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2023 partypoker MILLIONS Ireland Live Blog

2023 partypoker MILLIONS Ireland Live Blog

Chevalier Out in 4th After Running into Nuts 05.11.2023 18:09 by Cameron Dhaliwal

Liam Chevalierdefended the big-blind and checked to the initial aggressor Glen Keogh. After a c-bet from Keogh, Chevalier found himself raising and then getting 3-bet on the 7 5 4 , before he moved all-in for 1.55m (30bb) and got snapped by Keogh.

It was Chevalier’s 7 8 against Keogh’s flopped nuts with 6 8 , a turned A and river 5 .

Chevalier exits in 4th place of €56,500.

Keogh Makes a Move But Not Past McNamara 05.11.2023 17:46 by Cameron Dhaliwal

Glen Keoghopened his BU to 100k (2bb) and Liam Chevalierflat his SB. Tomas McNamarawent for a 3-bet squeeze to 375k (5.5bb) and Keogh pumped it up to 875k (14bb).

McNamara counted his stack and tanked momentarily before moving all-in, and Keogh took a split-second before passing his cards to the dealer.

Tomas McNamara
Credit: Brian Ó hÉideáin
Molenaar Continues to Chip Up; Busts Hedley in 5th 05.11.2023 17:34 by Cameron Dhaliwal

Two of the strongest players at the final table collided when Michael Molenaaropened his CO and Andrew Hedleyfound the all-in from the big-blind for 520k (10bb)

Michael snap-called with J J and was in great shape against Hedley’s A 7 .

Q 6 6 7 8 left Hedley to the rail for a Є44,000 and a strong showing in this event.

Molenaar Cruising On The Final Table 05.11.2023 17:27 by Cameron Dhaliwal

It’s always good to win big flips on the final table where the value of each all-in is worth thousands.

Michael Molenaar, a well-versed Dutch pro who is ascending in the high-states live MTT arena, will know all to well.

Molenaar 3-bet Andrew Hedley’smin-open to 275k (5.5bb) and face a 4-bet jam from Richard Kellettin the big-blind. He did not take much time to call the huge 2.3m (46bb) jam with A K against Kellett’s 6 6 . The run out came A 4 8 to put Molenaar within sight of a huge pot, and the 8 turn and 7 river positioned Molenaar in a commanding position on this final table.

Credit: Brian Ó hÉideáin
Final Table Time! 05.11.2023 16:32 by Melvin Schroen
CountryNameTable / SeatChips
Keogh, GlennT30 / 83,940,000
MacNamara, TomasT30 / 53,240,000
Kellett, Richard JT30 / 92,595,000
Molenaar, MichelT30 / 61,895,000
Chevalier, LiamT30 / 41,390,000
Hedley, AndrewT30 / 3700,000
O’Neill, PadraigT30 / 2245,000
Black, AndyT30 / 1225,000
Hedley, Ahuja, Black and Molenaar All Make Final Day 05.11.2023 15:01 by Cameron Dhaliwal

A strong group of 15 players have all made the final day of the partypoker MILLIONS Irish Poker Festival, including poker legend Andy Black.

Despite losing an almost 2 million chip pot towards the end of Day 2, Ross Coveneyis still alive and with enough chips to give himself a fighting chance. Some top players have a healthy chip stack, as Ankhit Ahuja, Michael Molenaar and Andrew Hedleyall had good runs to end the day.

The minimum pay-out is €8,000 with each of the last 15 vying for the top prize of €210,000. The prizepool surpassed the guarantee to the tune of €766,840, a great success for both partypoker and for the Irish Poker Festival team, who created a main event that both top pros and recreationals would want to play in.

