The Most Successful Countries at the World Series of Poker (Maps)


Which country can lay claim to the most World Series of Poker champions?

Simple question, simple answer:

The United States, of course.

But which countries have also done well for themselves?

Germans on the Rise

Over the 46-year history of the World Series of Poker, 1,245 total bracelets have been awarded across events in Las Vegas, Europe and Australia.

Danzer doing his part for Germany.

Given the WSOP's long-standing home is Las Vegas unsurprisingly 979, or about 79 percent, have gone to American players.

More than 80 percent of the WSOP participants still come from the United States and, in the years before the poker boom, very few non-Americans came to the WSOP in Vegas.

That's changed somewhat over the last decade as the poker boom has spread worldwide and is reflected in a growing number of bracelet winners from overseas.

Second overall in the bracelet count is Canada with 52 bracelets -- only 6 of them via Daniel Negreanu.

Another English-speaking country follows with 37 bracelets - the UK - before the Germans appear with 26 bracelets.

Half of those 13 bracelets have come in the last three years, in fact, driven by Dominik Nitsche and George Danzer who've accumulated three bracelets each.

Rounding out the Top 5, with 20 bracelets, is Australia.

Scroll over the maps below for a full list of bracelet winners by country:

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