Molenaar Gets Max After Sneaky Check

Michael Molenaar opened to 17k in the HJ, the CO peeled and the rest of the players folded. On a board of K 6 5 , Molenaar checked and the CO Keith Cummins checked back.

The turn brought the K and Molenaar went for a sized-up delayed c-bet of 35k (4.3bb), which Cummins quickly called. The river 4 completed the open-ended straight draw on the flop, but that didn't stop Molenaar betting big with 85k (10.6bb).

Cummins was clearly in between finding the muck or finding the call, and opted for the latter - he was quickly shown Molenaar's A K and mucked his hand. A nice check by Molenaar on the flop seemed to get him the max. The Dutchman now moves up to 526k (66bb).

Molenaar All Smiles Credit: Brian Ó hÉideáin

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