Gus Hansen will play Asian Poker Tour in Singapore

Gustav Hansen

Betfair Poker announced this week that Gus Hansen will be playing in the Betfair Asian Poker Tour's inaugural event in Singapore Nov. 12-17. He will represent Full Tilt Poker during the $5,000 buy-in main event.

"The Betfair Asian Poker Tour is Asia's first major poker tournament, so I am very excited to be going," said Gus Hansen. "I look forward to taking on some of Asia's best players, who I know to be challenging opponents because they're so aggressive, rather like me."

The prize pool for the Singapore event is expected to exceed $1 million, and will attract pros from around the world who will join Hansen and the other Ben Grundy, Thomas Bihl, and Bengt Sonnert, in the tournament.

The pros will also face some of Asia's finest players including Singapore-born Willie Tan who was Europe's number one player in 2004.

The Betfair Asian Poker Tour is also unique because poker has traditionally been illegal in Singapore. Betfair Poker partnered with local company Capital Events to get special permission from the Singapore government to host the poker tournament.

"This event is proof that poker is becoming truly international and is here to stay," Hansen said.

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