Credit: Brian Ó hÉideáin
Day 3 Seatdraw – partypoker Millions Irish Poker Festival Dublin 05.11.2023 09:31 by Melvin Schroen

We have 15 players left in contest in Dublin. It is Glenn Keogh who bagged the lead for the final day, shortly followed by Kellet and McNamara. Who will take down the event and crown himself as Irish Festival Champion here at the partypoker Millions in Dublin? Will national all-time poker hero Andy Black take it down? Or will Ankit Ahuja continue his impressive run in live Main Events? Or will Dutchman Michel Molenaar perhaps take the trophy in his luggage towards Austria?

Follow all the coverage at PokerListings!

CountryPlayer Name Table / Seat Chip Count
Keogh, GlennT26 / 42,363,000
Kellett, Richard JT26 / 21,654,000
McNamara, TomasT22 / 31,648,000
Hedley, AndrewT22 / 81,369,000
Ahuja, AnkitT22 / 61,235,000
Chevalier, LiamT26 / 3962,000
O’Neill, PadraigT22 / 7824,000
Carson, BarryT26 / 6768,000
Coveney, RossT22 / 1665,000
Black, AndyT26 / 1566,000
Molenaar, MichelT22 / 2556,000
Bergin, ConorT26 / 7460,000
Proulx, SebastianT22 / 5447,000
Mavritsakis, PanagiotisT26 / 5417,000
Harbinson, DarrenT22 / 4366,000
Partypoker Millions Irish Poker Festival Results 05.11.2023 09:16 by Melvin Schroen

Yesterday we reached the money spots in the partypoker Millions Irish Poker Festival. Here are the names who locked up a min cash by being unfortunate not to have survived it to todays’ Day 3 of the event:

CountryPlayer NameRankPrize Money
Margereson, ScottOut 16€8,000
Cahill, Seamus PeterOut 17€8,000
Bain, Tristan ROut 18€7,000
Dwyer, MichaelOut 19€7,000
Prendergast, ConalOut 20€7,000
Plichta, MichalOut 21€7,000
De Antonio Canela, FerranOut 22€7,000
Kazantsev, ValentynOut 23€7,000
Montana, HannaOut 24€7,000
Harraghy, GerardOut 25€6,000
Kavanagh, StephenOut 26€6,000
Toole, AndrewOut 27€6,000
Foley, SeanOut 28€6,000
Baldini, MarcoOut 29€6,000
Coveney Goes For It, Gets Sniffed Out By McNamara 05.11.2023 02:32 by Cameron Dhaliwal

Ross Coveneyopened his BU to 40k (2bb) and Michael Molenaarsmooth-called in the small-blind.

Tomas McNamarawent for 3-bet in big-blind to 155k (7.75bb) and Coveney did not take long before piling it in for 789k effective (40bb).

McNamara tanked before flicking in a call, and found his nose to be on point as Coveney flipped out Q J and was in good shape with his A 10 .

K J 7 put Coveney ahead and had him in a massive spot to become chip-leader, but the A turn threw McNamara ahead and the river 2 brick put McNamara in with the big stacks.

Hedley Gets It Through 05.11.2023 01:51 by Cameron Dhaliwal

Liam Chevalieropened his CO to 32k (2bb) and well-known Irish pro Andrew Hedley3-bet to 110k (6.8bb) and Chevalier quickly called.

On a flop of Q 5 4 , both players found a check before Hedley barrelled the the 8 turn for 200k (12.5bb) and Chevalier made a pained fold.

Andrew Hedley
Credit: Brian Ó hÉideáin
Big Hold For Cahill 05.11.2023 00:57 by Cameron Dhaliwal

An early position player opened off his monster 1+ million in chips in early position, and Seamus Cahillmade no time in putting in his 350k. Once it folded back round to the aggressor, he snap called and we went straight to board.

Coveney: 10 10

Cahill: Q Q

K 6 2 8 9

Cahill secures a much needed double-up whilst Coveney’s big stack takes a small hit.

Carl Cullen Bubbles; 29 Players ITM 05.11.2023 00:19 by Cameron Dhaliwal

We have 29 players remaining after Carl Cullenlost a flip for his tournament life and burst the bubble of the partypoker MILLIONS Irish Festival

Cullen pushed all-in with his short stack holding J J and found the iso-jam from Padraig O’Neilwith A K .

