second biggest winner but he made half as much as Sahamies.

Patpatman, who some poker fans are convinced is Tom Dwan while others believe it’s a Malaysian businessman, picked up a tidy profit of $161k this week to bring his yearly earnings up to nearly half a million.

Australian David “Deldar182” Eldar continued his meteoric rise to the top by winning another $157k to hit $1.3 million on the year.

Meanwhile EireAbu is putting some serious distance between himself and the rest of the players in the running for biggest online winner of the year. EireAbu won $156k last night and is now up $3.1 million in 2012.

Finally Jens “Jeans89” Kyllonen is looking to put his failure to cash in the $1 million buy-in WSOP BIG ONE behind him with a $144k victory. Only $855,952 more to go until he’s made his buy-in back.

Here’s a complete look at the top 10 winners this week according to

1. Ilari FIN: +$492,864
2. mickan1984: +$228,508
3. forhayley: +$185,326
4. patpatman: +$161,399
5. Deldar182: +$157,896
6. EireAbu: +$156,662
7. Jeans89: +144,048
8. azn_baller3: +101,636
9. Skjervoy: +$92,694
10. mtvdeuem: +$91,875

Viktor Blom
Viktor "Isildur1" Blom

Top 10 Online Losers this Week

The Phisherman36 account imploded in spectacular fashion this week with an astonishing $775k in losses.

Phisherman36 was up well over a million heading into this week but has been reduced to $532k.

It’s anyone’s guess as to whether Phisherman36 will try to get even this weekend or stay away from the high stakes games altogether for the next while.

The rest of the notable losers on the week didn’t lose anywhere near as much as Phisherman36. 0Human0 lost a comparatively small $220k while Berndsen12 and Viktor “Isildur1” Blom lost even smaller amounts.

Berndsen12, also known as Sander Berndsen, has had a mediocre year and is now down -76k in 2012.

Berndsen can count himself lucky that he’s not Blom, however. The young Swede lost $63k to compound his losses up to $1.5 million this year. He’s officially the second biggest loser of the year.

Here’s a complete look at the top 10 biggest losers according to

1. Phisherman36: -$775,162
2. 0Human0: -$220,057
3. LhhmMaoly: -$108,227
4. wilhasha: -$105,131
5. fish2013: -$82,627
6. Berndsen12: -$78,569
7. hasankiki: -$69,223
8. M.O.P.: -$64,159
9. Isildur1: -$63,814
10. nasud 11: -$62,471

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