Two more winners at WSOPC Caesars Indiana

Douglas (Rico) Carli
Doug "Rico" Carli nearly took down WSOPC Event 8.

The WSOPC Caesars Indiana continues to play out, and two more winners have grabbed a piece of World Series glory.

Kevin Davis, a plumbing shop owner from Shepherdsville, Kentucky and Michael Cordell, a professional poker player from Little Rock, Arkansas, proved their poker chops by winning Event 7 and Event 8 of the WSOPC Caesars Indiana.

Event 7, $300+$40 No-Limit Hold'em

Event 7 of the WSOPC Caesars Indiana saw 304 runners come out to play looking to cash in on the $83,314 prize pool.

In the end no one was better than Kevin Davis, who proved unstoppable at the final table. The family man beat Joseph Pietro in heads-up play to take down the $25,827 prize.

Davis credited Mark "Pegasus" Smith with giving him advice to win the event. Davis played in the first event of the WSOPC Caesars Indiana with Smith and after Davis was eliminated, "Pegasus" shared some valuable insight on his play.

Smith told Davis to stay away from the big stacks when they are on a roll and that's just what happened at the Event 7 final table when Robert Spicuzza went on an incredible rush, knocking out three players in a few hands. Davis managed to stay out of the way and in the end he got the better of Spicuzza, busting him third.

Here's a look at the complete final-table payout:

Player: Prize:
1. Kevin Davis $25,827
2. Joseph Pietro $13,330
3. Robert Spicuzza $6,665
4. Robert Miller $5,832
5. Sharon Bonds $4,999
6. Cary Aronson $4,166
7. Fred Russel $3,333
8. Sean Hodge $2,499
9. Scott Dorsch $1,666

Event 8, $500+$50 Six-Handed No-Limit Hold'em

There were 146 players who came out to play in Event 8 of the WSOPC Caesars Indiana but no one was more clutch than Michael Cordell.

Cordell managed to get to the final table of six players with the chip lead and was absolutely relentless in his pursuit of the first-place prize. Cordell knocked out all five of his opponents and took down $21,274 as a result.

It wasn't easy, as there were a number of skilled players at the final table including circuit legend Doug "Rico" Carli. Carli went out on a bit of a bad beat when his trip tens lost to his opponent's trip tens with a better kicker.

Here's a look at the complete final-table payout:

Player: Prize:
1. Michael Cordell $21,274
2. Simon Mancini $11,162
3. Lou White $6,566
4. Doug "Rico" Carli $5,252
5. Michael Stephens $3,940
6. Michael Bollar $3,283

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