Rekrul Wrecks Shop; Schreiber is Champ!

The Man.
Daniel Schreiber wins Event 31, $5,000 Heads-Up World Championship, 2007 WSOP

It's rare to see a heads-up match as one-sided as the one we witnessed today. With the exception of one big hand early in the first match, Dan "Rekrul" Schreiber dismantled Mark Muchnik to take the bracelet and the cash flow.

Let's start with the final match. To put it mildly, you destroyed your opponent. Tell us about what you thought of the match and how you played.

At the very start of the match I had no idea how he played. I read the online reports and they said he was really tight so I was kind of cautious. I had one hand when I raised from the button with A K and he re-raised me so I called. The flop was A-9-8 with two diamonds and he bet big.

Mano a mano.

So usually in that situation in a heads-up match I might even push all-in because I think I might have the best hand. But there I was very uneasy about it so I just called to see what he would do on the turn. The turn card was another diamond, a low card, pretty irrelevant. So he bets huge again and normally I might just push in right there against anyone else but I laid it down.

After that he just started folding every single hand and I realized that it was a good fold. And then I just slowly won every pot and a couple of times he called me down when I had something.

I tried to stay away from him when he started betting; he usually over-bet the pot anyways. I took all the small pots and tried to make them big when I could.

Wasn't it something like sixteen in a row at one point?

Rekrul pwnage.

(Laughs.) I wasn't counting but it seemed like a lot.

I heard you play a lot at PokerStars. Do you play a lot of heads-up?

Yeah I play a lot. I've played for six years. I usually just played the ring tables or the six-max but about a year and a half ago I started experimenting with heads-up. I played a lot of players who were better than me at the time and learned a lot from them. And I've figured some stuff out on my own and sort of made it my thing.

So are you planning to play anymore tournaments here?

Yeah sure, but I'm just going to take it day by day.

You were a professional StarCraft player. Has that experience helped you in poker?


Of course, StarCraft and poker are very similar games. They're both games of missing information. You have to figure out what your opponent is doing and use it against them. If you're good at StarCraft you're going to be good at poker. That's just a fact.

Thanks Dan and congratulations again.

* * * * * * * * * * *

Rekrul lives in Seoul, Korea, where he moved to pursue his gaming interests. Already well know online, this bracelet is his first major step into the world of big buy-in tournament poker. The way he played tonight was impressive to watch and the live update reports read like a broken record; ship it to Rekrul.

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