Tim Vance takes down WSOPC event

Timothy Vance
Tim Vance

You never know who might show up to play in a World Series of Poker Circuit event. The surprise over the past couple of days' action at the Caesars Indiana stop was Tim Vance showing up to win Event 5 of the series.

Vance, who won a European Poker Tour event in February, returned to his home country to take down the WSOPC event. He is joined by the winners of Event 4 and Event 6.

Event 4, $300 No-Limit Hold'em

Event 4 at the WSOPC Caesars Indiana stop was number one for Tim Laws as he registered his first win after quitting his job in December to play professional poker.

Laws, 29, is from Columbia, Miss., where he worked previously installing granite and marble in home kitchens and bathrooms. Since January, he's played in eight WSOPC events and made two prior final tables.

His best finish was third in a $300 event at Council Bluffs, Iowa, but now he's got a win under his belt as well, winning an official $49,239 after having made a deal when the final table got down to heads-up play.

Laws wasn't the favorite heading into the final table. He was second in the chip count, but the leader, Justin Scott, had more than double his chips with $560,000 to Laws' $214,000.

As the table played out though, Scott ended up in third place, while Mark Wright and Laws were left to duke it out heads-up. However, Laws had more than a million of the $1.573 million chips in play, and he and Wright took a break to discuss a deal.

When they came back to the table, a couple of hands were played to make the ending official and Laws had the win.

The final-table results were:

Place Name Hometown Prize
1st Tim Laws Columbia, Mo. $49,238.56
2nd Mark Wright Nashville, Tenn. $25,498.54
3rd Justin Scott Redford Twp, Mo. $14,068.16
4th Dan Hill Mason, Ohio $12,310.64
5th Matt Ready Cincinnati, Ohio $10,551.12
6th Brian Tweedie Independence, Mo. $8,792.60
7th Stephen Raz Fort Wayne, Ind. $7,034.08
8th Thaddeus Haas Naperville, Ill. $5,275.56
9th Douglas Carli Alliance, Ohio $3,517.04

Event 5, $500 No-Limit Hold'em

Another Tim came to the forefront during the $500 No-Limit Hold'em event as Tim Vance took down the event for a $61,020 win.

That's pocket change for Vance, who won the PokerStars European Poker Tour Scandinavian Open in February to earn more than $1 million.

This win came a little more easily for the Illinois resident, however. Coming into the final table in the middle of the pack, Vance worked his way to heads-up play against Brian Roberts, from Indiana.

In Copenhagen, Vance had to endure a grueling four and a half hours of heads-up play before claiming his EPT win. This time it only took 10 hands and he had another title to add to his resume.

The final-table results were:

Place Name Hometown Prize
1st Tim Vance Milstadt, Ill. $61,020
2nd Brian Roberts Ridgeville, Ind. $32,747
3rd Bob Miller Dubois, Ind. $16,272
4th Chad Hahn Indianapolis, Ind. $14,238
5th Cy Dixon Lexington, Ky. $12,204
6th Bill Varga Paris, Ky. $10,170
7th David Cupps Bedford, Ill. $8,136
8th Pat Peercy Fortville, Ind. $6,102
9th Daniel Numan Johnson City, Tenn. $4,068

Event 6, $200 Ladies Only

From the looks of the final table, it seemed that Patty Till should have had an easy win in the Ladies Only event of the WSOP Caesars Indiana. She entered the final table with $235,000 in chips, while her nearest competitor, Kelley Kiser, was sitting with $92,000.

As the final table played out, however, Kiser started to close the gap as she and Till took turns taking out most of the other players at the table. Kiser even pulled ahead in the chip count when the table was four-handed, and when she entered heads-up play against Till, she had a 3-2 chip lead.

After 10 hands of play heads-up, the two players were nearly neck and neck again. They took a short break, and when they returned, they played one hand all-in.

Till had pocket fives, while Kiser had J-8. Initially it looked like Till's pocket fives were going to hold up, but an eight on the river gave Kiser the win.

The final-table results were:

Place Name Hometown Prize
1st Kelley Kiser South Bloomfield, Ohio $12,879
2nd Patty Till Avon, Ind. $7,083
3rd Janet Branson Greenfield, Ohio $3,622
4th Jennifer Legowski Poplar Grove, Ill. $2,817
5th Carrie Oster Greenwood, Tenn. $2,415
6th Rita Davison Loveland, Ohio $2,012
7th Rikki Herriman Indianapolis, Ind. $1,610
8th Amanda Zeger Galion, Ohio $1,207
9th Linda McDonald Columbia, S.C. $805

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