2022 partypoker Championship Czech Republic Live Blog

2022 partypoker Championship Czech Republic Live Blog

Arian Kashi Wins the partypoker Championship Czech Main Event (€100,000) 16.08.2022 03:58 by Jason Glatzer
Arian Kashi Wins 2022 PPC Czech Main Event
Arian Kashi Wins 2022 PPC Czech Main Event

After nearly 12 hours of play on the final day, Denmark’s Arian Kashi defeated local Czech player Pavel Stribrny heads-up to win the 2022 partypoker Championship (PPC) €330 Main Event for a massive prize of €100,000.

There couldn’t have been a more excited champion than Kashi who screamed while posing for photos “I’m a champ!” loud enough for everyone at King’s Resort to hear.

It wasn’t all smooth sailing for Kashi. Despite coming into the final day in second place among the 29 remaining contenders, he was in last place with eight players to go. He was able to snag the lead temporarily but it wasn’t until heads-up play that he was able to seal the deal.

“It was a hard day,” Kashi said after his victory. “It was a fight and I’m thrilled to win.”

The PPC Czech Main Event awarded Day 1a seats to the WSOP Europe Main Event valued at €10,350 as part of the prize to the final six winners. Kashi has big plans for that as well.

“I’m going to win that as well,” Kashi shared about the WSOP Europe Main Event.

Players often after hoisting the trophy fail to show excitement and are ready for bed, this wasn’t the case for Kashi who was seen after the victory prancing around the casino and the buffet with his well-earned trophy in hand. He plans to continue to celebrate with his very supportive rail who were rooting him on from the beginning of the day until the end.

“I’m probably going to go to Prague with my friends and have a party,” Kashi shared with a huge smile.

The Main Event itself was a huge success story with 2,261 entries generating a huge €644,385 prize pool to smash the €500,000 guarantee. The 341 entries that bagged up from the eight live opening flights at King’s Resort and three online opening flights at partypoker each cashed for €600 with the prizes increasing in a huge way from there.

2022 PPC Czech Main Event Final Table Results

1Arian KashiDenmark€100,000
2Pavel StribrnyCzech Republic€64,000
3Sebastian LenzGermany€43,000
4Ralf StamNetherlands€35,700
5Antonino KarmanHungary€29,500
6Raul SavRomania€25,000
7Jakub KotasCzech Republic€11,250
8Witali ReinboldGermany€8,350
9Christophe CosenzaFrance€6,650

*Top six prizes include a ticket to Day 1a of the WSOP Europe Main Event valued at €10,350.

Final Day Action

The final day began with 29 hopefuls in the hunt for the title with “Matze P” kicking off the action with the chip lead closely followed by Kashi. “Matze P” was unable to make the final table which began after Walter Van Camberg was unable to win a flip with big slick against tens. Similar to the start of the day, Kashi began the final table second in chips only behind Witali Reinbold.

Reinbold had the early momentum at the final table when his jacks held against the ace-queen held by Christophe Cosenza while Kashi already lost a big pot and was in last place to start a marathon with eight players remaining. Kashi got back into things by doubling through Reindbold when his big slick was good against ace-queen and soon after Kashi temporarily took his first lead at the final table. Hours later, Reinbold went hero to zero and hit the rail when his ace-nine proved to be no good against Stribrny’s ace-jack.

Stribrny extended his lead to hold double the chips of his nearest competitor when his tens dominated fours to send Jakub Kotas to the showers in seventh place. Shortly after, Kashi took his second lead at the final table after doubling through Antonino Karman with his ace-jack holding against king-seven.

Sebastian Lenz then ousted Raul Sav in sixth place after his cowboys held against ace-queen. Stribrny then resumed his roll at the table terminator by eliminated both Ralf Stam and Karman to hold more than half the chips in play with three players remaining.

The chip lead went back and forth between Stribrny and Lenz during three handed action but eventually Lenz found himself as the short stack. Shortly after, Kashi sent Lenz packing with his ace-jack dominating his opponent’s jack-ten.

Stribrny began heads-up play with a marginal chip lead against Kashi. However, all momentum was with Kashi who not only took the chip lead but had a nearly 5:1 chip advantage when the final hand took place.

