'Lol donkaments' still paying out for the kids

Barry Greenstein

It's $37,000 and counting for Children Inc., and all thanks to benevolent genius Barry Greenstein and a merry band of poker players.

Greenstein - the "Robin Hood of Poker," as he is known - is a well-documented donator to charity, continually forking over his not-unsubstantial tournament winnings to those less fortunate.

A bet in an online forum has got the rest of the poker community in the giving mood with him, and the beneficiary is Children Inc., a Richmond, Va., based charity that helps support needy children around the world.

It started with a challenge: Use the expression "lol donkaments" (laughing out loud, of course, and the combination of "donkey" and "tournaments" used to make fun of bad poker players) at a televised poker tournament, on air.

Greenstein said he'd be happy to - if poker players ponied up for the kids charity.

After taking a hand from Erick Lindgren on High Stakes Poker, Greenstein laughingly coughed out the phrase and the money has been rolling in ever since.

"We continue to be amazed at the generosity of these folks," said Marian G. Cummins, president of Children Inc. in an article in the Richmond Times-Dispatch.

Over $20,000 came in the first week, the paper reported, with the tally up to more than $37,000 and still slowly rising.

The first $20,000, the Times-Dispatch reports, is set aside to help 60 children for a year and the rest, at the request of the poker players, will go to school playground equipment.

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