Poker stars shine on new Internet TV channel

Joe Sebok

An Internet TV channel called launched this week that will be dedicated to covering the Las Vegas scene and lifestyle. Several of the debuting shows will feature familiar faces from the poker world.

Some of the pros who will be featured in shows are Daniel Negreanu, Erick Lindgren, Gavin Smith, Joe Sebok and Michael "The Grinder" Mizrachi.

Steve Preiss, president, said Las Vegas is home to many big poker names like those, who are also some of the city's most visible and entertaining personalities.

"It's only natural that an Internet television channel covering the Las Vegas scene would make them a big part of its programming," he said.

One of the programs featuring pro poker players will be the reality show "Prop Bets," staring Sebok and Smith. The show will follow the two around Las Vegas as they challenge each other to all sorts of prop bets.

"Gavin and Joe are two of the most creative prop bettors out there and are pretty much game for anything," Preiss said.

An example of their wacky bets include a prop bet between the two last summer that resulted in Sebok dressing in various costumes during the World Series of Poker. On Day 1 of the Main Event, he showed up dressed as a bear in diapers.

"They're also two of the funniest guys on the circuit, so we'll keep the cameras rolling as they make ridiculous wagers involving lots of cash and outrageous dares," Preiss said.

On "Raw Reality," poker fans will also get to see the away-from-the-table lives of some of their favorite players. Negreanu, Lindgren and Mizrachi have all done short-form video blogs and Webisodes for the reality show.

"Our 'Raw Reality' series will give poker pros a chance to show people what life is really like as a poker playing living in Las Vegas as well as let them rant on whatever issues they want in a completely raw and uncensored manner," Preiss said.

Over the next few months will continue to roll out other programs as it features 24-hour on-demand programming to expose all sides of the Las Vegas nightlife, gaming, entertainment and more.

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