Stribny jammed for 14 big blinds with eights and was called by Kashi with ten-nine suited. Kashi won the flip to win the tournament when his hand improved to a flush.

Congrats to Arian Kashi for an epic win and a massive €100,000 prize for just a €330 buy-in.

Arian Kashi & Pavel Stribrny

partypoker MILLIONS UK Up Next

If you missed out on the excitement at King’s Resort, rest assured that an even bigger event is coming up later in the year in the partypoker MILLIONS UK festival, which will feature a £3,300 Main Event at Dusk Till Dawn in Nottingham, England.

partypoker is already running satellites and feeder tournaments starting at just £0.01. So there is no better time to start your path to becoming the next big champion at a partypoker event.

2022 PPC Czech Full Payouts 16.08.2022 02:12 by Jason Glatzer

Here is a look at the full payouts of the PPC Czech Main Event. The top six places also include a Day 1a ticket to the WSOP Europe €10,350 Main Event.

1Arian Kashi€ 100,000
2Pavel Stribrny€ 64,000
3Sebastian Lenz€ 43,000
4Ralf Stam€ 35,700
5Antonino Karman€ 29,500
6Raul Sav€ 25,000
7Jakub Kotas€ 11,250
8Witali Reinbold€ 8,350
9Christophe Cosenza€ 6,650
10Walter Van Camberg€ 5,590
11Armand Muratoglu€ 5,590
12Amit Chazan € 5,000
13Maximillian Bauer€ 5,000
14Matze P€ 4,450
15Mr. Savu€ 4,450
16Clement Cure€ 3,900
17Majed Adel€ 3,900
18David Vesely€ 3,350
19Mini€ 3,350
20Riccardo Campana€ 3,350
21Maradona Abaz€ 2,800
22Johann Glanz€ 2,800
23Lukas Konecky€ 2,800
24Vittori Londoni€ 2,300
25George Sandford€ 2,300
26Matej Michalek€ 2,300
27Lubos Wendl€ 2,300
28Binak Sinanaj€ 1,950
29Jan€ 1,950
30Kooresh Shafaatian€ 1,950
31Radek Castka€ 1,950
32Jacques Ohayon€ 1,950
33Sebaciej Langroszuk€ 1,950
34Pasquale Vinci€ 1,950
35Heiko Gumtow€ 1,950
36Damian Marcin Kucharski€ 1,650
37lakyluk17€ 1,650
38Vito Misuraca€ 1,650
39Jiri Havlena€ 1,650
40Musa Taspinar€ 1,650
41big poppa€ 1,650
42Shrek€ 1,650
43Ferrari€ 1,650
44Simone Somaschini€ 1,650
45Ilija Savevski€ 1,350
46Michael Zauner€ 1,350
47Dean Kolundzic€ 1,350
48Roland Panny€ 1,350
49Hamoun Habibi€ 1,350
50Andrej Desset€ 1,350
51Dimitrios€ 1,350
52Marco18€ 1,350
53Erich Felder€ 1,350
54Mark Mueller€ 1,075
55Michal Koniuszkiewicz€ 1,075
56Selcuk Özgöc€ 1,075
57Daniel Menger€ 1,075
58Stanislav Boch€ 1,075
59Heaton Kyle Van€ 1,075
60Karel Pecinka€ 1,075
61Ion Cristian Manea€ 1,075
62August Schlegl€ 1,075
63Feyzullah Okan Karaarslan€ 1,075
64Sepehr Hajbabaei€ 1,075
65Thao Nguyen Hong€ 1,075
66Jakub Zima€ 1,075
67Walter Schwarzinger€ 1,075
68Korosh Nuri€ 1,075
69Hueseyin Oezbalci€ 1,075
70Phitchathorn Gosselin€ 1,075
71Franjo Vrbic€ 1,075
72Thomas Barna€ 915
73Mateusz Kozuch€ 915
74Martin Vaclavik€ 915
75Daniel Ebersold€ 915
76Martin Fraško€ 915
77Shmuel Michael€ 915
78Rene Moor€ 915
79Elios Gualdi€ 915
80Robert Obrtlik€ 915
81Mihail Casian€ 915
82Andre Burger€ 915
83Malik Nouri€ 915
84Robin Wasserbauer€ 915
85Darko Percic€ 915
86Torsten Alexander Pischl€ 915
87Anthony Benja Mahaut€ 915
88Wladimir Majer€ 915
89Johan Wisselo€ 915