A run out of 3 K Q , K , 6 popped the bubble and left the remaining players with a cash of €6,000 with two more levels left in the day.

Carl Cullen a class act on the bubble
Credit: Brian Ó hÉideáin
Big Double for McNamara 04.11.2023 22:00 by Cameron Dhaliwal

The action to this peculiar hand started with Bart Lybaertopening 16k (2bb) in MP, and found a 3-bet when Philipp Kampf raised to 43k (5.3bb). Tomas McNamaramade a stand with his 47k (5.8bb) stack and put it all in, which got a call from Kampf and a snap-call from Lybaert.

The flop of 10 8 5 rolled off, and after Kampf checked to him, Lybaert c-bet into a dry side-pot and then flipped over the A J for an airball. McNamara showed his A 10 for top-pair top-kicker and the 3 3 runout secured him a huge double up.

Molenaar Gets Max After Sneaky Check 04.11.2023 21:50 by Cameron Dhaliwal

Michael Molenaar opened to 17k in the HJ, the CO peeled and the rest of the players folded. On a board of K 6 5 , Molenaar checked and the CO Keith Cummins checked back.

The turn brought the K and Molenaar went for a sized-up delayed c-bet of 35k (4.3bb), which Cummins quickly called. The river 4 completed the open-ended straight draw on the flop, but that didn’t stop Molenaar betting big with 85k (10.6bb).

Cummins was clearly in between finding the muck or finding the call, and opted for the latter – he was quickly shown Molenaar’s A K and mucked his hand. A nice check by Molenaar on the flop seemed to get him the max. The Dutchman now moves up to 526k (66bb).

Molenaar All Smiles Credit: Brian Ó hÉideáin
Not Even a Sweat For Stewart 04.11.2023 20:09 by Cameron Dhaliwal

After a middle-position open to 16k (2bb) and a late-position flat, Joshua Stewartjammed his 212k (27bb).

The initial raiser re-jammed their 347k (44bb) and the late-position flatter folded. It was a race for a split second, as Stewart’s A Q was up against 9 9 , the race was short-lived as the A window was followed by the 9 9 , leaving Stewart with just backdoor quads as his only hope. The 10 sent Stewart to the rail, and the table broke.

McAree Wins a Big One 04.11.2023 19:05 by Cameron Dhaliwal

Niall McAreejust won a huge pot after an interesting hand versus David Docherty, and has now gone over 160k (32bb).

After opening in MP and Docherty defends his BB, Docherty went for a donk on 8 6 5 to 9k (1.8bb) and McAree raised to 29k (5.8bb), Docherty called and on the 3 turn, McAree jammed for his remaining 49k (9.8bb) and Docherty snapped called with the world draw, his A 7 against McAree’s 10 10 .

Docherty’s combo-draw, a double-gutshot and nut flush draw didn’t get there, as the 10 peeled on the river giving McAree a big pot as we have 67 left.

Niall McAree Credit: Brian Ó hÉideáin
Ashby, Nitsche and Pihela Part of The Elimated 04.11.2023 18:28 by Cameron Dhaliwal

We’ve seen some big names go out after the first break, including DTO Poker founder and high-stakes MTT end-boss Dominik Nitsche, who could not manouvre his short-stack past the last 70.

WSOP bracelet and ring winner Richard Ashby max-late regged but could not get anything going, and busted in 72nd. Joining him was one of Estonia’s best in Igor Pihela Jr, who also found the rail.

Michael Molenaarhas span his stack of 80k (20bb) up to past 400k (100bb) during this Day 2, joining Conor Berginas one of the bigger stacks in the event. Scott Margesonis another to keep an eye on, as the former WPT champion now has around 250k (62.5bb) and will be one to watch as we approach the bubble.

