Event 12 - Shultz Wins!

Jimmy Shultz won the biggest pot of the tournament so far going runner-runner for trip queens against Zac Fellows flopped pair of aces to take a stranglehold on the match.

Just two hands later Fellows was all in with a pair of threes, but Shultz made a flush on the river holding 10 6 on a Q 6 7 6 J board.

Fellows cashes $165,165 for second while Shultz gets the bracelet, $275,105 and the exclusive PL.com winner interview.

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Event 12 - Vinh Done; Heads Up!

Vinny Vinh is out third ($99,099) and the heads up match between Jimmy Shultz and Zac Fellows is a tight affair.

Vinh had little but a chip and a chair coming back from the break, but with a cash in the 2007 WSOP, Vinnie Vinh's chair is almost as dangerous as he is.

Unfortunately, the Vinny Vinh show got cancelled when he shipped it not even knowing what his two cards were. He had a pair but it wasn't any good.

Shultz and Fellows headed into heads up just about even and it remains that way right now with the two trading jabs. Shultz has $1.2 million to Fellows' $1.4 million.




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Event 12 - Shultz Vs. Vinh; Not Heads Up Yet

Vinny Vinh and Jimmy Shultz have clashed in more ways than one here at the final table. Vinny has continued to needle Shultz throughout play and just a few minutes ago when one of Shultz's chips ended up in Vinny's pile, he played with it for a while before firing it at him.

"I'm tired of this," said Shultz raising his voice and calling the floor. "It's been three days of this and I'm sick of it."

The floor threatened Vinh with a penalty, but that did not stop him. He offered to buy Shultz a drink then shouted out something barely audible about buying the cheapest drink they had on offer.

He continued berating Shultz about having no fun at the table and the floor asked him to stop again before the two got involved in a hand.

It started with a bit of a raising war pre flop with Vinh claiming he had 7-2. The flop came A 10 2, Vinh bet and Shultz called. Fireworks erupted again on the 10 turn as four or five bets went in leaving Vinh with around $100k behind. When the 9 fell on the river Vinh check-called a Schutlz bet.

"I had to call," he said, showing A-Q.

"OK," Shultz retorted, felting the winning 10 J.

Vinh was left crippled and when given the choice of taking a 20-minute break he grabbed it while Shultz protested.

"You don't want the break? For you...forget it," he said, running out of the Amazon Room.

Vinh has had an up and down day, going from hero to zero and back up again. He's on the ropes now and it will be interesting to see if Zac Fellows ($1,320,000) and Shultz ($1,200,000) can finally put him away playing three handed.

Taylor Made (4th)

A short stacked Brendan Talyor went out fourth losing to Vinny Vinh's pocket eight on a queen high board with three threes.

Taylor will grab $82,882 for three days of work.

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Event 12 - And Then There Were Four!

We're back from the dinner break and another three players have fallen leaving just four. Jimmy Schultz has over one million chips with Zac Fellows not far behind with $800k. Vinnie Vinh and Brendan Taylor are super short.

Eslami Slammed (7th)

With just $70k Ali Eslami called a Jimmy Shultz raise leading to a 4 4 7 flop. Eslami bet out, Shultz put him in and he made the call with 9 5. Shultz had ace high and when an ace fell on the turn Eslami made for the exit.

He'll cash $41,441 for seventh.

Golser Gutted (6th)

Full Tilt pro Markus Golser has taken sixth place. With just 60k in the big blind the last of his chips were shipped on a Q 10 9 flop with A J against Jimmy Shultz'z 9 7.

Bricks on the turn and river sent Golser to the cage to collect $ 53,453.

The IceMan Goneth (5th)

Teddy 'Iceman' Monroe is done after calling an accidental raise from Jimmy Shultz. Shultz claimed he thought he was the big blind, but it didn't matter and Monroe called all in. Brendan Taylor got in on the action as well and both players with action checked it down until Shultz bet the river. Taylor let it go and Shultz's two pair on a ten high board was enough to beat Monroe.

