Event 28 - Final Table - OMG He Did It!

After a tough heads-up battle that had Galfond a little nervous, he was finally able to put Adam Hourani down to win the $5,000 w/Rebuy Pot-Limit Omaha tournament! Even though Galfond managed to get Hourani critically low on chips several times throughout the heads-up match, Hourani made several comebacks that got him within striking distance.

Galfond's push to victory started when he stared at a bet of $475,000 from Hourani for a couple of minutes. The board was 4 6 T Q Q. There was nearly $1.4 million in the pot at the time. Galfond counted out the chips and tossed them in. Hourani nodded and said,"Nice call."

The Gal-fan heavy crowd stood to see what he would turn over. Galfond turned over A-T-8-7 for just second pair to go along with the pair of queens on board! Later on Hourani would comment about what a sick/great call it was. After that Hourani found himself back on the ropes again.

The blinds were getting astronomically large in relation to the chips in play when Hourani was suddenly down to just over four big blinds. It was at this time that Hourani made it $300,000 to go pre-flop, leaving only $125,000 behind. The crowd stood in anticipation, knowing that no matter what, all the chips were going in on the flop.

The dealer dealt out the A Q 8 and the chips went in. Hourani turned over a monster A K J T and Galfond showed his A 7 6 5. Hourani was ahead and it looked like he might double up yet again.

Galfond and Hourani both stared at the turn card in anticipation. It produced the 6, giving Galfond two pair! Hourani showed no emotion; he still had some hope left. The tournament director asked for the river and the dealer obliged with the 2! It was all over! Galfond had done it!

Phil "OMGClayAiken" Galfond earned $817,781 for his victory. Better than an average day for him at his daily grind which is usually the $200/$400 Pot-Limit Omaha tables on Full Tilt. Adam Hourani, also no stranger to the nosebleed PLO games online, will take $493,748 for his second-place finish.

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Event 28 - Final Table - Rumble In The Jungle!

As the commentator announced,"73rd hand heads-up," Galfond and Hourani continued to battle. Hourani was on the ropes for a few moments but managed to come back to a workable stack.


Phil Galfond took a nice chunk out of Adam Hourani in an interesting hand. Galfond raised it from the button to $150,000 and Hourani called. The flop was K 9 6. Hourani check called a $150,000 bet. The turn came the 3 and Hourani woke up and fired $300,000. Galfond took a sip of his water and stared Hourani down.

Aiken finally called and the dealer exposed the Q river. This time Hourani checked and Galfond checked behind. Galfond turned over K-K with two random cards for top set. Hourani nodded and tossed in his cards.

Hooray for Hourani!

Galfond had an opportunity to eliminate Hourani when he got him all on in on a J 3 2 flop. Hourani had min-raised preflop making it $120,000 to go and then fired $200,000 on the flop. Galfond set him all in and it was showtime. Galfond stood up and tabled his 7 6 5 3.

Hourani flipped over K J 8 9. Hourani had just top pair, but his hand was in the lead. Galfond had outs for a straight, trips, or two pair to take over the lead.

A 9 on the turn changed nothing for Galfond but gave Hourani two pair. The OMGClayAiken support staff started chanting for a four. The dealer put out the K on the river. Hourani's three pair was good to take down the pot.

"Sorry guys," Hourani apologized to the crowd. Looks like everyone is going to have to stick around a little bit longer.

How They Stand

Chip counts courtesy of www.worldseriesofpoker.com

Phil Galfond $5,055,000
Adam Hourani


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Event 28 - Final Table - Heads Up PLO Style!

Phil Galfond seems to have A-A in his hand every other deal. He has flashed it many, many times when he has raised and taken it down preflop. He picked them up again and turned the over for everyone to see.

"Phil turns over pocket aces for the 13th time. We call that running good," said the tournament director.

He might be running good but he also plays good and, with the elimination of David Benyamine, it is very clear that OMGClayAiken has more experienc at PLO for big bucks than Adam Hourani does. Add a chip advantage and Hourani definitely has his work cut out for him.

Benyamine Frenched!

Things started to go pear shaped for David Benyamine just a few minutes after the dinner break.

#img: david-benyamine_21271.jpg:right: Sacrebleu!#

Adam Hourani made it $150,000 to go from the button and David Benyamine called from the small blind. Galfond made it $600,000 to go and Hourani stepped out of the way. Benyamine thought for a bit before slipping in the call for about half of his chips!

The flop was 4 5 5 and Benyamine checked. Galfond put Benyamine all in and forced him to fold after just a few seconds of thought.

Just a few minutes later, DB made it $175,000 to go from the button and Hourani called. The flop was Q J 9. Hourani checked, Benyamine shoved, and Hourani called. A-A-T-4 for Benyamine and A-Q-Q-T for Hourani.