Dara Scoops The Dead Money 04.11.2023 18:16 by Cameron Dhaliwal

Glenn Keoghopened 10k (2.5bb) from UTG, and saw a middle-position player flat. Dara O’Kearneyslid in his stack of 100k (25bb) and got two quick folds, scooping up the dead money and moving up past 130k (32.5bb).

Brian Ó hÉideáin
Day 2 Resumes with 94 from 283 Battling For The Money 04.11.2023 17:02 by Cameron Dhaliwal

Welcome to Day 2 of the partypoker MILLIONS Irish Poker Festival, where we are playing down to the money!

We’ve seen partypoker find a huge amount of success with this event, as the prizepool surpassed the guarantee and now sits at €766,840 after the last level of re-entry (level 11) has passed. The average stack sits around 152k (38bb) and the hour-long levels allow for more deeper-stacked poker, which should get interesting as stacks vary.

From the 94 remaining, 29 will make the money where a min-cash is €6,000 and the payouts are quite flat up until the final table, where 8th gets €22,840 and the champion will receive €210,000 – we should get some intense ICM spots then!

Conor Berginhas ascended up to 474k after late-reg ended, with Bart Lybaertand Tristan Bainclose behind with 364k (91bb) and 298k (74.5bb).

Niall Farrell is in the mix still with a healthy 171k (43bb) and Simon Wilsonwill be battling for sure with his 170k (43bb).

David Docherty, Dara O’Kearney, Joshua Stewart, Andrew Hedley, Andy Black, Ankit Ahuja, Michael Molenaar, Richard Ashby and Dominik Nitsche are all names still in the mix so far.

Brian Ó hÉideáin
Partypoker Live MILLIONS Irish Poker Festival 04.11.2023 13:04 by Melvin Schroen
Farrell, O’Kearney and Nitsche Lead The Names in Day 2 04.11.2023 02:57 by Cameron Dhaliwal

After wrapping up the final Day 1 flights, we saw some of the names getting their stack into Day 2 in various sizes.

One of Ireland’s best, Dara “slowdoke” O’Kearney fired the 1D Turbo and took over a huge stack of 216k (108bb) and was joined by Dominik Nitsche, who busted the Day 1C flight and regged the Day 1D, not realising it was a turbo but taking over 59k (29.5bb).

The final Day 1 flights saw over 130 entrants, and David Miscikowksiand Niall Farrell took over 189k (94.5bb) and 180k (90bb) respectively.

Simon Wilsonhad a swingy Day 1 but manage to bag up 122k (61bb) and was joined by Andy Black with his 90k (45bb) making it into Day 2.

partypoker Diamond Club winner Dixon Rueckercame here after winning a rakeback race and managed to extend his freeroll with a bag of 42k (21bb), and could make for a great poker story with a deep run tomorrow.

Don’t forget that you can enter tomorrow’s Day 2 directly and have 25bb at 1 hour levels, a fantastic structure that is made for poker and not for a push-fold fest!

Miscikowski Gets 5-Bet, Windmilled a Ten 04.11.2023 01:22 by Cameron Dhaliwal

David Miscikowskiopens to 3.5k (3bb) in the CO and faced a 3bet from Stephen Kavanaghin the BB to 15kk (9.3bb). Miscikowski then put out a 4-bet to 15k (25bb) before Kavanagh tanked and put in four yellow chips, a 5-bet to 100k (46bb), leading Miscikowski to snap-fold.

Kavanagh then windmilled over the 10 , and Miscikowski smiled before saying: “I had Ace-Ten!”

David Miscikowski
Credit: Brian Ó hÉideáin
Miscikowski, Enselme, Proudfoot, Farrell and Nitsche All Vying For Day 2 Stacks 04.11.2023 00:29 by Cameron Dhaliwal

There’s some big poker names still battling it out, including a couple of MTT crushers in both the online and live realms.

