Partypoker Millions Irish Poker Festival Results

Yesterday we reached the money spots in the partypoker Millions Irish Poker Festival. Here are the names who locked up a min cash by being unfortunate not to have survived it to todays' Day 3 of the event:

CountryPlayer NameRankPrize Money
Margereson, ScottOut 16€8,000
Cahill, Seamus PeterOut 17€8,000
Bain, Tristan ROut 18€7,000
Dwyer, MichaelOut 19€7,000
Prendergast, ConalOut 20€7,000
Plichta, MichalOut 21€7,000
De Antonio Canela, FerranOut 22€7,000
Kazantsev, ValentynOut 23€7,000
Montana, HannaOut 24€7,000
Harraghy, GerardOut 25€6,000
Kavanagh, StephenOut 26€6,000
Toole, AndrewOut 27€6,000
Foley, SeanOut 28€6,000
Baldini, MarcoOut 29€6,000

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