Dylan Linde Spent Entire Bankroll to Help His Mother

Dylan Linde Spent Entire Bankroll to Help His Mother

How much support could you give your parents as a poker player? In truth, while most of us try to do our best, only a few have enough money and time for grand gestures. One of these few is high roller Dylan Linde who recently shared his story on the Table 1 Podcast.

Who Is Dylan Linde?

American Dylan Linde is a renowned professional poker player who has won more than $7.6M in live MTTs. He's also an author of the poker book “Mastering Mixed Games: Winning Strategies for Draw, Stud and Flop Games” published in 2019. Moreover, he's also acquired a WSOP bracelet for his victory in the $1,5K PLO Hi/Lo / Limit Omaha Hi/Lo / Big - Mixed Games in 2021. 

Dylan Linde WSOP Bracelet

Dylan has been playing poker since the early 2000’s. He started as a university student but after tasting some poker action suddenly realized that he wanted to be a poker pro. So after seven years of studying, he sacrificed his uncertain academic future to the game. And he didn’t miss.

As of April 2024, The Hendon Mob describes Dylan as a number one player in his home state Idaho having 294s ITM in live poker events with 10 victories among them. 

Dylan Linde WPT Championship
WPT Five Diamond World Poker Classic 2018

Top 3 Biggest Wins in Live Tournaments

$10,4K Main Event of WPT Five Diamond World Poker Classic 2018$1,631,468
$10,1K High Roller of WPT World Championship at Wynn Las Vegas 2022$434,304
$1,675 Main Event of WSOP-C Hammond 2016$348,260

How Dylan Linde Literally Saved His Mom

Dylan Linde: Main Event of WSOPC Hammond 2016
WSOPC Hammond 2016

When the bank crises struck the USA in 2008, Dylan’s family faced unexpected problems. At this point, Dylan already had enough money to “gamble on his own”. His mother was successful as well — she owned car dealerships across Idaho.

Still, the financial crisis caught them off guard: the dealerships went bankrupt with approximately $2 million in debt. It was then that Dylan decided to help as best as he could — and used all his money to do so. As he tells the Table 1 Podcast’s hosts:

"My mom had personally guaranteed all of her stuff for her business, so they were going to take her house away. So I gave her basically my entire bankroll to stop that and I was basically down to zero again".

Ultimately, the decision came easily to Dylan because of his immense love for his mom. Luckily, his “poker from zero” period didn’t last long: he was lucky enough to get backed by Chris Moormon, and returned to the grind. Moorman’s backing gave Dylan an opportunity to play his first WPT ever — which turned out to be unforgettable:

"I sat down at my table at LAPC, and Mike Matusow is on my right. I'm like: “Oh my God, Mike Matusow! This is incredible!”. And then an hour in, Phil Helmuth sits two to my left, and I'm just like: “This is the best thing that's ever happened to me!".

So I end up busting Mike and he gave me a copy of his book — I still have it in my house — it says: “Dylan go f*ck yourself. Mike.”.  I am friendly with Mike now — it's like he has no recollection about this whatsoever. But I cherish that book."

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