Poker Psychology Strategy

Do you enjoy the mental game of poker just as much as the mathematical side? Learn more about manipulating your table image, reading other players' behaviours for tells, how to stay strong when you suffer a bad beat and more.

Day 2C

Rant: You Have to Work Really Hard to Be a Great Poker Player

Poker is constantly evolving and conventional wisdom says it's getting harder. Why then do so...

26 April 2019 3

Rant: Why Should I Talk at the Poker Table?

The next time you see me at the poker table, don’t expect me to say...

26 April 2019 3

original RS25166 Phil Ivey 2

Poker & the Dunning-Kruger Effect: You’re Not as Good as You Think

Unfortunately, chances are you’re overestimating your poker abilities. But don’t worry, most players do. The...

8 January 2019 1



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