Photo Highlights from 2017 World Series of Poker Main Event

20 July 2017, Created By: Matthew Showell
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Photo Highlights from 2017 World Series of Poker Main Event

The 2017 World Series of Poker Main Event is underway and is compiling all its best WSOP photos right here.

We'll be shooting all the biggest poker pros, celebrities, sports stars and whoever else decides to show up at the WSOP.

Peruse the latest offering below and keep checking back all week as we add more and more photo highlights from the Rio Hotel and Casino.

Update: The Final Table

The final table is underway and will take place over the next three days from July 20-22 and we'll be updating the blog every step of the way.

Scott Blumstein 9445
Scott Blumstein 9290
Heads up IMG 2
Ben Pollak 9090
Benjamin Pollak IMG 8691
Dan Ott IMG 8666
Scott Blumstein IMG 8724
Benjamin Pollak IMG 8628
John Hesp IMG 8616
Final three 8577
John Hesp 8553
Antoine Saout IMG 8137
IMG 8460
Dan Ott 8199
Damian Salas 8239
John Hesp 8176
Scott Blumstein 8006
Damian Salas IMG 7261
Bryan Piciolli IMG 7401
Benjamin Pollak IMG 7517
John Hesp 7680
Jack Sinclair IMG 7248
Final Table IMG 7237
Bracelet IMG 7503
Ben Lamb IMG 4
Damian Salas fan IMG 7565
Qui Nguyen IMG 7226
Damian Salas IMG 7150
Lamb IMG 7245
Damian Salas Rail IMG 7049
Benba rail IMG 7093
John Hesp IMG 7108
Day 7 WSOP 2017 Main Event 4
Day 7 WSOP 2017 Main Event 8
Day 7 WSOP 2017 Main Event

Three players have the chance to make their second WSOP Main Event final table.

Ben Lamb finished third in 2011 and Antoine Saout finished third in 2009.

Michael Ruane has a chance to make consecutive Main Event final tables, having finished fourth in 2016.

Ben Lamb 2
Ben Lamb
Antoine Saout2
Antoine Saout
Michael Ruane
Michael Ruane

64-year-old recreational player John Hesp from Britain made the final two tables. This is his first time to Las Vegas and his first time playing a tournament with a buy-in of more than a few hundred dollars.

John Hesp 3
John Hesp

French poker pro Valentin Messina cashed in the 2014 and 2015 Battle of Malta tournaments hosted by He made a huge run in this year's WSOP Main Event, ultimately busting in 15th to win $450,000.

Valentin Messina 2
Valentin Messina

The WSOP Main Event is truly enormous and nothing captures the sheer size of it like a wide fisheye lens.

WSOP Main Event Fisheye 2
WSOP Main Event Fisheye

But sometimes you want to get up close and personal. That's where the long lens comes in handy.

WSOP Chips4
WSOP Chips and Cards3

Daniel Negreanu, arguable the most famous poker player in the world, was demonstrating his reading abilities on the ESPN feature table.

Daniel Negreanu7

In addition to poker celebrities, poker fans are also at the WSOP looking for their heroes. Uncle Ron is the ultimate poker railbird and he was rubbing his lucky melon on players competing in the Main Event.

Uncle Ron WSOP 2017

Before play begins each table's dealer arranges the stacks and gets ready for the players.

Chips and Logo
WSOP Chips2

Kara Scott, David Williams and Maria Ho prepare to do commentary for the live stream on ESPN and mobile app PokerGO. Two of the three are former Battle of Malta hosts. Can you guess which two?

Maria and Kara
Kara David and Maria

As soon as players were in their seat and the cards were in the air, the ESPN cameras were out in force ready to catch the action.

WSOP Main Event day 1a

This year the ESPN final table, known as "The Mothership" was moved from the Amazon Room to the Brasilia room. You can see it in the background.

WSOP Main event2

Joe Stapleton interviews defending WSOP Main Event champ Qui Nguyen. Last year Nguyen earned more than $8 million and the title of world champion for overcoming a field of 6,737.

Joe Stapleton Qui Nguyen

The WSOP Main Event attracts poker pros, celebrities, poker fans and sometimes superheroes.

Superman 2

Poker pros from the good old days of poker are also in attendance, including Mike "The Mouth" Matusow and Phil Laak.

Mike Matusow4
Phil Laak

Three-time Superbowl champ and poker enthusiast Richard Seymour started the day at the main feature table.

Richard Seymour

The media, as always, is dedicated to bringing poker fans the action, no matter what it takes.

Media Room
Main Event day 1a

The plan is to continue adding photos to this page as the 2017 WSOP Main Event continues to check back soon for more photographic magic.


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