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  • PokerListings Pulse: Weekly Roundup of Results, Scams, and Heroics!

PokerListings Pulse: Weekly Roundup of Results, Scams, and Heroics!

PokerListings Pulse: Weekly Roundup of Results, Scams, and Heroics!

While poker players enjoy tournament poker, cash games, and travelling around the world, the poker media is right by their side, trying to let the rest of the world have a glimpse of what's happening. At PokerListings, we thought it would be a good idea to recap the past week, to make sure you haven’t missed out!

Why are poker players so attractive to scammers? Well, the answer is simple: There is a lot of money involved in the poker/gambling industry. Scammers exist in all shapes and sizes, with phishing being perhaps the most recognized around the world. It also happens that you receive e-mails such as pseudo-newsletters, or a payment platform that asks you to verify your identity without a single reason.

Our dearest writer Vasilisa Zyryanova has prepared a guide for our readers on how to recognize scams, intending to minimize the risks for everyone out there, as still, some things in can never be vanished/avoided completely. Sadly!

Irish Open Main Event Crowns Tero Laurila

The Irish Open Main Event of 2024 has been a massive success with 3,233 entries. It was eventually Finland’s pride Tero Laurila who walked away with the most honorable trophy . After being part of a 3-way deal, he did however not go home with the biggest prize!

Irish Poker Open 2024 Main Event

JP McCann, co-organizer of the event, mentioned that the dream goal would be to have 5,000 entries at some point. Without a doubt, in 2024 they have made a huge step towards that ambitious number!

LSkywalker Wins GGPoker Super Circuit and $50K Challenge

It’s every poker player’s dream: Winning a massive event which you entered through a satellite tournament, and usually above your average buy-in. Loek ‘LSkywalker’ Hahn from The Netherlands experienced a ‘once-in-a-lifetime’ moment by winning the GGPoker WSOP Super Circuit Main Event and saw his balance increasing by $780,687.80!

WSOP Super Circuit Main Event Winner:

GGPoker recently revealed their newest addition to Team-Pro, Alexandra Botez. Making her first footsteps in the online world of streaming, she initially created content around her chess journey. Together with her sister, she belongs to the top tier of the chess world, and now she is going to try and convert that status towards poker. First things first; She challenges the world of chess for a massive Challenge, where $50,000 is on the line!

WPT Global April Promotion: Rake-Free Tournaments

Rake Free? In today’s poker world, it’s equal to seeing an oasis in the desert. WPT Global, now led by president Alex Scott, promised the entire industry that they would become an operator to take into consideration at all times, and this is exactly what is happening at the moment!

WPT Global Rake Promotion April 2024

Already having managed to enter the Top 3 in player traffic, it’s just a matter of time before this operator reaches ever higher. When looking back at the last couple of months, online players already had a ‘rake-free’ month in March, as WPT Global organized massive freerolls, and in April they will continue with this pace!

Banco Masters 2024: One of Europe’s Favorite Recreational Championships

From April 8th, it’s been all about the Banco Masters in Bratislava. For the 38th time, this tournament series hosted by Banco Casino, will become the place to be for every recreational and seasoned poker player across Europe.

For a mere buy-in of €170, players who reach the money will be guaranteed to take a piece of the €250,000 prize pool. The previous edition showed us a bit of overlay, but with the summer approaching, Bratislava will enter its peak period. Stay tuned for more information about this event, as we are weekly covering everything that goes down at Banco Casino.

Three Factors Which Helped ‘abarone68’ to Outreach $1,000,000 Profit in MTTs

Aaron Barone hit a milestone in his poker career by collecting $1M in pure profits! PokerListings dives into his amazing story and shows you what is important when trying to reach such a goal. Volume, game selection, and edge; were Aaron’s key points for accomplishing his quest.

Not only does this article a perfect insight into how things look for Aaron, but he is also streaming everything live on Twitch! Make sure to give him a follow, as for now, he is one of the great prospects coming from online streaming.

Dylan Linde Spent Entire Bankroll to Help His Mother

To become a successful poker player is one, but to then help out your closest family is something that only real poker players can do. Not only did Dylan, better known as ‘ImaLucSac’, win a WPT-title and numerous events online, but he is one of the greater names in today’s high-stakes poker action. 

Dylan Linde

If you are interested in Mixed Games, we would recommend reading his book called ‘Mastering Mixed Games’. Otherwise, Dylan is also a poker instructor at RunItOnce, so if you want to become more advanced in games with more than two hole cards, here is your calling!

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