Benyamine was up against top set, but still had four king outs to chop with broadway and two outs to make a better set. Unfortunately for the Frenchman it wasn't meant to be. There will be no live recreation of the $200/$400 PLO games on Full Tilt where Benyamine and Galfond battle each other on a near daily basis. $316,307 for Benyamine. Vive le France!


chip counts courtesy of www.worldseriesofpoker.com

Phil Galfond $3,825,000
Adam Hourani


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Event 28 - Final Table - Where's The Red Carpet?

"This isn't the star studded we once had but let's show your appreciate and give 'em a hand," said the Tournament Director to the spectators. Sure Daniel Negreanu isn't here and Phil Hellmuth is busto, but David Benyamine, Phil Galfond, and Adam Hourani are no chopped liver. Galfond and Benyamine have made names for themselves playing the highest stakes online almost daily and Hourani has shown that he is very solid at Pot Limit Omaha.

The players are now headed off to dinner and will be returning in an hour at about 10 p.m..

Dead Man Walking

After Phil Galfond seriously outplayed Johnny Chan and relieved him of his chips, Chan suddenly found himself going from chip leader to life support in the blink of an eye.

Chan made his last stand when he raised it to $120,000 and was called by both Benyamine and Galfond. The flop came down J T 3. Benyamine fired a small bet of $65,000, representing the last of Chan's chips. Both Galfond and Chan called. The river was checked through and Chan Turned over two pair tens and eights. Benyamine tabled the dead man's hand (aces and eights) thus ending Chan's tournament life.

The Three Amigos

chipcounts courtesy of www.worldseriesofpoker.com

Phil Galfond $3,300,000
David Benyamine
Adam Hourani


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Event 28 - Final Table - G'Night Russian

We're down to just four players after Kirill Gerasimov was elimanted in fifth place after a crucial hand that didn't go his way. The Russian will take home $192,870 though, by way of conosolation.

Horani or Houdini?

Adam Horani raised to $80,000 and Gersaimov made it $225,000, Horani made the call, putting 1/3 of his stack in the centre. The flop came K K 6, the Russian didn't like it, but set Horani in for the remains of his stack, the latter calling with K 3 T 9.

Tony G was in the crowd sweating Gerasimov and when he saw Hourani's cards, he muttered,"So sick."

#img:kiril-gerasimov_1196.jpg:right: Russian get out!#

Kirill was drawing to just two outs with his A 5 A 2, understandably he failed to hit and was left with just shrapnel left.

Soon after, he was all-in with A-T-8-7 against Phil Galfond's A-J-8-5, but the board came J-9-6-6-6, meaning that Galfond's trip sixes with A-J high was the best hand and took the sorry remants of Gersaimov's stack. We're down to four and Gerasimov will take home $192,870. That's a lot of rubles (4,557,838 to be exact)!

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Event 28 - Final Table - A Spate Of Action

An explosion of exits have occured during the last hour or so. From the eight remaining players, we've suddenly dropped down to just five players remaining thanks to the exploits of Phil Galfond and Johnny Chan.

Hellmuth Riddled With Bullets

Phil Hellmuth, now short-stacked once more, gets it all-in with A-K-T-4 against David Beyanmine's A-A-K-4 which had him totally crushed. The board came out 8-6-2-T-2 and the Poker Brat will have to wait for another event for that 12th bracelet. He takes home $100,292 as a consolation though.

Negreanu Next!

Like Hellmuth, Negreanu was equally short, and made a move with K K J 5, but he ran into Galfond's A A 2 2, Galfond flopped the nut flush when it came 9 7 5, Negreanu saw outs on the turn when he hit a set with the K, but the paired board didn't come as the ultimate blank, the 2 came on the river. Negreanu picks up $123,437 for 7th place minus the $85,000 he spent on rebuys...

#img:john-juanda_20447.jpg:right:John Juanda.# 

John Gone

John Juanda and Johnny Chan see a 9 8 2 flop, Chan bet the pot for $48,000, Juanda re-raised the pot and Chan moved in with Juanda calling.

Juanda: K T 9 7

Chan: T 9 8 2

Chan was ahead but Juanda had a huge draw with any king, jack, six or spade to put him the lead. The turn was a 7c losing Juanda the jacks and sixes to a chop, but now any seven would be good as well. The river was the 2s making Juanda's flush but giving Chan a full house. John Juanda was out, but takes $154,296 for his win.


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Event 28 - Final Table - One Down, Eight To Go

He started off second in chips, but Brian Rast is the first player out of this Omaha final table leaving us with eight remaining players, Johnny Chan has taken over the chip lead and now is the first player to reach the $2,000,000 mark.

Rast Roasted

Rast raised from the button and Johnny Chan called from the big blind, limper Daniel Negreanu folded. J 4 3. Chan checked, Rast bet close to the pot, and 'The Orient Express' set him all-in, Rast made the call with J T 7 6 for top pair with a flush draw and a gutshot, Chan calling with A 7 7 9 for the nut flush draw.

