PartyPoker offers Paris Hilton a new Bentley

Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton just can't keep her Bentleys on the road. Now PartyPoker aims to give the heiress a hand.

Hilton's new blue Bentley Continental GTC convertible was reportedly egged while the starlet played poker in a private game in the Hollywood Hills on Monday.

It's not the first time Hilton has run into Bentley trouble playing poker, reportedly having lost a Continental GT in a poker game in 2006.

After that incident, offered Hilton the opportunity to win her car back in a heads-up match with PartyPoker spokesman Mike Sexton.

While Hilton never took advantage of the offer, the company hopes this latest round of car trouble will entice the heiress to return to the tables.

"We challenge her to take us up on the offer," said a spokesman. "Three years is a long time in show business and we're sure she'd jump at it now."

Like the original offer, the terms of this latest challenge are simple: Beat Sexton in a No Limit Hold'em heads-up grudge match and the poker room will replace her car.

Given that a brand-new Continental GTC lists for just under $200,000, it might be an offer worth considering for the 28-year-old socialite - provided she's got the poker chops to hang with Sexton.

"Fortune may be on her side in many ways, but when it comes to Bentleys it certainly doesn't seem to be the case," said. "We're confident Mike Sexton would win."

The last time Hilton and Sexton crossed paths at the poker table was the 2007 Celebrity Invitational in Los Angeles, when Sexton found himself dumping chips to Hilton just to keep her in the game.

The heiress is not likely to benefit from such charity this time around.

Keep an eye on to find out if Hilton takes Sexton up on this challenge.

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