WSOP 3-Bet: Hellmuth Slayers, Bellande Slim-Fast, Brenes 4 for 4

Forrest just one of nine Hellmuth thwarters.

The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet is a shake for breakfast, a shake for lunch and a sensible afternoon poker news dinner.

Looking for the latest news and gossip pouring out of the doors at the 2014 WSOP at the Rio in Las Vegas? Here's where you'll find it.

Today in the 3-Bet we find a full table of Hellmuth slayers that have kept him from an even bigger lead in the WSOP bracelet race, Jean-Robert Bellande gets an offer he can't refuse to lose his food baby and Humberto Brenes quietly crushes the early days of the summer.

1) In a World Where Phil Has 23 Bracelets ...

Phil Hellmuth
Nine runner-ups you say? I smell a hat opportunity ...

Can you imagine a world where Phil Hellmuth has 23 World Series of Poker bracelets?

Go on, try it. Close your eyes. Picture Phil at the podium, naming the third cousin in Iowa he's giving his latest bracelet to...

Poker pro Ted Forrest might have picked up a few more fans this morning after he edged out Hellmuth last night in Event #7, $1,500 Razz, to keep Phil from claiming his record 14th WSOP bracelet.

But Forrest isn't the only player who has stared into the abyss of another Hellmuth triumph and chopped off Phil's bracelet hand at the wrist.

Hellmuth has finished runner-up at the WSOP an astonishing 10 times (three in 2011 alone), meaning the Hellmuth haters now have a full table of deniers they can put on their Christmas card list.

In our minds the  runner-ups (and two 3rds btw, among his 50 final tables) only cement Phil's legacy as the greatest WSOP tourney crusher ever. But still the haters hate. The kingslayers to date:

  • Ted Forrest - $1,500 Seven Card Razz - 2014
  • Brian Rast - $50,000 Players Championship - 2011
  • Eric Rodawig - $10,000 Seven Card Stud Hi/Lo Championship - 2011
  • John Juanda - $10,000 No Limit Deuce To Seven Draw World Championship - 2011
  • Jeff Cabanillas - $5,000 No Limit Hold'em - 2006
  • Johnny Chan - $2,500 No Limit Hold'em Match Play - 2002
  • Scotty Nguyen - $5,000 Omaha Hi-Lo Split Eight or Better - 2001
  • Geroge Rodis - $1,500 No-Limit Hold'em - 1994
  • Billy Baxter - $5,000 No Limit Deuce to Seven Draw - 1993
  • Erik Seidel - $2,500 Limit Hold'em - 1992

2) Jean-Robert Bellande Just Finds Ways to Make Money

How does he do it? We have no idea. But Jean-Robert Bellande might be the best in the world at turning his life fumbles into big cash:

The original bet was apparently $100k for losing 40lbs but Bellande weighed in at 287 instead of 280, forcing the bettor (as yet unnamed) to reconsider.

Man. How much do we love JRB? So much. Much like Sevag Mekari:

3) Humberto Brenes Starts 2014 WSOP 4 for 4

Humberto Brenes
The Shark keeps feeding at WSOP.

While much of the to-do at the 2014 WSOP so far has been around Vanessa Selbst's dismantling of the $25k Mix Max and Hellmuth's runner-up, another big name in poker has been silently making the WSOP his domain again.

Costa Rican Humberto "The Shark" Brenes, as Nolan Dalla kindly pointed out in his blog today, has started the summer cashing four of four events so far.

No huge cashes, sure. But four cashes in four events in six days is impressive any way you cut it. As Dalla says it's just another reminder Brenes should be a lock for the Poker Hall of Fame one day:

"Humberto Brenes continues to play great poker. He’s been one of the game’s premier international ambassadors for many years.

"He rightly deserves serious consideration for a place in the Poker Hall of Fame. Brenes was nominated into the top ten last year, but just missed the cut.

"I hope Brenes eventually makes the Poker Hall of Fame. I think he deserves it based on his accomplishments and all he’s done for the game in his native country, and beyond.

"He’s also a lot of fun, both at and away from the table."

Read Dalla's full post here. Follow Brenes' exploits over the summer on our 2014 WSOP page.

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