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GGPoker Established: 2014
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 Revolver Gaming
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GGPoker is worthwhile not only because of the amount of promotions, but also because you play against rather weak players. In return, the rake at GGPoker is a little higher than at most competitors.

What we love
  • Action packed games
  • High Fish Ratio
  • Soft games (many Asian players)
  • Worthwhile VIP program
  • Great game selection
  • Tournaments with high guarantees
What we don't love
  • High rake
  • No hand history files

Another unique selling point of GGPoker is their removal of the option to save hand histories, making tracking software such as PokerTracker and Hold'em Manager unusable. Even if it is more complicated to keep an eye on the results, the softer Game makes up for this.

There are many games and tournaments throughout the day. The provider has a growing player pool and ongoing promotions make cash games and tournaments even more attractive.

About GGPoker

GGPoker is the flagship of the "Good Game Network", which started in 2014. This network was originally launched in Asia and initially focused on Chinese and Southeast Asian players. In the following years more and more European skins joined the network and so more European players can be found there.

GGPoker is the European client for the second largest poker network in Asia and the main focus of the site are the recreational players. The provider has plenty of offers and promotions in store and it’s difficult to get bored.

GGPoker has many unique features that other providers don’t offer. For example, you can protect your hand with all-in insurance. Immediately after each hand, you can share your hand on social networks via “hand moments” and GGPoker has integrated the game analysis tool PokerCraft which shows stats and your results. However, this analysis tool is also the only tool that can be used at GGPoker, because all other external tools are prohibited (like PokerTracker or HEM) and will be blocked.

GGPoker Awards From PokerListings

Best Poker Operator.

Best Poker Operator 2022

Best Online Series.

Best Online Tournament Series 2022

Best Poker Innovation.

Best Poker Innovation 2022

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Registering an account at GGPoker

Players from most countries can play at GGPoker, in fact European and Canadian players can easily register.

As with any online poker room, GGPoker has an age limit for all players who want to sign up. Players must be at least 18 years old. For some countries there are even higher age limits up to 25 years. When registering, you must provide your name, address and date of birth. If you want to play for real money, you have to upload a photo or a copy of your ID or driver’s license to confirm your details. This procedure is common and is also used by other providers.

No US Players Allowed Yet

Players from the United States cannot sign up at GGPoker.

What about GGPoker in Pennsylvania, USA?
GGPoker PA comes with a lot of uncertainty as it still has no presence in the US, despite GG indicating that they want to enter the US market too. In fact, in 2020 they even struck a deal with WSOP to co-host the Circuit events in March and Official events in July-August for international players (outside the US). However, parent company NSUS took a step forward when they acquired an Interactive Gaming Manufacturer license from the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board (PGCB).

This allows them to provide the technology/software for an online poker room or online casino, not launch their own GGPoker Pennsylvania site. For this, they need an additional Interactive Gaming Operator license and a land-based casino partner in Pennsylvania.

GGPoker PA Update: This will take some time but we hope it comes into fruition in 2021.

GGPoker Bonus and Bonuscode 2024

GGPoker gives you an immediate bankroll boost when you first sign up and deposit. You don't need a bonus code to get your GGPoker bonus. Just to download the GGPoker app, open an account, make a deposit of at least $20. Then just head to the tables and enter games using your ticket/s.

Bonus DetailAmount
Our Bonus$600

How Do You Get the GGPoker Bonus?

It’s very simple to receive your bonus:


If you haven’t already, you need to download the GGPoker app (mobile or desktop).

Choose a Player

Once the GGPoker app is installed, choose a player name and log in.

Welcome Bonus

When you make your first deposit, select the “Welcome Bonus”.

Free Tickets

You will receive up to $100 free tickets on your first deposit of $20 or more.

You can check your bonus balance at any time via “My Promo” in the GGPoker app under “Welcome Bonus”.

GGPoker VIP Program: Fish Buffet

GGPoker Fish Buffet Rewards Spin
Fish Buffet Rewards Spin

All players who register at GGPoker are automatically registered for the GGPoker VIP program. This has the inimitable name “Fish Buffet” and offers cash in exchange for tournament fees or cash game rake. For every cent of rake or tournament fee paid, you will receive one Fish Buffet point (short: FP). There are 25 different loyalty levels

The lowest level is called plankton. If you earn 500 FPs (i.e. pay $5 in rake) you will be paid back between $0.50 and $1.50. The exact amount is randomly determined using a wheel of fortune. With higher VIP levels you are eligible to more rewards.

The highest level is called Black Shark. To reach this level, you have to earn 100,000 FPs in 30 days (which is equal to $1,000 rake). The reward here ranges from $100 to $1,000.

Number of Players in the GGPoker Network

GGPoker is one of the largest poker providers on the market. Only PokerStars and the Asian competitor IDNPoker have more players. There are more than 1,000 real money players online at any time at the cash game tables and up to 10,000 players can be online at peak times. Peak times are afternoon and evenings (UTC).

