WSOP 2011 International Best Bets: Denmark

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Every year we get ready for the World Series of Poker by introducing you to our top picks for players to watch in Las Vegas.

This year we’ve drawn on our vast network of international poker writers to give us a few inside picks from countries around the world.

Today: Denmark!

The number one pick for a WSOP Main Event winner from Denmark would be former World Champion Peter Eastgate.

There's just one problem: He might not play.

”The way it looks now," Eastgate told PokerListings, "I am probably not playing the WSOP Main Event.”

Luckily there are plenty of other excellent Danish players to pick up after Eastgate.

In 2010 two Danish players went very deep in the Main Event.

Most of the focus was on Theo ”The Silverfox” Jørgensen, who had the chiplead for a long stretch only to bust before it got really exciting.

Mads Wissing actually ended up the top Danish finisher last year, his run ending late on Day 8 when he got sucked out on by Michael Mizrachi to finish in 25th place.

So which Danish players have what it takes to make a deep run in the 2011 WSOP Main Event?

Here are our picks:

Mickey Petersen.

Mickey ’mement_mori’ Petersen

Mickey Petersen is considered to be the best online tournament player in Denmark.

Actually, he's also considered to be one of the best online tournament players in the world. He plays a ton of tournaments every day and has more than $4 million in online tournament winnings.

Now it's time for him to prove himself live as well. This year will be his first at the WSOP and he has high expectations - although of course he's aware variance is a big factor.

”The variance in tours is so big and the fields at the WSOP are huge which means there is no reason to put up your expectations too much,” Mickey told PokerListings.

”This is my first time in the US and I can´t wait to experience the culture,” he said. “And of course meet all my American friends and play a lot of poker.”

The question is if Mickey can adapt to the slow-paced live game considering that he can easily multi-table 40 online poker tournaments at a time online.

Mickey has the recipe for success all lined up however:

“Patience, patience and more patience.”

Petersen is already leaving for Vegas so he can be there for the first events - meaning he'll most likely be the Danish player that plays the most tournaments during the 2011 WSOP as well.

Pink unicorn
Rasmus Sibast, in pink unicorn form.

Rasmus Sibast

We've decided to put our money on some of the hottest online tournament players to have a good run at the WSOP, and Rasmus Sibast is definitely one of the hot online tournament players at the moment.

He's a good friend of Petersen and the two of them discuss strategy and play together to get better.

Sibast is known online as ‘p1nkun1c0rn’ on Full Tilt Poker and ‘Bigoots’ on PokerStars.

He won the Sunday Million back in December and has earned around 1 million dollars since then online in tournaments.

Live on the other hand he is an absolute rookie and it will be interesting to see if he can transfer his online success to the real green felt.

 “I hope to do well in Vegas,” he told PokerListings. “I don´t have much live experience so I will try and adapt as well as I can and then time will show.”

Rasmus comes from the world of Magic the Gathering like many other young guns of poker. He dedicates his time to whatever fascinates him and that shows in his results.

No introduction needed.

Gus Hansen

No further introduction needed!

Gus Hansen is and will always be one of the best picks for a deep run at the WSOP Main Event.

He is the most exposed and well known Danish player. He is for sure the one player that truly started the Poker Boom in Denmark due to his amazing performances in WPT tournaments.

He has live tournament winnings of more than $9 million and he consistently proves that he is one of the best.

Until last year he didn´t have a WSOP bracelet but in London at WSOP Europe he finally got one when he won the Heads-up Event.

The only question mark with Gus is if he is even going to play. There might be some juicy backgammon game going on or some fish waiting to ship dollars to him online.

With Gus Hansen, you just never know.

Theo Jorgensen
Silver fox.

Theo Jørgensen

Theo is also one of the old school boys like Gus Hansen. They are friends and rivals and both play excellent poker.

Jørgensen has both a WPT title and a WSOP title to his name along with a lot of other great results. The problem is that Theo has no results whatsoever since the WSOP Main Event in 2010.

“I haven´t won a thing since the WSOP Main Event,” he said. “I don’t feel I have relaxed. Just think it has been evened out from all the coin flips I used to win. Now I lose all the ones that matter.”

Theo is only going to put his focus on the Main Event - exactly like last year, when he did really well.

“I am not playing all the preliminary events mainly because of the taxes,” Theo told PokerListings.

“I have only booked one week in Vegas and if I make it far in the Main Event I will just have to rebook the ticket.”

Lars Bonding
So hot online.

Lars Bønding

Lars Bønding is hot both live and online and is actually Jørgensen's top pick for WSOP success.

Unfortunately for Bønding, he's not so hot online lately since he now lives in Las Vegas and can't play any online poker due to Black Friday.

Not a good turn of events for Bønding since he has been extremely hot on PokerStars over the last year, nailing the Sunday Warm-up twice within a few months.

Very impressive. Now Bønding is considering moving back to Denmark after the WSOP, where he of course is going to play a lot.

What makes Bønding a good pick are his many impressive live results in Las Vegas, including three tournaments in the Venetian Deep Stack Extravaganza last year.

In March 2011 he also won the Wynn Classic for $84.000 and this week he won the Station Casino Final at Red Rock Casino Resort Spa for $58.000. will be in Las Vegas for the entire WSOP. Keep an eye on all the action on our WSOP 2011 Live Coverage page.

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