Jean-Robert Bellande a "Survivor"

Jean-Robert Bellande
Jean-Robert Bellande will be testing his poker chops in the game of Survivor

CBS officially announced the cast of Survivor: China yesterday and professional poker player Jean-Robert Bellande was on the list.

For months it had been rumored Bellande would star in the reality television show, which has contestants duke it out for more than 30 days in a remote location, but this is the first official confirmation.

The Hollywood resident has already "outwitted, outplayed and outlasted" countless poker players but this will be his first venture into reality TV.

Bellande said in an interview on that he wasn't exactly thrilled to begin with about the idea of being on Survivor.

"Initially, when it was suggested to me, I thought, 'No way,'" he said. "I'm used to comfortable hotels and casinos with air conditioning. I'm not really the outdoors type but then I thought that with 16 players trying for $1 million - well that's as good odds as you're going to get in any game situation."

Bellande admitted it will be a challenge for him to keep up with the other contestants physically but his brain game should be far superior.

"I'm a little overweight and definitely out of shape but poker is a mental game and I believe Survivor is a mental game," he said. "I think I'm as good as any other player mentally."

Bellande will have his hands full as he will be competing against a WWE diva, a farmer, a gravedigger and more.

Having been playing poker for some time now, Bellande is known as a merciless chatterbox at the poker table and frequently traps his opponents in bad hands. His most recent cash was at the 2007 WSOP in the Pot-Limit Hold'em $1,500 event.

Tune in this September to see if Bellande can bluff his way to $1 million on international TV.

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