GGPoker Omaha Table
Omaha Table

GGPoker Software (Latest Update: 2024)

GGPoker runs with Software developed by NSUS Ltd. The software is popular with among online poker players worldwide and is used by several skins on the network. It takes just a few minutes to download the software, and there are many ways to customize it to your liking. The GGPoker lobby is divided into different areas. You can easily access them at the top of the screen.

Home area

All current promotions, tournaments and special features are displayed here. You’ll also find the daily tournaments schedule in the Tournaments tab.

Hold'em area

The Hold’em area offers numerous Texas Hold’m tables. There is no buy-in limit, which means the games can be played at very high stakes. GGPoker offers 6-max and 9-max tables. You won’t have any problem finding tables at the low and medium stakes.

PLO area

GGPoker is ramping up their Omaha offering, even featuring an Omaha series and Omaha champions as featured pros. You can find microstakes as low as $0.01/$0.02 up to $10/$20 with $200 buy-=in.

Spin & Gold Area

The Gold Challenge can offer up to 80% cashback and the SnG games range from low stakes $0.25-$3, to medium stakes $5-$20 to high stakes $50-$200. All S&G games are offered with or without insurance before each spin of the multiplier wheel that determines winnings you’re playing for.

Rush Area

Rush & Cash is the fast fold version of Hold’em poker at GGPoker. The game is similar to normal cash game, but you do not have to wait after you folded a hand, but are seated at a new table with a new hand immediately.

All-in or Fold

cash games in Omaha and Hold’em, with a daily $50,000 leaderboard race. Buy-ins range from $1 to $160 with some high roller feature tables of $1K buy-ins.

Short deck

Traffic isn’t exactly soaring here in the 6+ Hold’em area but you can still find a couple of hundred players even at off-peak hours. There’s also $5K daily leaderboards.

Flip & Go area

You choose your stakes and number of stacks (up to 10), then flip to get in the money. Once there, play actually begins, so you skip the boring grind if you’re not up to that.

Poker Games at GGPoker

GGPoker focuses on the most popular poker variants: Hold'em and Omaha cash games and tournaments. The number of variants is limited, but there are different peculiarities at different tables of the same game. For example, there are tables where you can bring a straddle from any position before the flop. There are tables where each all-in is automatically dealt three times and there are tables where you can show your hand during the game. Rabbit hunting (revealing the turn and river after all players have passed) is also possible.

Cash Games

Cash games are available in large quantities at GGPoker with a sufficient number of players. Regardless of the time of day or even during night, you will always find some players to compete against. The most popular tables are of course the Hold'em tables. The stakes start at $0.05 / $0.10 and increase up to $100 / $200. However, the action on the very high limits is sparse. The minimum buy-in at the lowest limits is only $1 and you can sit down with as much as you want. No cap. The Omaha games at GGPoker also have blinds ranging from $0.05 / $0.10 up to $100 / $200 and the minimum buy-in is $1 at the lowest limit.


Tournaments at GGPoker run around the clock and the network guarantees a minimum of $100,000 each day in various tournaments. On Sundays all guarantees are doubled (along with the buy-in). A deal is possible in all tournaments as soon as you have reached the final table. The largest and most important tournament at GGPoker is currently the GG Masters, which starts every Sunday at 4 p.m. (UTC). This tournament costs $150, has a $300,000 guarantee, and is a pure freeze-out with no re-buys or re-entries.

Daily Signature Tournaments:

  1. Daily Guarantees
  2. Bounty Hunters (Progressive Bounty)
  3. Chinese Zodiac
  4. Omaholic
  5. T$ Builder
  6. High Rollers
  7. Turbo
  8. Satellites
  9. N-stack (coming soon)
  10. Beat the Pros (Saturdays) - knock out a pro to enter a $5K Freeroll


Players with limited time can take part in GGPoker's All-in-or-fold games. When you sign up for an All-in-or-fold game, you sit down with 8 big blinds. The games are available in Hold'em and Omaha versions. You can only choose whether you want to go all-in or fold. To make the game even more exciting, there is also a jackpot. It is worth is up to 800 Big Blinds and will be paid, when you make a Straight Flush (or a Royal Flush in Omaha). Apart from that GGPoker also provides fast fold poker, 6+ Hold'em and Sit & Gos.

GGPoker All-In-or-Fold
All-In-or-Fold Game

Flip & Go Tournaments

NEW since Jan 2021. The latest Flip & Go Tournaments at GGPoker propel you to the hottest part of the tournament action – playing in the money! You get to skip the boring grind where you’re just folding a lot and trying to survive past the bubble. Instead you start by flipping and play regular Hold’em when you’re already in the money. Which would be around 40BB deep. This may be reminiscent of Full Tilt’s Flipouts back in the day. Except GG offers 30-second decision-making.