90Robin Maurice E Cornet€ 915
91Igor Kubarev€ 915
92Stone Wall Jackson€ 915
93Farid Taazist€ 915
94Jakub Oliva€ 915
95David Savocka€ 915
96David Haralik€ 915
97Pirali Birinci€ 915
98Josef Gulas€ 915
99Didier  Guy Naegely€ 825
100Tunjo Martinovic€ 825
101Francesco Senna€ 825
102APO€ 825
103PASCAL€ 825
104Tomas Kolarik€ 825
105Persia€ 825
106Mirco Reinhard Hauswirth€ 825
107Tomas Hajek€ 825
108Rene Heinricher€ 825
109Alexa Heimbach Genannt Goethe€ 825
110Hector Fortea Grangel€ 825
111Daniel Koloszar€ 825
112Yuriy Godlevskiy€ 825
113HUGO€ 825
114Luca Boniforti€ 825
115Stefan Scherrer€ 825
116Vladimir Valent€ 825
117Fabio Saraceni€ 825
118David Berdis€ 825
119Harald Ebert€ 825
120Michael Langwald€ 825
121Alexey Mishuk€ 825
122Jan Bednar€ 825
123Marek Blasko€ 825
124Dirk Schumacher€ 825
125Maurizio Giuliana€ 825
126Gregor Artur Ceglarek€ 825
127CHRIS07€ 825
128Vikesh Rohit Shah€ 825
129Yves Robert Thalmann€ 825
130Joel Henri Kristian Vuolevi€ 825
131Sergio Regalbuto€ 825
132Tommaso Liberio€ 825
133Mihai Ciprian Hanu€ 825
134Maurizio Giuseppe Nobili€ 825
135Josef Norbert Stich€ 750
136Rene Josef Vonwald€ 750
137Michael Martin Church€ 750
138Damian Wojciech Krasny€ 750
139Svajunas Seduikis€ 750
140Lubos Svetlik€ 750
141Marvin Felix Zietlow€ 750
142Maciej Ludwik Kondraszuk€ 750
143Billy5911€ 750
144Stephan Sieber€ 750
145Jonas Rothmund€ 750
146Mr. XXX€ 750
148Renato Hysenbelli€ 750
149Corc Ercin€ 750
150Olaf€ 750
151Alexander Ewert€ 750
152Janina Ann Christin Buerger€ 750
153Elie Charles Ben Soussan€ 750
154UA Game€ 750
155Thomas Samuelsen Harnes€ 750
156Jerome Alexis Martin€ 750
157Al Hassane Iatarne€ 750
158Christophe Paredis€ 750
159MusKa€ 750
160MALITO€ 750
161Thomas Kessler€ 750
163Jona Wilmsmann€ 750
164Georgios Theodosiadis€ 750
165Roland Ernst Reuter€ 750
166Paul Adrian Covaciu€ 750
167Paulo Falcao€ 750
168Twiceasnice€ 750
169Nikolaus Grubmayr€ 750
170Alfred Holzer€ 750
171Tomas Kocib€ 750
172Rainer Emde€ 750
173Fabrice Claude Somers€ 750
174Adriano Bianco€ 750
175Murat Yilmaz€ 750
176Nico Schoenfelder€ 750
177Ilya Rogov€ 750
178Thomas Joseph Eugene Jacob€ 750
179Benjamin Gips€ 750
180John Farrell€ 750
181Marjan Stanislaw Zmarlak€ 750
182Bastian Philipp Rebscher€ 750
183Danny Ehrenberger€ 750
184Marian Cmor€ 750
185Martin Scharfetter€ 750
186Adrian Carlo Duldner€ 750
187Marek Tatar€ 750
188NIMABGAN€ 750
189Eugeniu Barbaros€ 750
190Helmut Krapp€ 750
191Ondrej Drozd€ 750
192Johnny Makdesi€ 750
193Milos Dzakic€ 750
194Gunnar Arnason€ 750
195David Baloun€ 750
196Bountydaddy€ 750
197Thomas Schoen€ 750
198Michal Koblizek€ 675
199Eugen Kasprov€ 675
200Sebastian Andrzej Marzec€ 675
201Constantin Freiherr Von Hammerstein€ 675
202Thomas Georg Beer€ 675
203ONKEL OTTO€ 675
204Moustafa El Ajjouri€ 675
205Liong€ 675
206Peter Altherr€ 675
207Marvin Hake€ 675
208Lucky Seven€ 675
209Nagib Raji€ 675
210Lars Helmut Bucher€ 675
211Nico Adomeit€ 675
212PAPALEA€ 675
213Hugo69€ 675
214Laurent Nicol Soulas€ 675
215Yunghill€ 675
216Rafael Alfred Ugarte Falcones€ 675
217Jens Taubert€ 675
