WSOP Rant: If You’re Not Getting Healthier, You’re Getting Left Behind

Andrew Lichtenberger
Andrew "luckychewy" Lichtenberger.

What do Andrew Lichtenberger and Bryn Kenney have in common?

Both players have just cashed at the (very) deep end of a World Series of Poker (WSOP) event for a combined $400k+.

Big deal you might say.

But there is much, much more to it than that.

Be Lean, Keep Keen

Both Lichtenberger and Kenney made the grade after months of rigorous dedication towards what they put into and how they care for their bodies. Dedication that has resulted in a more focused mindset.

Scott Seiver2013 WSOP EuropeEV0725K NLH High RollerFinal TableGiron8JG3302
Seiver: “The game is tough, and the elite players are getting more elite, so you have to find your edge."

Being lean is the new way for poker players to keep keen. With edges at the top level of the game now razor thin the players who will create greater legacies are those that spend more time working on their mental game.

During a recent interview I did with Scott Seiver I asked him how players gained an edge when there's a hairs-breadth between technical abilities.

“The game is tough, and the elite players are getting more elite, so you have to find your edge.

"The people who aren’t trying to be healthy, calm, focused and work outside of the table are being left behind.

"So it’s a natural process as the game gets tougher the best players are going to have to do more work to stay the best.”

Eating Better, Exercising More

0191 Bryn Kenney
More lean, more green for Kenney.

So what are the likes of Seiver, Lichtenberger and Kenney doing off the table?

During a recent interview with Lichtenberger he told me that he had turned to raw food to provide him with the natural energy he needed to stay focused.

He had created new friendships and cultivated a deeper spiritual awareness in his meditation and yoga practices.

Kenney started working out more and has stopped eating the crap that once saw him pile on the pounds. The bad-boy rapper is looking as lean as he has ever been.

Two other professional players who have seen tournament success follow their changes away from the table are Ryan D’Angelo and Ronit Chamani.

The two lovebirds have created their own YouTube Channel called TwoPears and are planning to provide fresh raw food and juices at the 2015 WSOP.

Chamani is a fully trained raw food chef and both players have had some wonderful scores since rediscovering their natural energy levels through their use of raw food, meditation, yoga and exercise.

RunItOnce coach Dylan Linde has started the 2014 WSOP like a house on fire with a 24th-, 11th- and 9th-place finish.

Speaking to him I'm not surprised to hear that he is eating better and exercising more, and you can see it in his physique.

Jason Koon turned Chris Moorman from a podgy man to a $10m dollar man, and Koon's own rigorous exercise program and great mental attitude has helped him climb the ranks of poker's elite right to the top.

And Then There's Daniel Negreanu

Last, but certainly not least, is Daniel Negreanu.

And then there's Daniel Negreanu.

Kid Poker turned back the clock in 2013 to finish the year with his second career WSOP Player of the Year award - the first poker player ever to win twice.

Already a dedicated vegan, when interviewed about he resurgence he told the world that his success was 100% down to his involvement in the "self-improvement" based Choice Center in Las Vegas.

The world is changing Ladies and Gentlemen. It’s no a longer a question of RunItOnce or IveyLeague video training.

It’s a question of diet coke or raw juice? Burger or veggies? Sitting on your arse or exercising? Worrying about your results or meditating?

It’s time to stop following the Joneses and start following the Lichtenbergers, Kenneys and Chamanis.

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kyle 2014-06-14 15:32:09

plenty of chubbies still winning bracelets tho

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