Cruising with Kenny Tran on Day 3 of the WSOP in Europe

Kenny Tran
Kenny Tran playing in Day 2A of Event 55, World Championship No-Limit Texas Hold'em at the 2007 WSOP

It doesn't matter what side of the Atlantic ocean he plays on - Kenny Tran is on fire.

Although Tran has been around the poker circuit for a few years now it's just in the last year that people have really begun to notice the player some call "The Kid." Well apparently the kid has grown up because he cashed for close to $1 million in WSOP this summer (including fifth place in the prestigious H.O.R.S.E. event and 16th in the Main Event). Now Tran has gone deep into the European Main Event and has his eyes set on finishing even better than 16th.

Tran was kind enough to chat with PokerListings right after Day 3 ended at nearly 3 a.m.

So Kenny what was your Day 3 at the WSOPE like?

I was doing pretty good when we started with 36 players but when my table broke I was moved to one with a lot of big stacks. After that I couldn't catch a break. I kept running into big hands and for two hours I couldn't drag in a pot.

When we got down to 36 players I had around $250,000 chips and I ended the day with $65,000. I have a long way to go tomorrow.

Kenny Tran
Kenny Tran in Europe.

Have all your tables been tough today?

Well there are a lot of aggressive players left and it's very hard to deal with when they are the big stacks and they have position on you as well.

Can you give me a run-down of your overall tournament?

It's a different style here than I'm used to playing in the United States. The players are softer than where I'm used to playing but now that the field has narrowed there are a lot of tough players with a lot of chips. It's kind of good but kind of bad.

What do you think of the WSOPE? Have you enjoyed yourself in London?

Well so far it's kind of been torture. I was bubbled in the £5,000 PLO event because they paid out 18 and I finished 20th. [The Series] is good though. The people here in London work hard and run the tournaments well. The people are very nice and I enjoy the play here.

Kenny Tran
If there's a big game to be had Kenny Tran is on the scene.

What do you think of the poker scene here? Is it different than back in North America?

Definitely. Over in the United States players have got to be 21 or older to play and over here there are a lot of young online players that are 18 or 19. A lot of the players don't have much experience playing in a live casino but they've played millions of hands online. They are very tricky and aggressive. If they put [in] enough time in tournaments like this they would probably be pretty good players.

Finally, if they hold the WSOPE here next year would you play in it again?

I can't promise yet but I would most likely. It depends on my wife and kids and if they'd let me get away long to play it.

* * * * * * * * * * *

Although Kenny Tran is one of the short stacks heading into Day 4 it would surprise no one if he turned it around. Tran is one of those players that just seems to elevate his level of play every time he's around great players. With Day 4 looking good with pros like Gus Hansen, Patrik Antonius and a number of extremely talented European players, Tran should be right at home.


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