You start by choosing your stakes ($0.05, $0.5, $3 or $20) and choose to play with one up to 10 starting stacks. You then get three hole cards and choose one to burn off. The remaining two cards is the hand you’ll be flipping against everyone at your table. The survivor from each table is in the money and can now start to play regular Texas Hold’em against each other.

Rush & Cash

This is GGPoker's take on fast-fold Hold'em and Omaha poker - a cash game variant where you don't wait for hands after you fold. You click Rush and head to a new table and hand immediately. And to top it off there are random cash drop rewards of 10 to 600% rakeback or 10-600bb. As in the cash will literally rain on your table. Sometimes they drop into the pot to inflate it and create more action. Bigger drops drop straight into players' stacks. Rake for this game is capped at around 5%.

Spin & Gold

This is the signature version of a Sit & Go where you spin for your prize before the Sit & Go game. The prize goes up to 12,000x the buy-in and the game begins as soon as their are three players available to play at a table. These are a speedy version of the game and fantastic to play on your phone when you've only got a few minutes to spare. You also get to choose to lower risk and pay a bit extra for insurance in case you lose the Spin & Gold. You will earn a free game to recover your losses.

Unique GGPoker Features and Offerings


With PokerCraft you can take a look at your game history (timeline), check your winnings, losses, position statistics and much more. You can filter and analyzed your game as you replay it. Not to mention, you can keep notes and stats of other players, view your staking profile and adjust, staking stats and so on. You find this by clicking on your avatar in the home area and clicking PokerCraft at the bottom of the left-hand panel.

PokerCraft Hand Matrix

Smart HUD

Where you can see opponents stats such as the percentage of hands played, whether they're running hot or cold, their recent site winnings and more. You'll be able to access this by clicking on the player's avatar at the table or from the search. You will even be able to see a graph with percentages of how many final tables that player has reached, how often they cashed and so on. Whilst on the table, you will see a number next to each player's avatar, the lower the number, the less hand that player has played - example- 15 means 15% of hands, so that would be a tight player. If a player has a fire or ice cold image surrounding the number, you can tell if they've been running hot or cold.


This was introduced during the WSOP 2020 Summer event - allowing you to record a webcam video message up to 15 seconds long that you can review and share with your table. Adds a bit more interaction to online play, so you can share excitement after a win or a needle where necessary. You just click the SnapCam video icon when on the table (near the emojis/chatbox) and hit the green to record and when finished you can view the recording and press send to share with the table.

Integrated staking

GGPoker also offers an integrated Staking Function with which you can buy or sell poker shares in any tournament you play. All transactions are processed automatically at the end of a tournament. This way you can play tournaments for which the buy-in would be too high otherwise. Just choose the % of action you're selling plus the markup (example 2x). Or you can back a player who you really believe in and cash in some profits if they go deep. This will be available in the lobby of each tournament (on the left) under the Staking tab. This staking function will only become available once a tournament registration opens.

GGPoker Staking Section
Staking Section


Another new feature for the new year - launched in January 2021 where players get money back for bad beats. Like running Kings into Aces or losing with top set against a runner runner straight draw. You'll be able to see this in your PokerCraft timeline. When you lose with such a hand, you automatically get entered into a GGCare flipout event with a huge prize pool. $30,000 at the time of writing. But you don't have to do anything. You'll find the prizes in your account the next day if you win. #thanksGG.

Card Squeeze

You can squeeze your hole cards when you're dealt a hand and peel them up slowly as you would at a live table - but 3D-style. However, you need to act fast because you may time out and be forced to fold if you don't squeeze in time. You can also squeeze board cards - usually the river card hat can give you immense pleasure - or maximum tilt. We think it's the latter. Basically, the all-in player and occasionally the favorite gets the option to squeeze their turn or river card. You can turn off the hole card squeeze but unfortunately it seems there's no getting rid of the turn or river squeeze (for now). You can also turn Squeeze on/off globally within My Page > Settings > Squeeze. You'll find the Squeeze in almost every game except All-in or Fold.

All-in Insurance (Cash Games)

All-in insurance comes in handy during cash games when a flip isn't going your way. In other word, you get paid even when you lose. The catch is that it comes into play if you are the favorite to win the hand versus just one player. But also you need to have 10x the BB at stake, < 14 outs, and the odds of your hand losing is > 2. So your loss would technically be a bad beat. You get the choice to buy the all-in insurance for the chips you put into the pot when you went all-in. And it's insurance for the next cards you're going to be dealt. So if you're all-in pre-flop, you get insurance for the flop and turn. Or if you go all-in on the flop, the insurance applies for the turn. And if you're all-in on the turn, the insurance applies for the river card.