218Janja€ 675
219Huricane€ 675
220Ivan Drago€ 675
221Teodor Popovic€ 675
222Sven Beier€ 675
223Duplo€ 675
224Zsolt Coraian€ 675
225Thomas Theurer€ 675
226Slavisa Radosavljevic€ 675
227Robert Tumielewicz€ 675
228Kasim Oz€ 675
229Kakhi Mrelashvili€ 675
230John McClane€ 675
231Szymon Patryk Politowski€ 675
232KALKO€ 675
233Tomas Lestina€ 675
234Nadir Riccardi€ 675
235Georgios Kiziridis€ 675
236Jan Krnac€ 675
237Lucas Curot€ 675
238Buelent Evis€ 675
239Siegfried Frank Berger€ 675
240Alexander Daniil Proca€ 675
241Sandor Dancsi€ 675
242Guillaume Bor Bazoge€ 675
243Nico Gert Lastin€ 675
244Amaury Jean Lebeault€ 675
245Ozgur Leba€ 675
246Dawid Pawel Myszkowski€ 675
247Jonathan Tobias Brunnbauer€ 675
248Marko Kotnik€ 675
249Armin Schreyer€ 675
250Tien Tam Nguyen€ 675
251Alexander Koch€ 675
252Joao Car Lourenco De Oliveira€ 675
253Arnost Kopecky€ 675
254Julian Philipp Wehner€ 675
255Daniel Gustav Sahlin€ 675
256Mak Sauka€ 675
257NOBODY€ 675
259Mehdi Bellahoues€ 675
260Valeriy Skudar€ 675
261Skremmydas Nikolaos€ 675
262Marius Schilcher€ 675
263Marian Daniel Tufis€ 675
264Salvatore Raffaele D Elia€ 675
265Jakub Koleckar€ 675
266Kolja€ 675
267Amadi€ 675
268Robert Lenz€ 675
269Kenan Kocar€ 675
270Elios Gualdi€ 600
271Nico Gert Lastin€ 600
272Nadir Riccardi€ 600
273Billy5911€ 600
274Tomas Gajdosik€ 600
275Wendelin Jall€ 600
276Dean Kolundzic€ 600
278Arnost Kopecky€ 600
279Feyzullah Okan Karaarslan€ 600
280Ion Cristian Manea€ 600
281Benjamin Gips€ 600
282Simone Somaschini€ 600
283Rene Heinricher€ 600
284Carl Marcus Allberg€ 600
285Francesco Senna€ 600
286Yoram Ohana€ 600
287Serhii Motychak€ 600
288Corrado Micheli€ 600
289Julian Philipp Wehner€ 600
290Johan Wisselo€ 600
291Rafael Alfred Ugarte Falcones€ 600
292Lubos Wendl€ 600
293Maurizio Giuliana€ 600
294Gunnar Arnason€ 600
295Lukas Konecny€ 600
296Christophe Cosenza€ 600
297Olaf€ 600
298Skremmydas Nikolaos€ 600
299UA Game€ 600
300Moustafa El Ajjouri€ 600
301Vincenzo Petruzziello€ 600
302Sebastian Andrzej Marzec€ 600
303Walter Van Camberg€ 600
304Slavisa Radosavljevic€ 600
305Alexander Ewert€ 600
306Radek Castka€ 600
307Nikolaus Grubmayr€ 600
308Andrej Racek€ 600
309Sebastien Antoine Maestrati€ 600
310Anthony Benja Mahaut€ 600
311Thomas Guenther Pinzke€ 600
312Mak Sauka€ 600
313Tomas Hajek€ 600
314Corc Ercin€ 600
315MINI€ 600
316Salvatore Raffaele D Elia€ 600
317PEPA G.€ 600
318Andrej Desset€ 600
319Igor Kubarev€ 600
320Domagoj Laljek€ 600
321Jacques Ohayon€ 600
322Phitchathorn Gosselin€ 600
323Jakob Rott€ 600
324Peter Kuzma€ 600
325Gerfried Gassinger€ 600
326Tunjo Martinovic€ 600
327Constantin Freiherr Von Hammerstein€ 600
328Heaton Kyle Van€ 600
329Renato Hysenbelli€ 600
330Svajunas Seduikis€ 600
331Sebaciej Langroszuk€ 600
332Siegfried Frank Berger€ 600
333Johann Glanz€ 600
334Pavel Stribrny€ 600
335Bruno Kaufmann€ 600
336Marko Kotnik€ 600
337Yuriy Godlevskiy€ 600
338Walter Schwarzinger€ 600
339Hugo69€ 600
340Teodor Popovic€ 600
341Al Hassane Iatarne€ 600
Pavel Stribrny Eliminated in 2nd Place (€64,000) 16.08.2022 02:07 by Jason Glatzer

