Carli comes close in Event 9 at WSOPC Indiana

Douglas (Rico) Carli
Doug Carli continues to be the most impressive player on the WSOP Circuit.

World Series of Poker Circuit warrior Doug "Rico" Carli keeps getting closer and closer to a first-place finish at the 2008 WSOPC Caesars Indiana.

Carli managed to finish fourth in Event 8 earlier this week but beat that accomplishment the very next day by finishing second at Event 9. It was the third final table for Carli at the WSOPC Caesars Indiana. At this rate Carli must be wishing the event series would never end.

Two players who would likely agree with Carli are Robby Frank, who actually won Event 9, and Brett Henthorn, who took down Event 10.

Here's a look at how each event played out:

Event 9, $500+$50 ½ No-Limit Hold'em, ½ Pot-Limit Omaha

Exactly 100 players came out to play in this hybrid poker variant that features half the action as No-Limit Hold'em and the other half Pot-Limit Hold'em.

Insurance firm owner Robbie Frank came to the final table of Event 9 with a commanding chip lead that saw him holding $142,000 of the $350,000 chips in play.

Incredibly, Carli came to the final table with only $7,500 but managed to battle his way back into the game.

For a period of time at the final table it looked like the crowd was in for a terrific upset as Frank saw his gigantic chip lead diminish to almost nothing, but instead Frank stayed calm and managed to regain the chip lead by the 65th hand.

By heads-up time Frank had the chip lead over Carli but with one quick double-up the landscape could have changed dramatically. Instead the final hand saw Carli call all-in with A-A-J-7 to Frank's K-K-10-6. The board came K-J-4-8-Q and that was enough to seal the deal for Frank.

Despite Carli's loss, he did increase his record-holding number of Circuit cashes to 28.

Here's a look at the complete final-table payouts:

Player: Prize:
1. Robbie Frank $14,045
2. Doug Carli $7,370
3. Russ Merrill $4,335
4. Donnie Godsey $3,468
5. Steve Mitchell $2,601
6. Jason Song $2,167
7. Mark Dreshaj $1,734
8. Thomas McGrath $1,300
9. Eric Dam $867

Event 10, $300+$30 No-Limit Hold'em

As expected, Event 10 $300+$30 No-Limit Hold'em proved to be one of the most popular events of the 2008 WSOPC Caesars Indiana. A total of 364 players came out to get their hands dirty in No-Limit Hold'em action.

The story of the tournament was Brett Henthorn, who came to the final table with a commanding chip lead and proceeded to crush the final table, knocking out six of his eight opponents.

Henthorn is a student who was taking a brief break from his studies to play some cards at Caesars Indiana. He met Dennis Schroeder in heads-up play and in the final hand made a straight to get the check mark.

Henthorn received $31,240, but mentioned he's not even going to be thinking about poker over the next couple of months as he will be focused on school.

Here's a look at the final-table payouts:

Player: Prize:
1. Brett Henthorn $31,240
2. Dennis Schroeder $16,124
3. Henry Barnes $8,062
4. Cy Dixon $7,054
5. Tommy "Tap" Pruitt $6,046
6. Donald Crail $5,039
7. Darrell Lackey $4,031
8. Stephen Mitchell $3,022
9. Richard Woehler $2,015

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