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  • Espen Uhlen Jornstad Wins the $10,000,000 WSOP Main Event 2022

Espen Uhlen Jornstad Wins the $10,000,000 WSOP Main Event 2022

Espen Uhlen Jornstad Wins the $10,000,000 WSOP Main Event 2022

Norwegian Espen Uhlen Jorstad has won the 2022 WSOP Main Event and bagged massive $10,000,000  and a brand new WSOP bracelet. The happy Norwegian poker player goes home with heavy hands after winning also the TagTeam Event with Patrick Leonard. However, even his both wrists carry now over 550 grams of gold and 55 carats of gemstones, I do not think the weight here is a problem of any kind.

The $10,000,000 main prize and the WSOP bracelet did not come easy. This year the WSOP Main Event had 8,662 players from all over the world. Before the Event 70# WSOP Final Table, Espen Jorstad had a shared chip lead with US player Mathew Su, who in the end took 8th place in the tournament.

The Main Event lasted all the way to Saturday afternoon, where the last man standing was battled out between Espen Jorstad, Adrian Attenborough and 23-year old poker protégé Michael Duek. From these three gentlemen, Michael Duek took home third place and $4,000,000 earnings. 

After heated heads-up with Attenborough, that according to Espen Jornstad “wanted to avoid”, the Norwegian player got a major chip lead after Attenborough folded a bottom pair. The final hand of the WSOP main event 2022 was played just a moment later when Espen Jornstad beat Adrian Attenborough with Full House on River.

By becoming WSOP winner Espen Uhlen Jorstad is now the only Norwegian poker player who has ever won WSOP Main Event. 

After amazing victory, the first thing the fresh WSOP champion did, was to call his mother and told the good news with a tearful eyes. The moment was indeed emotional. Congratulations Espen!

Here Are the WSOP 2022 Main Event Final Results

Espen Uhlen Jorstad Norway $10,000,000 
Adrian Attenborough Australia $6,000,000 
Michael Duek Argentina $4,000,000 
John Eames United Kingdom $3,000,000 
Matija Dobric Croatia $2,250,000 
Jeffrey Farnes United States $1,750,000 
Aaron Duczak Canada $1,350,000 
Philippe Souki United Kingdom $1,075,000 
Matthew Su United States $850,675 
10 Asher Conniff United States $675,000 

Photo credits Poker News

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