WSOP 3-Bet: Gorodinsky Climbs POY, Poker Proposal, Safecracker

Mike Gorodinsky
Mike Gorodinsky so hot right now.

The PokerListings Daily WSOP 3-Bet is like three tiny but resilient remoras who have attached themselves firmly to the giant mid-afternoon poker news shark.

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In today’s WSOP 3-Bet we’ll take a look at Mike Gorodinsky making his case for POY, a wedding proposal at the poker table and an unfortunate hotel-room incident.

1) WSOP POY Update: Gorodinsky Soars

James Obst
James Obst moved up 41(!) spots.

With 33 events in the bag it’s now as good a time as any to check in on the WSOP Player of the Year race.

According to the GPI, Paul Volpe still leads with 1,258 points this summer but the big mover as of last night was Mike Gorodinsky who finished third in the $5k NLHE 6-Max event that Jason Mercier went on to win.

Gorodinsky is now up to 1,240 points, which puts him back just 18 points of Volpe’s lead. He moved up an impressive nine spots this week.

For those keeping track at home Gorodinsky already finished runner-up to Phil Hellmuth in the $10k Razz and then ninth in the $10k Stud for a total of nearly $500k in winnings this summer.

Other big movers this week included Greece’s Georgios Sotiropoulos who moved up 15 spots and Australia’s James Obst who moved up an incredible 41 places.

Here’s a look at the GPI’s top 10 for the summer thus far:

1. Paul Volpe - 1,258 points
2. Mike Gorodinsky - 1,240 points
3. Shaun Deeb - 1,049 points
4. Brian Hastings - 1,013 points
5. Ronald Lee - 960 points
6. Georgios Sotiropoulos - 951 points
7. Ismael Bojang - 938 points
8. James Obst - 929 points
9. Eric Wasserson - 928 points
10. Greg Merson - 911 points

2) Toledo Busts from Monster Stack, Proposes to Girlfriend

Brazilian Caio Toledo didn’t win the Monster Stack last night but instead got something much better.

Brazilian rail
It's just more fun with Brazil.

After busting in eighth place Toledo immediately proposed to his girlfriend who was in the audience cheering him on.

She said yes and that eighth place finish for Toledo was likely a distant memory as the pair headed off into the night to celebrate.

It’s the first time a marriage proposal has ever taken place at the WSOP to the best of our knowledge.

It was a night of firsts all around as Toledo and eventual seventh-place finisher Fernando Konishi were the first two Brazilians to make the same final table at the WSOP.

Win or lose, Brazilians certainly know how to liven up a final table whether it’s the exuberant fans, passionate play or marriage proposals.

Check out this awesome photo of the proposal by the guys at Pokerdoc:

3) Poker Pro Leaves Stranger in Hotel Room, Gets Robbed

Bracelet Cash2013 WSOP EuropeEV0725K NLH High RollerFinal TableGiron8JG3692
Don't leave cash with strangers.

Let this be a lesson to everyone: Don’t let a stranger into your hotel room and then leave.

According to a new post on TwoPlusTwo poker forum an unidentified poker pro was leaving the Rio and found out his in-room safe had been emptied of the $15,000 he was storing in it.

How did that happen? His roommate left a “sketchy” friend in the room alone.

The sketchy person allegedly called the front desk and got them to open the safe for him.

While it’s a little scary he managed to convince the front desk that he was one of the occupants without showing ID there is a very easy way to avoid this “scam”: Don’t leave strangers in your room.

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