Billirakis' Superfans: Smokey Takes Chicago

Created By: Owen Laukkanen
03 November 2008
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It's not known whether the Superfans were in the house on Sunday and it's unclear just how much an advantage a 12-inch-tall Ditka would have had at this feature table, but even with a six-figure first prize on the line, the focus on Day 3 at the World Series of Poker Circuit's Horseshoe Hammond Main Event was clearly on Da Bears.

Indeed, even as the action got under way at 2 p.m. Central Time on the main stage of The Venue on the wrong side of Hammond's multitudinous railroad tracks, all eyes were directed at the two-story-tall television screen parked 10 feet away from the final table, upon which the Bears and the Detroit Lions fought throughout the afternoon.

It made a pleasant diversion though, during the commercial breaks, as the nine survivors from Friday's 165 initial entrants competed throughout the day to reduce that number to a single champion.

Chi-Town's interview with

For his runner-up finish, Koral officially takes $126,120. Congratulations to both finalists and to the staff at the Horseshoe in Hammond, who put on a hell of a show this weekend! Oh, and Da Bears won too, 96-14 - and that was the halftime score*.

*actual score was 27-23 Bears, but don't tell the Superfans.


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