Level 39: 1,500,000/3,000,000 (3,000,000)
Entries: 1/2,261

Arian Kashi had nearly a 5:1 chip advantage when the final hand took place. Pavel Stribrny jammed the button for 43 million and Kashi called.

Pavel Stribrny: 8 8
Arian Kashi: 10 9

It was as close to a coin flip as possible with Kashi at risk of elimination. Kashi nailed a flush on the 3 7 6 J 9 board to win the PPC Czech Main Event for a cool €100,000.

Meanwhile, Stribrny by far didn’t walk away empty-handed from his runner-up performance as he banked a huge €64,000 prize for his efforts.

“Yeah, I am a champ!” Kashi screamed after clinching the victory.

Stay tuned at PokerListings for the full payouts of the PPC Czech Main Event along with a recap of the final day.

Arian Kashi – 226 million
Pavel Stribrny – 0

Pavel Stribrny
Pavel Stribrny
Kashi Takes the Lead 16.08.2022 01:53 by Jason Glatzer

Level 39: 1,500,000/3,000,000 (3,000,000)
Entries: 2/2,261

Arian Kashi opened the button for 7 million with K J before Pavel Stribrny three-bet to 26 million with A J . Kashi snap-called to see the 2 Q 6 flop.

Stribrny continued for 18 million. Kashi jammed for 71 million with his flush draw and took the chip lead after Stribrny folded.

Arian Kashi – 144 million
Pavel Stribrny – 82 million

Sebastian Lenz Eliminated in 3rd Place (€43,000) 16.08.2022 01:34 by Jason Glatzer

Level 39: 1,500,000/3,000,000 (3,000,000)
Entries: 2/2,261

Sebastian Lenz jammed the button for 40 million and was called by Arian Kashi.

Sebastian Lenz: J 10
Arian Kashi: A J

Kashi was dominating Lenz when the chips went in and eliminated Lenz after the A 7 10 K 8 ran out on the board. Lenz collected €43,000 for his third-place podium finish.

Meanwhile, Pavel Stribrny will begin heads-up action with a small chip lead over Kashi.

Pavel Stribrny – 128 million
Arian Kashi – 98 million
Sebastian Lenz – 0 million

Break Time 16.08.2022 01:13 by Jason Glatzer

Players are on a 15-minute break. The blinds will increase to 1,500,000/3,000,000 with a big blind ante of 3,000,000 when the action resumes.

PlacePlayerCountryChipsBig Blinds
1Pavel StribrnyCzech Republic116,000,00039
2Arian KashiDenmark66,000,00022
5Sebastian LenzGermany42,000,00014
Stribrny Back on Top 16.08.2022 00:54 by Jason Glatzer

Level 38: 1,200,000/2,500,000 (2,500,000)
Entries: 3/2,261

Sebastian Lenz opened the button for a min-raise with 7 6 and both Pavel Stribrny with Q 10 and Arian Kashi with 7 3 called from the blinds.

