WPT POY Matt Salsberg Featured in New Short Poker Documentary

Matt Salsberg
Matt Salsberg hopes his WPT POY win will help push his new poker TV project forward.

The latest episode of PokerListings' short documentary series Easy Game features TV writer Matt Salsberg and his new Entourage-style poker television show Whales.

Best known for his writing and production on shows like Weeds and Entourage, Salsberg is still developing his new poker project which centers around life on the professional poker circuit.

Salsberg has been playing poker seriously for the last eight years but he hopes his win at WPT Paris, and his recent victory in the World Poker Tour Player of the Year race will entice networks to pick up the series.

“POY means a lot to me and I'm hoping it means a lot to a network interested in programming Whales,” Salsberg told PokerListings.com at the World Series of Poker in Las Vegas.

“I think it's a great marketing angle and gives the show immediate credibility and authenticity,” he continued.

Salsberg went on a huge heater this season on the World Poker Tour, starting with his half-million dollar win in France and continuing with four more top-ten finishes.

“It's a really cool story. It's not every day that a writer starts researching a subculture looking for characters and stories to write about and ends up becoming one of them,” said Salsberg.

New Episode Features Salsberg, Weeds Creator Jenji Kohan, Mike Sexton

As the World Poker Tour season was wrapping up PokerListings.com flew to Los Angeles to meet Matt Salsberg.

Over the course of the shoot we were able to meet his colleague and the creator of Weeds Jenji Kohan, as well as follow Salsberg to the LA Poker Classic and speak with WPT commentator Mike Sexton.

Check out the episode below and use the share button on the player to embed and share via social media.

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