Ray Romano and Brad Garrett Reunited at 2015 World Series of Poker

Romano and Garrett
Romano and Garrett spent nine seasons filming together on Everybody Loves Raymond.

TV's Ray Romano and Brad Garrett spent nine seasons filing the hit TV show Everybody Loves Raymond and today they were seated at adjacent tables on Day 2 of the 2015 WSOP Main Event.

“This is the closest we've ever been in the Main Event,” said Romano.

“Or relationship-wise,” added Garrett.

Both actors have played the Main Event before but with thousands of players competing, the chances of the two being seated within 20 feet of one another are slim.

Minutes before the interview we watched Garrett pull of a massive all-in bluff, attracting ESPN cameras and forcing his opponent to lay down a straight face-up. To say sorry, or perhaps thank you, Garrett picked up his opponent's massage for a cool c-note.

Romano, meanwhile, told us he should have a lot more chips than are currently in his stack. He's trying to best his personal record of making Day 3 in the Main Event.

“Things get hairy after dinner on Day 2,” said Romano. “Speaking of hairy, did your girlfriend make that dinner reservation?”

Check out the off-the-cuff interview with Ray Romano and Brad Garrett and keep an eye on PokerListings.com's live coverage of the Main Event to see how deep they go.

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