Poker Night in America Crew to Launch New Show 'The Final Table'

IPhil Hellmuth MG1414
Phil Hellmuth is on board with the new show.

Rush Street Productions, the producers behind breakout hit Poker Night in America, are setting their sights on a new poker TV show called The Final Table.

While details about the show are still very limited it’s going to feature a 60-second shot clock, time bank chips and commentary by Phil Hellmuth and Jason Somerville as well as play-by-play by Maria Ho and David Tuchman.

“We expect to produce twenty-six one hour shows in 2016,” said Rush Streets Productions President Todd Anderson.

“There will be plenty of chances for people to play and make their way to a Final Table, including a $1M guarantee main event at Choctaw Casino at the end of April.”

The Final Table to Air Nationally

The goal in producing The Final Table is to bring something unique to the TV poker landscape, according to executive producer Dustin Iannotti.

Maria Ho 1221
Maria Ho will handle play-by-play with David Tuchman

“We’re very excited to be bringing this new programming to national television,” he said.

“We plan to take some risks to try and appeal to a broader mainstream audience. The show will be unique and focus on entertainment, built around a poker game. It will be unlike anything that’s ever been produced before in poker.”

The Final Table will air on a national TV network and it also promises to feature some of the biggest names in poker at the tables.

The production crew started shooting footage at a final table at the Turning Point Casino in New York last August but has since shot final tables in Pittsburgh, Minnesota and Florida with more in the works.

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