One of the front-runners is David Miscikowski, who sits on 106k (88bb). The online and live American MTT pro who was embroiled in the Martin Zamani and Bryn Kenney cheating scandal and saga. A big run in this even will take him over the $2 million lifetime mark on Hendon Mob, after some recent success at the WSOPC Super Circuit.

Simon Wilsonis bordering around the 100k mark on 96k (80bb) whilst French pro Arnuard Enselmeis on 58k (48bb). German super pro and creator of the poker trainer DTO, Dominik Nitscheis on 43k (35bb) and will be looking to spin it up towards the end of the day.

Jonathan “proudflop” Proudfootis sat on 27k (22.5b) and is also one who’s looking for a multiple spin up to take a healthy stack over to Day 2.

Miscikowski in deep thought
Credit: Brian Ó hÉideáin
All-In Wilson Wins a Big One, Doubles Up 03.11.2023 20:22 by Cameron Dhaliwal

Simon Wilson opened off a 36.5k (60bb), Nikolai Mamut went for a 3-bet to the tune of 4k (6.6bb) and Wilson responded with a 4-bet to 10.5k (17.5bb), Mamut called and we went to a flop.

On Q 6 3 , Wilson continued for 4.4k (7.3bb) and Mamut called. A turn 3 did not let up on the action, as Wilson barrelled 8k (13bb) and Mamut tank called. The river 5 saw Wilson announce all-in and Mamut put his hood over his head and deliberated, before calling.

Wilson, who recently found a mega deep run in the online WSOP Main Event recently, flipped over the K 7 and Mamut showed the hero-call hand with 6 5 .

“I don’t think that was getting through,” said Wilson after finding the bink on the river.

Wilson, fresh off his colossal WSOP online run
Credit: Brian Ó hÉideáin
Proudfoot & Luo Go To War 03.11.2023 19:41 by Cameron Dhaliwal

After an open by Mitchell Hynamand a flat by Yehong Luo, Jonathan “proudflop” Proudfootwent for the 3-bet, and found two calls.

a flop of Q 10 4 saw Proudfoot c-bet, Hynam folded but Luo peeled. A Q turn saw it go check/check to a bloated pot at the 200/500 level, where there was 23k (46bb) in the middle. An A river card was an action killer, and after a relatively quick check/check, Proudfoot scooped the pot with K K .

The exact next hand after, Luo opened to 1k (2bb) and faced aggression from the MTT super pro again when he made it 4k (8bb) in the BU. David Graves cold-called in the BB and Luo called.

On a flop of J 6 3 , it checked to Proudfoot as the pre-flop aggressor who c-bet 3.2k (6.4bb) and only Luo called. A turned Q saw it go check/check and a brick river 2 saw Proudfoot go 10k (20bb). Luo sighed before finding a call, and he bested a thin value bet from Proudfoot’s J 9 with his K J .

Day 1C Looks Very Promising! 03.11.2023 18:20 by Cameron Dhaliwal

Welcome to Day 1C! We’re a few levels in and whilst the action has not yet got too intense on the felt, we’re seeing a ton of movement at the registration desk!

So far we’ve got over 90 entrants to this flight, with a bunch of familiar faces in the mix. Poker legend Andy Black is back in the mix, joining the consistent and resilient Niall Farrell who has entered each Day 1 flight so far.

Former Irish Poker Open champion Weijie Zheng is here, after he took down the mammoth event four years ago for a sweet $337,797. Another name familiar to online high-stakes MTT fans is here too, Jonathan “proudflop” Proudfoot is here, someone who commonly battles with the best in the business online every week.

Don’t forget that the partypoker MILLIONS and Irish Poker Festival teams here have put on an exceptional event at the Intercontinental Hotel – the structures and satellites are built for players and to give them the best experience possible.

You can max late-reg into Day 2 at level 11 where you will still have 25bb, or you can find a host of live Super Satellites on site or online at partypoker!

