5 Awesome Poker Games That Take 5 Mins (or Less) to Play

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Can’t get enough poker? Need more action in your day-to-day life?

There are plenty of times where you don’t have enough time to fit in a full poker game -- at the office for instance -- but you can still take part in some incredibly fun action-packed poker gambling games.

Chinese Poker is probably the most famous of these types of games but it can take a little too long if you're really pressed for time.

Over the years we’ve come across numerous poker games that take as little as 30 seconds to play but still provide some excitement.

The great thing about these games is that because they require very little skill nearly everyone can play and it’s a fantastic way to teach people basic poker hand rankings as well as build camaraderie. You might even inspire someone to start playing actual poker.

The following games all forgo betting and you’re essentially all-in on every hand. It’s best to bet a $1 a game or something similar and keep track of the results.

There are no hard and fast rules for these kinds of games and most of them are always evolving. You might know some of the following games by different names. These are a few of our favorite ones but be sure to share your own in the comments section below.

Keep in mind you'll need to know basic Poker Hand Rankings to play.

5 Fast and Fun Poker Games to Play

Blind Hold’em

The most basic gambling game that utilizes poker hand rankings.

pocket kings
  • 1. Give everyone two cards face down and then deal out a five card board.
  • 2. Reveal hands.
  • 3. The best poker hand takes it.

The most interesting part is deciding when players have to reveal their hands. Doing it after the flop actually leads to a bit of a sweat.

One fun way to do it is reveal one card on the flop and the next on the turn. It’s really up to you.

It’s fun but a little repetitive.

Blind Omaha

Blind Omaha

This is more like it. Blind Omaha is pretty much the same as blind Hold’em but because there are four cards involved it provides a much bigger sweat. Remember when you reveal a card you’re also seeing it for the first time!

Here’s how the game works:

  • 1. The rules are standard Omaha meaning you must use two of your four cards.
  • 2. Everyone is dealt four cards face down. You don't look at them in this game.
  • 3. The flop is dealt.
  • 4. Each player reveals two of their cards.
  • 5. The turn.
  • 6. Each player reveals one more card.
  • 7. The river.
  • 8. Each player reveals their final card.
  • 9. The best Omaha hand wins.

Estonian Twist

Estonian Twist

Want to ramp up the action? How about a little Estonian Twist? There’s a little more strategy involved with Estonian Twist, which will keep you coming back for more.

  • 1. Each player gets three cards face down that only he or she is allowed to look at.
  • 2. The flop is dealt.
  • 3. Each player tosses one card of his or her choosing to the opponent on their left.
  • 4. Every player then throws one card into the muck, leaving them with two cards.
  • 5. The turn.
  • 6. The river.
  • 7. Best hand wins.

Crazy Dutchy

Crazy Dutchy

If for some reason Estonian Twist isn’t action-packed enough you can always go Dutch. And by go Dutch we mean Crazy Dutchy. This insane game features THREE separate boards.

  • 1. Each player gets three cards face down that only they are allowed to look at.
  • 2. Three flops are placed on the table.
  • 3. Each player hands one of their cards to the opponent on their left.
  • 4. Each player discards one card so they have two cards.
  • 5. Deal three turns.
  • 6. Deal three rivers.
  • 7. The winner is the one who wins two boards or more. If it’s a chop than figure out a tie-breaker (high card etc).
  • 8. If a player wins all three boards then that’s a scoop and they win double the standard bet.

Slovak Double Barrel

Slovak double barrel

Hope you’re ready to get nuts because Slovak Double Barrel isn’t for the faint of heart. This game offers a great gamble and if you get stuck with bad cards you can always throw them away.

  • 1. Each player gets two cards face down and two cards face up.
  • 2. Each player has the option of mucking one face-up card and trading it for a face down card. They must show everyone the card they received.
  • 3. The flop is dealt.
  • 4. Players once again have the option of trading one face-up card for a face-down one.
  • 5. All hands are revealed.
  • 6. Turn.
  • 7. River.
  • 8. Best hand wins.
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