The Q turn helped neither player but Chan caught the A on the river and his one solitary pair of aces were good enough to scoop. Rast went out 9th winning around $84,863. Daniel Negreanu who spent around $85,000 on the comp, exclaimed, "I'm officially unstuck!"

#img:daniel-negreanu_20467.jpg:left:$15k profit minimum now. Wiiiiiiiiiii.#

Action Flops But Not Pots

So far the final is following a consistent line, two or more players to a pot, usually raised. But then, most of the time it gets checked down to the river if the flop shows any amount of action on it. The most reason one was a K-J-T-T-Q board, that got checked in a four-way pot with Hellmuth scooping by showing A-K-x-x.

Hope For Hourani!

Adam Hourani who has been one of our short stacks just got all-in, the board read Q-8-3 and Hourani pushed for his last $94,000, Negreanu was priced in with 8-7-6-5 and called to find himself up against A-A-5-4 and needing to double pair or hit trips to win. The turn was a 10 giving Negreanu another 4 outs, but the river paired the trey and gave Hourani the pot.

Negreanu and Hellmuth are now the joint shortest stacks.

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Event 28 - Final Table - Errr, Still Big Nine?

No casualties so far, which is a little surprising given what a big action game Omaha is, nevertheless the crowd is packed to the rafters here in the amazon room as Hellmuth aims for 12, Negreanu for 5, Chan for 11, Juanda for 4 and the others just for number 1.

Chan-neling The River

Early on, Johnny Chan managed to get the full value from his A A 9 2 against Brian Rast's A A 5 4. Rast flopped a flush draw when it came Q T 2 and improved by picking up a gutshot draw on the 4 turn, but the river the 2 giving Chan trip deuces and doubling up to over a million chips.

Hellmuth To Entertain For Longer

Phil Hellmuth called a bet from David Beyamine on a K-6-4 flop before moving in on the queen turn, Beyamine called with K-6-4-x for the mighty three pair, but Hellmuth was holding K-Q-9-7 and had made a better two pair to double up his meagre stack.

#img:phil-hellmuth_20448.jpg:left:I get in ahead every moment of every day. Apart from this one.#

More Lives Than A Cat

Hellmuth again got short and was all-in with K-K-5-4 against Brian Rast's A-A-2-2, but Hellmuth managed to turn a king and now he means business, or that's what he like us to think.

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Event 28 - Final Table - Big Nine!

The final table of the $5,000 PLO with rebuys is just about to start with a final table to really savor as Phil 'OMGClayAitken' Galfond leads the event ahead of Brian Rast and David Beyamine.

Those hoping for some Phil Hellmuth antics might want to get their early as he's the super short stack going into this final table. The rest of the table is no-one special really, just John Juanda, Johnny Chan, Daniel Negreanu, Kirill Gersaimov and Adam Hourani.

So no-one special then.

Cards are just about to go in the air!

Phil "OMGClayAiken" Galfond $1,393,000
Brian "tsarrast" Rast
David Benyamine
John Juanda
Johnny Chan
Kirill Gerasimov
Daniel Negreanu
Adam Hourani
Phil Hellmuth


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Event Name Event 28, Pot-Limit Omaha w/re-buys
Venue Rio All-Suite Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas
Date 14 June 2008
Final Day 16 June 2008
Buy In $5,000
Entrants 152
Prize Pool $3,085,930
First Prize $817,781
Level Ante Blinds
Level 1 0 100/200
Level 2 0 150/300
Level 3 0 200/400
Level 4 0 250/500
Level 5 0 300/600
Level 6 0 400/800
Level 7 0 500/1000
Level 8 0 600/1200
Level 9 0 800/1600
Level 10 0 1000/2000
Level 11 0 1200/2400
Level 12 0 1500/3000
Level 13 0 2000/4000
Level 14 0 2500/5000
Level 15 0 3000/6000
Level 16 0 4000/8000
Level 17 0 5000/10000
Level 18 0 6000/12000
Level 19 0 8000/16000
Level 20 0 10000/20000
Level 21 0 12000/24000
Level 22 0 15000/30000
Level 23 0 20000/40000
Level 24 0 25000/50000
Level 25 0 30000/60000
Level 26 0 40000/80000
Level 27 0 50000/100000

Phil Galfond

Event 28, Pot-Limit Omaha w/re-buys

Top Money Finishers Prize
1. Phil Galfond $817,781
2. Adam Hourani $493,748
3. David Benyamine $316,307
4. Johnny Chan $246,874
5. Kirill Gerasimov $192,870
6. John Juanda $154,296
7. Daniel Negreanu $123,437
8. Phil Hellmuth $100,292
9. Brian Rast $84,863
10. Chris Ferguson $69,433