Tweet Relief: World Series of Freezing?

Daniel Negreanu
It's cold.

Poker players at the World Series of Poker are used to facing their share of issues trying to win a bracelet. This summer one of the big ones seems to be the cold.

Las Vegas in the summer is often unbearably hot. Brutally hot days where it can be tough just to walk across the parking lot into the Rio but the temperature inside ranges between ice chest and meat locker.

Poker players, media members, fans, and even some poker staff have taken issue with the sub-70 standard and the situation is heating up.

Daniel Negreanu is the latest to take his complaints to Twitter about the conditions at the WSOP and his thoughts on correcting it.

He has even taken the time to bring a thermometer to his table to check the temperature. Even Nolan Dalla has something to say about the issue.

Here's what the Twittersphere has to say:










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