Borgata Adds Crockfords’ Ruling to Case Against Phil Ivey

Phil Ivey
Phil Ivey

Borgata is adding the massive £7.8 million Crockfords' ruling against Phil Ivey in London’s High Court to its own edge-sorting case against the famous poker pro.

The Atlantic City-based casino is suing Ivey for $9.6 million and is hoping the Crockfords' ruling will help influence the New Jersey judge.

The big difference is that Ivey already has the money he won against Borgata while Crockfords’ withheld his winnings.

Both times Ivey was playing Baccarat with the same flawed Gemco-branded cards.

Borgata supplied the New Jersey court with the complete 52-point ruling the High Court judge made in Crockfords’ case against Ivey.

Ivey Could Potentially Have to Return $9.6 Million

Phil Ivey

Interestingly there were a few revelations in the Crockfords’ ruling that weren’t previously known.

Apparently the only way the casino figured out Ivey was edge-sorting was because a regulatory official remembered a card trick his grandfather used to perform.

In addition Ivey and his accomplice Cheung Yin Sun made a big deal over a “lucky” hat, which appears to have been a distraction.

Despite the ruling, Ivey was referred to as a “truthful witness” numerous times by the High Court judge.

Various poker pros including Daniel Negreanu have argued the Crockfords’ ruling sets a “dangerous precedent” for gamblers around the world.

In other Ivey news the site he founded, Ivey Poker, is shutting down. In a notice the company said it plans to re-launch in 2015 with a bigger and better product but it remains to be seen if the site will ever return.

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