WPT Global Elevates Player Experience With April Promotion: Rake-Free Tournaments

WPT Global Elevates Player Experience With April Promotion: Rake-Free Tournaments

In a bold move set to redefine the landscape of online poker, WPT Global has announced an incredible promotion for the month of April: rake-free tournaments. This groundbreaking initiative marks a significant departure from conventional online poker practices, placing WPT Global firmly at the forefront of putting poker players at the highest rank.

The essence of poker tournaments lies not only in the thrill of competition but also in the pursuit of value, as a result of game selection. Recognizing such fundamental principles in online poker might seem an easy catch, but WPT Global has abolished rake fees for all tournaments conducted throughout April, giving a chance of incredible value for players worldwide. 

More Rake Is Better? 

For those unfamiliar with the term ‘rake’; It is a sort of tax which gets deducted from every single entry in a tournament, or any chip being flicked into the middle of a cash game. With the generated rake, online operators such as WPT Global facilitate its operations and generate revenue. Just imagine your own country giving all people a tax-free month, would you then still be travelling abroad?

WPT Global Rake

Rake is one of the key elements of poker, as it makes the world go round for the entire poker industry. Courses such as Raise Your Edge, Upswing Poker, or PokerCode, all have in their key facts written that game selection is extremely important. Not only for regulars in the online circuit, but same counts for recreational players. When Alex Scott got named as new President of WPT Global, he promised that WPT Global would set sail towards the higher ranks, and this surely will help them in the right direction. 

Changing the Eco-System of Online Poker

The implications of this move are nothing short of revolutionary, not many big operators have come up with such great value spot for online poker players. Every single dollar that is being paid to enter a tournament, will straight end up in the prize pool. Not with every tournament however, because WPT Global has given transparency as per usual, and explained that some tournaments are not included in the rake free promotion. 

It's important to note that while the vast majority of tournaments will be rake-free during April, WPT Global has provided clarity regarding exceptions. Certain tournaments, such as qualifiers for live events, online Day 1s, and selected tournaments organized by WPT Global affiliates, may still incur rake fees. However, such instances will be clearly indicated in the tournament lobbies, ensuring once again, full transparency for players.

WPT Global Warm Up Festival

WPT Global's promotion isn't just about money; it's about being fair and welcoming to everyone who loves playing poker online. They're changing the game by getting rid of the fee they usually take from players' buy-ins. This means players get to keep all of their money to compete for prizes. This move is a big deal because it makes the whole experience better for players, whether they've been playing for years or are just starting out. Now, when you join a tournament, every dollar you put in goes directly toward the prizes. This gives players more reasons to play, push themselves, and hopefully win big.

What does a player want more? Would be a great question to ask. Well, there's a big event called the WPT Global Warm Up festival happening from April 19th to 28th. With no fees, players are even more excited to join in, making the event even more thrilling and successful. It's like taking the excitement of poker to a whole new level!

PokerListings Explains

The conclusion of this all is very easy to formulate, WPT Global’s decision to extend their rake-free promotion (In March they handed out insane amounts of money in freerolls), is truly a great gesture and it represents a watershed moment in the right direction of the evolution of online poker.

WPT Global Invite a Friend Promotion

Prioritizing the interests of its player community and redefining the meaning of value creation. It cannot be called coincidence that WPT Global is currently in the top 3 of online poker operators worldwide. 

Creating an Account at WPT Global

If you haven’t created an account just yet, have a look at the welcome bonus and other bonuses which are being followed up by the already epic bonus to welcome you as a player: 

New Players Only - 1st Deposit (Min. $20)

  • 2 x $5 WPT Global Spins Tickets
  • 2 x $5 WPT Passport Satellite Tickets
  • 100% Deposit match up to $1,200

New and Existing Players - 2nd Deposit (Min. $20)

  • 1 x $10 WPT Global Spins Ticket
  • 2 x $5 WPT Passport Satellite Tickets

New and Existing Players - Deposit of $300+

  • All of the above rewards (Accept Match Bonus which is only for New Players)
  • $110 Sunday Slam Ticket
  • 2 x $10 WPT Global Spins Tickets

New and Existing Players - Deposit of $1,200+

  • All of the above rewards (Accept Match Bonus which is only for New Players)
  • $110 Sunday Slam Ticket
  • 2 x $50 WPT Global Spins Tickets
  • 1x $25 WPT Global Spins Ticket

These deposit-based rewards cater to both new and existing players, offering enticing bonuses tailored to different deposit amounts. Whether you’re just a new joiner, or already part of the big WPT Global community, these are exciting moments awaiting you to claim. Tell us where you will find a better poker promotion? It’s the real deal!

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