Stribrny and Kashi checked the 8 2 8 flop. Lenz fired out for 5 million. Stribrny called and Kashi folded.

Both players checked the 3 turn before Stribrny bet 8.3 million on the 4 river. Stribrny was back with the chip lead after Lenz folded.

Pavel Stribrny – 91 million
Sebastian Lenz – 84 million

Lenz Takes the Lead 16.08.2022 00:46 by Jason Glatzer

Level 38: 1,200,000/2,500,000 (2,500,000)
Entries: 3/2,261

Pavel Stribrny opened for a min-raise from the button with 6 3 . Arian Kashi called from the small blind with A J

Sebastian Lenz with A 3 three-bet to 18 million and took down the pot after both Stribrny and Kashi folded to take the chip lead.

Sebastian Lenz – 87 million
Pavel Stribrny – 80 million
Arian Kashi – 57 million

Latest Photos by Mickey May 16.08.2022 00:38 by Jason Glatzer
Updated Chip Counts 16.08.2022 00:33 by Jason Glatzer
PlacePlayerCountryChipsBig Blinds
1Pavel StribrnyCzech Republic127,000,00051
2Arian KashiDenmark38,000,00015
5Sebastian LenzGermany59,000,00024
Ralf Stam Eliminated in 4th Place (€35,700) 16.08.2022 00:31 by Jason Glatzer

Level 38: 1,200,000/2,500,000 (2,500,000)
Entries: 3/2,261

Pavel Stribrny opened for a min-raise from under the gun before he called a big blind jam by Ralf Stam for 20 million.

Ralf Stam: K Q
Pavel Stribrny: A Q

No magic came for Stam on the 3 2 9 9 A board and he was eliminated in fourth place for €35,700, while Stribrny extended his chip lead to having more than half the chips in play with three players remaining.

Pavel Stribrny – 124 million
Ralf Stam – 0

Ralf Stam
Ralf Stam
Karman on Fumes after Stribrny Makes a Hero Call to Take the Lead 16.08.2022 00:14 by Jason Glatzer

Level 37: 1,000,000/2,000,000 (2,000,000)
Entries: 4/2,261

In what be the wildest hand thus far at the final table began slowly enough after Antonino Karman limped from the small blind. Pavel Stribrny raised to 7 million and Karman called.

Karman check-raised the 3 6 K flop from 4.6 million to 12 million and Stribrny called.

The A followed on the turn and Karman jammed for 20 million. Stribrny found a hero call and the cards were turned over with Karman at risk.

Pavel Stribrny: 10 3
Antonino Karman: Q 10

Karman bricked the 5 river and was eliminated in fifth place for €29,500, which includes a WSOP Europe Main Event seat valued at €10,350. Meanwhile, Stribrny was back in the chip lead after the hand.

Pavel Stribrny – 93 million
Antonino Karman – 0

Antonino Karman
Antonino Karman
Raul Sav Eliminated in 6th Place (€25,000) 16.08.2022 00:05 by Jason Glatzer

Level 37: 1,000,000/2,000,000 (2,000,000)
Entries: 5/2,261

Pavel Stribrny opened for 4 million from the hijack. Raul Sav three-bet jammed for 23 million from the button before Sebastian Lenz came in over the top for a four-bet jam to 31 million from the small blind. Stribrny folded and Sav was at risk of elimination.

Raul Sav: A Q
Sebastian Lenz: K K

It was a bit of a set-up for Sav and he was unable to get a save after the 4 2 8 9 7 appeared on the board. Sav collected a €25,000 prize, which includes a Day 1a ticket to the WSOP Europe €10,350 Main Event.

Sebastian Lenz – 61 million
Raul Sav – 0

Raul Sav
Raul Sav
Ladies Good for Lenz 15.08.2022 23:53 by Jason Glatzer

Level 37: 1,000,000/2,000,000 (2,000,000)
Entries: 6/2,261

Sebastian Lenz jammed for 16 million from the cutoff with Q Q and was called by Pavel Stribrny from the big blind with A J .

Lenz earned a double with his ladies after the 4 8 4 3 9 were dealt on the board.