Niall Farrell Back in The Thunderdome
Credit: Brian Ó hÉideáin
Martinelli Leads The Way into Day 2 03.11.2023 17:43 by Cameron Dhaliwal

After a run of nice spots and well-made plays, WSOPC ring holder Luke Martinelli leads a strong pack of players who took bags from Day 1B of the partypoker MILLIONS Irish Festival Main Event.

Martinelli showed his class but also found a spell of run good which saw him cooler a few opponents and take a bag of 325k (162bb).

Joshua Stewart bagged a healthy 90k (45bb), despite his stack hitting close to 150k at one point. He managed to manoeuvre a tough few table in the last few levels and moves on to Day 2.

High-stakes MTT crusher Ami Barer joined Michael Molenaar, Bruno Desimoni and 20 more players into Day 2, whilst Niall Farrell fell just short in this flight.

Molenaar Continues To Build 03.11.2023 01:00 by Cameron Dhaliwal

Michael Molenaar is finding much more success on his Day 1B bullet, and has chipped up well past the 100k mark now.

After opening to 3.2k (2bb) in the BU, Arnuad Enselme shoved his 45k (28bb) and was snap-called by Molenaar.

Molenaar’s Q Q were in good shape v Enselme’s 5 5 , and after a flop of Q 7 10 , a void turn and river sent Enselme to the rail and Molenaar in good shape approaching the final level of the day.

All Smiles For Molenaar (Credit: Brian OhEdeain)
Luke Runs Lucky, Goes Past 100K 03.11.2023 00:24 by Cameron Dhaliwal

After hearing about seat 8 having a good spell of premiums, the action found them again just minutes later.

At the 600/1200 level, Ami Barer opened to 2.5k (2bb) and faced a 3-bet from Jakub Wojtas in the BU to 8k (6.6bb), before Luke Martinelli made it 20k (16bb), Barer folded but Wojtas found the call.

Wojtas had 38k (31bb) behind as the effective stack on 9 9 5 , so when Martinelli continued with the aggression to the tune of 13k (11bb) his choice to pile it in was more than acceptable.

Wojtas showed J J , which was drawing thin against Martinelli’s Q Q – and after a turn 2 and river 6 , Martinelli scooped the pot.

“You can make a comment that Paul Carr says this guy is a lucky f**k” commented Paul Carr, with a grin, after the hand.

Canela Gets Max with a Boat 02.11.2023 23:02 by Cameron Dhaliwal

An interesting hand developed between two of the deeper stacks on Table 26. At the 500/1k/1k level, Bruno Desimonilimped off 67k (67bb) and Ferran Canelamade it 3.5k (3.5bb), Desimoni called.

A flop of K 8 2 peeled off, Desimoni check/called a continuation bet for 2k (2bb).

The turn 8 brought in many hands with the players having such wide ranges, and after a check Canela went uber small for just 3k (3bb) into a 12.5k (12.5bb) pot.

On the river 9 , even more hands get there. A check from Desimoni led to a much polarizing bet from Canela, who tanked before sliding out 12k (12bb). Desimoni flicked in a 1k call chip and was shown the bad news when Canela showed K K and his hand quickly went into the muck.

Fawzi Finds a Double Up 02.11.2023 20:29 by Cameron Dhaliwal

Manfred Gonda flatted the BU after a CO open to 1,600 (2.5bb) and found himself facing a jam from Farid Fawzi in the BB for 13,500 (22.5bb) and with his 15,000 (25bb) stack barely covering, decided to gamble and flick in the call with Q J

He was up against Fawzi’s 7 7 , and the flop of 10 6 6 brought relief, until the 9 turn gave Gonda a huge amount of juice. The 5 river was a brick and Fawzi found a much needed double-up, while Gonda is left with crumbs.

Tough Field In Day 1B 02.11.2023 19:20 by Cameron Dhaliwal

There’s a host of familiar faces and tough poker players in the Day 1B flight.