He threw his cards in the muck and will take home $ 67,867 for fifth.

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Event 12 - The Vinny Vinh Show!

Things are definitely getting interesting over at the final table. Vinnie Vinh has exploded although he still has a sizeable stack. Christoph Niesert does not and we are down to seven and heading into the one hour dinner break.

Will The Real Vinnie Vinh Please Stand

Something tweaked Vinnie Vinh and he just went off like a bottle rocket. After Vinh raised and the dealer pulled in his chips, he shot out of his chair screaming. While most of what Vinh said didn't make sense to anyone within earshot, the floor had to be called in to settle him down.

"Don't touch me," he said to the tournament staff. "Get away from me."

Then he spun around turning his attention to Christoph Niesert.

"Do you want to go all in on this hand sir?" he asked. "We're playing Limit, not No Limit, you want to go all in."

Vinh continued ranting for a while before finally settling back in his chair and apologizing to all involved. Most of the table seemed pretty amused before a few minutes later when he raised again, pushing Jimmy Shultz off a hand.

"Will you show me one time?" Shultz asked. "No, Sergeant. No, I cannot show. I tell you on the break. Sorry Sarge. Sorry Sergeant. No, we play Limit poker. I cannot tell."

The very next hand Vinh raised again; this time into Shultz's big blind. He flashed an ace when Shultz laid it down.

"My Mommy always told me to bring the ace with you when you play poker," Vinh said. "Even when I was in her stomach she look down and tell me ‘Vinny, you bring the ace with you when you go play poker."

With his two still unexplained disappearing acts in events last year, Vinh is a hard man to figure. While at times he seems to march to the beat of his own drummer and his behavior is excessively erratic, he still seems to play some semblance of solid poker.

At this final table he had the chip lead but that is a thing of the past. After these blow ups he blew off almost half his stack and now sits fourth. No one is even sure if he will come back from the break.

Golser Triples

Markus Golser got under $30k but just tripled to stay alive. The action began when Brendan Taylor raised preflop and Golser called for his last $27k.

Ali Eslami decided to come along for the ride, but folded when Taylor bet the 5 5 J flop. Taylor's K 10 was behind Golser's J 9 and stayed there on the 10 turn and 6 river.

Nowhere For Niesert (8th)

Christoph Niesert got the last of his chips in pre flop and Jimmy Shultz and Zac Fellows both called, checking down the J 9 5 K Q board. Fellows had the goods with K 8 while Schultz and Niesert tossed their cards in the muck.

An eighth place finish will net Niesert $32,432.

Here are the chip counts courtesy of WorldSeriesOfPoker.com:

Jimmy Shultz $750,000
Zac Fellows
Brendan Taylor
Vinny Vinh
Ali Eslami
Markus Golser
Teddy "Iceman" Monroe
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Event 12 – Final Table – Man Down! Chung Law Dumped (Ninth)

Vinny Vinh and Jimmy Shultz are crushing their competition at the final table. Chung Law is the first casualty of the final table and it was none other than Shultz that did the busting.

In the hand Shultz popped it up to $24,000 from early position and Law re-popped to $36,000. Action folded back to Shultz who decided to put Law all-in for just $20,000 more. Law made the call and the players flipped over their hands:

Shultz: J J

Law: T T

The board came Q 8 8 9 7 and there was no miracle for Law. He finishes ninth for $23,423.

Look out, Vinny Vinh coming through!

Vinny Vinh, perhaps inspired by how well his chair was playing earlier in the day, is dominating the final table. In his most recent hand Vinh turned a straight with A 7 and took a large pot of Brendon Taylor. Vinh is up to $400,000 and everybody is wondering when the chair will take over.

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Event 12 - Final Day - Lingrens Busts, Final Table Set

Our final table is set and unfortunately Full Tilt pro Erick Lindgren is not among the final nine. Lindgren was severely crippled and then ran into a red-hot Markus Golser and was relegated to the rail.

In the hand Lindgren shipped it all-in from the big blind for $17,000 total and Golser looked him up with a dominating K K.