Sebastian Lenz – 35 million
Pavel Stribrny – 34 million

Sebastian Lenz
Sebastian Lenz
Kashi Doubles into the Lead with Big Slick 15.08.2022 23:49 by Jason Glatzer

Level 37: 1,000,000/2,000,000 (2,000,000)
Entries: 6/2,261

Pavel Stribrny jammed the button for 89 million with A 8 . Arian Kashi woke up with A K from the small blind and called off his stack of 29 million.

Kashi took the lead after his big slick held on the 3 J 5 Q 5 board.

Arian Kashi – 63 million
Pavel Stribrny – 59 million

Arian Kashi
Arian Kashi
Karman Doubles First Hand After Break 15.08.2022 23:35 by Jason Glatzer

Level 37: 1,000,000/2,000,000 (2,000,000)
Entries: 6/2,261

Antonino Karman jammed for 16 million from the hijack before Arian Kashi came in over the top with a three-bet jam for 38 million from the button.

Antonino Karman: K 7
Arian Kashi: A J

Karman was a small underdog and was in more trouble after Kashi flopped the nut flush draw on the 2 8 9 flop. However, Karman paired his seven on the 7 turn and doubled through Kashi after the 8 paired the board on the river.

Antonino Karman – 36 million
Arian Kashi – 22 million

Break Time 15.08.2022 23:12 by Jason Glatzer

The final six players are on a 15-minute break. Blinds will increase to 1,000,000/2,000,000 with a big blind ante of 2,000,000 when the action resumes.

Jakub Kotas Eliminated in 7th Place (€11,250) 15.08.2022 23:08 by Jason Glatzer

Level 36: 800,000/1,600,000 (1,600,000)
Entries: 6/2,261

Jakub Kotas
Jakub Kotas

Pavel Stribrny min-raised from early position before Jakub Kotas jammed for 25 million from the big blind. Stribrny called and was primed to eliminate back-to-back former final table chip leaders.

Jakub Kotas: 4 4
Pavel Stribrny: 10 10

Kotas was unable to get any love with his fours with the Q 8 7 K 2 board and bubbled the WSOP Europe Main Event seat awarded to the top six players. He did still collect a healthy seventh place prize of €11,250.

Meanwhile, Stribrny extended his chip lead to 93 million in chips for more than double the stack of his nearest competitor in Arian Kashi with 42 million in chips.

PlacePlayerCountryChipsBig Blinds
1Pavel StribrnyCzech Republic93,000,00058
2Arian KashiDenmark42,000,00026
4Raul SavRomania15,000,0009
5Sebastian LenzGermany23,000,00014
6Ralf StamNetherlands29,000,00018
9Antonino KarmanHungary27,000,00017
Witali Reinbold Eliminated in 8th Place (€8,350) 15.08.2022 22:50 by Jason Glatzer

Level 36: 800,000/1,600,000 (1,600,000)
Entries: 7/2,261

Pavel Stribrny min-raised the button before he called a three-bet jam by Witali Reinbold from the big blind for 21 million.

Witali Reinbold: A 9
Pavel Stribrny: A J

Despite holding the chip lead to start the final table, Reinbold was eliminated in eighth place after he was unable to get ahead of Stribrny on the 6 J 5 A 6 board.

Meanwhile, Pavel Stribrny took the lead away from Arian Kashi to start the seven-handed play. Additionally, there is a bubble of sorts with the top six players guaranteed a WSOP Europe Main Event seat valued at €10,350.

Pavel Stribrny – 62 million
Witali Reinbold – 0

Witali Reinbold
Witali Reinbold
Big Slick Good for Karman 15.08.2022 22:45 by Jason Glatzer

Level 36: 800,000/1,600,000 (1,600,000)
Entries: 8/2,261

Jakub Kotas jammed the button for 46 million. Antonino Karman called off for 17 million from the small blind and the cards were turned over.

Antonino Karman: A K
Jakub Kotas: A 8

Karman doubled up after his big slick held on the 2 A 2 J 6 board. Meanwhile, Arian Kashi was back with the chip lead after the hand.

Arian Kashi – 46 million
Antonino Karman – 37 million
Jakub Kotas – 30 million

Antonino Karman
Antonino Karman

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