We’ve seen Joshua Stewart enter, a talented poker player in a variety of styles whether it’s tournaments, cash games, Texas Hold’em or Pot-Limit Omaha. Stewart has notched over eight live cashes in a month, and will be looking to boost his live tournament earnings to over $200,000.

Another entrant who has been in hot form is Simon Wilson, a regular face amongst the Irish live poker community. Wilson recently saw a huge score when he ran deep in the GGPoker WSOP Main Event Online, finishing ninth from over 6,000 entrants for a huge $251,073.

The strong players does not end there, with a name familiar to high-stakes online tournament fans in the mix. Ami Barer is battling in today’s flight, with the Canadian super pro regularly firing the biggest online tournaments $10,000 and upward. In 2020, Barer even won three GGPoker High Rollers in one day!

Michael Molenaar, Scott Margerson and Niall Farrell re-fire with other notable faces like Andrew Hedley and Igor Pihela.

Welcome to Day 1B of the Irish Poker Festival MILLIONS! 02.11.2023 16:04 by Cameron Dhaliwal

We’re underway of Day 1B of the headline event, after a Day 1A saw many notable and formidable players take healthy stacks over to Day 2.

Ankhit Ahuja took over 173,100 (87bb), a strong display after his recent incredible score in the EUREKA Main Event where he scooped $362,365 after outlasting 2,658 opponents.

David Docherty is one of the top Scottish poker players around, and showed his class by bagging up 175,000 (88bb) and takes a healthy stack over to Day 2. Docherty has been all over the UK live poker scene as of late, with an strong run in the Edinburgh UKIPT Main Event and even better showing in the Malta Summer Festival where he scored 4th for €52,660.

Bart Lybaert will be looking to ascend up the Belgium all-time money list as he currently sits 6th with his $3.9m in cashes, and he has every chance to do that taking across a 125,000 (63bb).

Ryan O’Donnell takes a strong 80,000 (40bb) over to Day 2 after manoeuvring a short stack for most of the day. The Spin & Go and short-handed tournament expert is a coach for PokerCoaching and caught attention when he has a mesmerizing run in the World Series of Poker $25,000 High Roller bracelet, coming second to Ike Haxton and bagging a cool $1,049,577.

Ryan O’Donnell

Conor Bergin was part of a group of strong players who did not manage to manouvre a stack over to Day 2, which includes the legend Andy Black, Niall Farrell and Arnaud Enselme. He is already back in the mix for Day 1B.

Don’t forget that there are satellites running both live here at the Intercontinental Hotel and online at partypoker for this event – you can also buy in to Day 2 directly at 1k/2k levels and have 25bb, a fantastic structure!

Impressions MILLIONS Day 1a 01.11.2023 21:48 by Cameron Dhaliwal
Kicking off MILLIONS Irish Poker Festival 2023 01.11.2023 20:50 by Cameron Dhaliwal

Welcome to the MILLIONS Irish Poker Festival, here at the immaculate venue of the Intercontinental Hotel in Dublin.

We’re underway in Day 1A of the €3,000 Main Event, and after 35 entrants, we still have 26 players left battling to take a stack into Day 2 of the €700,000 guaranteed prize pool tournament.

Some notable names are in, including Ankit Ahuja, who recently took down the $1,100 Eureka Main Event in Cyprus for a career-best $362,365. The former poker product worker has become something of a tournament crusher over the past few years and will be aiming to add to his impressive resume this series.

Niall Farrell

We’ve also spotted former Festival Series Main Event Champion Michael Molenaar, who is on a tough table with Scott Margerson and Arnaud Enseleme. Ankit is battling with Andreas Froehli and Daniel Wilson. Niall Farrell, one of the most jovial and fun pro poker players you will meet is also in the mix – the GGPoker pro is looking to add to his $6.7 million lifetime live tournament earnings with a good run this series.

We will take care of all the live blog coverage of this epic event, the second MILLIONS event within just shy five weeks time. The previous edition was held at the Portomaso Casino in Malta, and Mario Trattou took down the event for €93,000!

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