Bubble Protection (Tournaments)

If you sign up for a tournament before it begins, you qualify for Bubble Protection. This means that if you bust out on the bubble, you get your buy-in returned to you in Tournament Dollars (T$) right away. So you don't suffer any losses. We've seen this available in most of GGPoker's tournaments. Unless you're staking somebody in poker or playing a satellite - then it doesn't apply. You'll see an early beard symbol on the Register button so you won't need to do anything. You'll qualify for this even if you happen to re-enter that particular tournament.

Final Table Features

  • Choose Seats in order of who has the biggest stack size
  • Deal Making - you can make a deal from the right hand corner button or accept a deal if it's made by accepting the popup. All players must agree and prizes will be according to ICM method.
  • Chess Clock - A more dynamic game pace with a set time limit
GGPoker Final Table Features

GGPoker Mobile App

Of course, there is also a mobile app for GGPoker. The app has a very simple interface and the game flow is clear and comfortable. Thanks to a well implemented multi-table feature, players can play at up to four tables simultaneously. You don't even have to turn the phone sideways to play the games. The GGPoker Mobile App is available for the most common operating systems and mobile devices such as iOS and Android.

How to install the GGPoker app

PlayStore and AppStore has blocked all casino- or real money poker apps for legal reasons. To install the app you have to download it from the GGPoker homepage. For this to work you have to tell your system that GGPoker is a trustworthy site and explicitly allow the installation of the software.
This works as follows:


  • Go to Settings and allow installing software from “Unknown Sources”.
  • Click Install on the GGPoker home page.
  • iOS

  • Go to Settings -> General.
  • Select device management.
  • Select ” NSUS Ltd.” and then “Trust NSUS Ltd.”
  • Click Install on the GGPoker home page.
  • GGPoker Withdrawal / Deposit Options

    The exact GGPoker withdrawal and deposit options depend on where you live. But all common payment options are supported - including Bitcoin. The Cashier in the software is easy and walks you through every deposit/withdrawal step. You can also increase / decrease your deposit / withdrawal limits by confirming your account and email, then sending a support inquiry.

    GGPoker Deposits

    Credit cards such as Visa, Mastercard and e- wallets such as Skrill and Neteller and Bitcoin are available for deposits anywhere. GGPoker doesn't charge deposit fees and processes most deposits immediately. Deposits via Bitcoin can take up to 30 minutes. And the minimum deposit amount is $10.

    GGPoker Withdrawals

    Withdrawals from GGPoker are also possible via credit card, e- wallets and Bitcoin. But for withdrawals, GGPoker adds a fee of $1. Depending on your payment method, the processing time can vary between a few minutes and several days. You can withdraw up to $15,000 - but in case of big wins, you can increase this via support.

    GGPoker Support

    • General support: [email protected]
    • Payment Questions: [email protected]
    • Live chat: on the homepage
    • Help area: on the homepage is also very extensive. General questions are answered in great detail.
    Our GGPoker Rating
    GGPoker is definitely not boring. There are so many different formats, features and options that you will discover new aspects for a long time. GGPoker is a good deal more expensive (more rake) than other providers (especially PartyPoker.) And therefore not necessarily the right place if you want to play professionally. However, if you play poker primarily for fun, you will be very satisfied with GGPoker. The games are comparatively easy to beat, the tournaments offer substantial guarantees and the promotions are worthwhile. All in all, we can fully recommend GGPoker.
    Vist GGPoker

    GGPoker FAQs

    • What is GGPoker?

      GGPoker is one of the most popular and largest poker sites today for recreational players and pros around the world. Originally the flagship of the “Good Game Network” (GG Network) which started in 2014. GGPoker stands out because of unique features like Pokercraft analysis and staking.
    • Is GGPoker legit?

      GGPoker is legal as it holds a Curacao Gambling license. All games use a Random Number Generator and are tested by BMM. Furthermore they have a strong payment and privacy policy, using only the best, verified payment methods and data encryption. Their credibility is further enhanced because of their strict house rules. These outline responsible gaming and anti-money laundering measures, playing rules, rake and fees, table etiquette, and more.
    • Can you play GGPoker in the US, UK, and Canada?

      Players in Europe, including the UK, and Canada can easily register on GGPoker. However, there are a few restricted countries on the list because of jurisdiction issues and the US is one of them.
    • What bonuses are available at GGPoker?

      Aside from the welcome bonus, GGPoker also has a signature newcomer bonus and bubble protection ‘refund’. Their loyalty program - Fish Buffet gives cashback on your gameplay according to your level ranging from plankton to Black Shark. There are also big hand jackpots and limited time offers like special GGSeries, daily cash rewards, challenges, freerolls and more.
    • Where can I play if I'm from the US?

      GGPoker doesn't currently hold a US license. You can check out our recommended US Card Rooms or the jusirdiction details and card rooms in your state:

      - New Jersey
      - Pennsylvania