#img: erick-lindgren_20169.jpg: left: E-dog gets muzzled.#

The board came 7 6 4 9 Q and Lindgren will not be winning his second WSOP bracelet in this event

Here's a look at the chip counts heading into the final table courtesy of the World Series of Poker:

1. Jimmy Shultz $830,000
2. Ali Eslami
3. Zac Fellows
4. Brendan Taylor
5. Markus Golser
6. Vinny Vinh
7. Teddy "Iceman" Monroe
8. Chung Law
9. Christoph Niesert


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Event 12 – Final Day – Closing in on the Final Table

After a couple hours of play we are getting very close to the final table of nine. Currently there are 12 players remaining and just three more will need to take a hike before we can have an actual final table. Euro-player Markus Golser is leading the charge to the final table and after winning several pots is second in chips with over $300,000.

Set over set for Golser

Markus Golser, who frequents the nosebleed PLO games on Full Tilt poker, just took a huge pot off John O’Brien with Golser’s set of nines crushing O’Brien’s set of eights.

Here’s the skinny on Vinny

Perhaps Vinny Vinh would have been better off to let his chair do the playing today. Vinh just played a hand against Jimmy Shultz and had his two-pair counterfeited on the river. That hand sent him way down the chip counts and he is now closer to the $100,000 mark.

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Event 12 - Final Day - Vinny Vinh's Chair No Longer Playing

Vinny Vinh, who has a history of letting his chair play for him by not showing up, was absent for the first 45 minutes of the final day of Event 12 but finally showed up to relieve his chair of playing cards.

We spoke to Vinh's chair briefly on the break and it was disappointed it was no longer playing but understood it was ultimately Vinh's decision. The chair looks forward to possibly cashing at a few more events this year and breaking the previous record set by an inanimate object.

Eslami ecstatic

Ali Eslimi, whose biggest previous cash was coming in 49th at the 2004 WSOP Main Event, his making his case to win this event. Eslami stacked with nearly $350,000 chips and is not one to be trifled with.

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Event 12 - Final Day - Here we go!

You might have noticed that we called this the final day of Event 12 Limit Hold'em instead of the final table. The reason is that they simply couldn't play down to a final table and there are still 18 players remaining.

We will play down to a winner today so get ready for a marathon, folks. There are still plenty of well-known players in the field including Erick Lindgren and Vinny Vinh so it should be interesting to say the least.

The tournament officials just instructed the dealers to shuffle up and deal so live updates are incoming. 

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Event Name Event 12, Limit Hold'em
Venue Rio All-Suite Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas
Date 6 June 2008
Final Day 8 June 2008
Buy In $1,500
Entrants 880
Prize Pool $1,201,200
First Prize $257,049
Level Ante Blinds
Level 1 0 25/50
Level 2 0 50/75
Level 3 0 50/100
Level 4 0 75/150
Level 5 0 100/200
Level 6 0 150/300
Level 7 0 200/400
Level 8 0 300/500
Level 9 0 300/600
Level 10 0 400/800
Level 11 0 500/1000
Level 12 0 600/1200
Level 13 0 800/1600
Level 14 0 1000/2000
Level 15 0 1500/3000
Level 16 0 2000/4000
Level 17 0 3000/5000
Level 18 0 3000/6000
Level 19 0 4000/8000
Level 20 0 5000/10000
Level 21 0 6000/12000
Level 22 0 8000/15000
Level 23 0 10000/20000
Level 24 0 15000/30000
Level 25 0 20000/40000
Level 26 0 25000/50000
Level 27 0 30000/60000
Level 28 0 40000/80000

Jimmy Shultz

Event 12, Limit Hold'em

Top Money Finishers Prize
1. Jimmy Shultz $257,049
2. Zac Fellows $165,165
3. Vinny Vinh $99,099
4. Brendan Taylor $82,883
5. Teddy Monroe $67,868
6. Markus Golser $53,453
7. Ali Eslami $41,441
8. Christoph Niesert $32,432
9. Chung Law $23,423
21. Roy Thung $6,727