Ivey puts down $1m on Super Bowl bet

Phil Ivey

It's no secret that one of the big games that people like to put money down on is the NFL's Super Bowl.

While most people are probably risking a few bucks, maybe a couple hundred, there are a rare few willing to stake some eye-popping amounts of money.

One of those people, it turns out, is Phil Ivey. During his weekly chat with Barry Greenstein on PokerRoadRadio, Ivey said he was calling from the floor of the Bellagio while he was waiting to find out if they would take his $1 million bet on the Super Bowl.

Ivey wasn't willing to divulge what side that money was going down on though. In the conversation Greenstein alluded to some inside knowledge Ivey might have on the teams, but neither of them said what team that could lead to a bet on.

"People are always complaining that Bellagio won't take a couple of grand on a game," said ActionFreak in a 2+2 thread on Ivey's bet, which explains why Ivey was waiting to find out from Bellagio officials if they'd take his bet.

According to Ivey's conversation with Greenstein, the Bellagio must have liked the action they were getting, because they were going let him place the bet.

This isn't the first time Ivey has shown he likes some action to keep things exciting. The poker pro plays at some of the highest stakes on Full Tilt Poker, and recently he accepted Tom "durrrr" Dwan's million-dollar challenge as well.

He's also been known to do a little wagering on his golf games as well.

Not that he's any different from many of the pro poker players out there. Players are often making all sorts of bets with one another, whether on pro sports, games they're playing in themselves or prop bets.

Almost nothing is off-limits when it comes to pro players amusing themselves with side action - just ask Doyle Brunson, who recently decided to gamble against death.


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