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Mark Cloud
2019-12-12 04:11:36

I’m running a poker league that sends a handful of players to the wsop every summer. Last month we hand a dispute on a ruling and was hopeful you could help resolve it.

For starters you need to know we all individually deal on our button so there is no professional dealer.

On this hand, one player stated he ‘was pretty sure he saw a face card’ dealt to another player. He didn’t know exactly what card, just a face card in general. The other player did not want to burn the card because the exact card was not known.

How specific does this need to be? Can a player say ‘ I saw a black card’ and expect the card to be burned?


Arved Klöhn
2019-12-12 11:35:49

The situation you described does not qualify for a burn card. The player in question only offered a guess what he might have seen and apparently has not seen the exact card. If you allow for the card to be burned in this situation you will have to allow a card to be burned whenever a player randomly claims he might have seen a card.

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