Phil Gordon's Quest for a WSOP Bracelet Continues

Phil Gordon
Phil Gordon seems to be happy even though he was eliminated in eighth place.

Phil Gordon has won more than $1.1 million playing tournament poker, his book 'Poker: the Real Deal' is the number two all-time poker bestseller, and he is also the co-host of Bravo's hit TV show 'Celebrity Poker Showdown.' However, one poker accomplishment still eludes him - a WSOP gold bracelet.

Earlier today David Pham and, despite having pocket aces against Pham's pocket tens, Gordon lost out when Pham hit a set on the turn.

Your thoughts on the final table today?

Of course I'm very disappointed. I could have won a lot more money and I want that bracelet more than anything. I was an 82 percent favorite to win that hand and become the chip leader. But that's poker. I've seen it hundreds of times before and I've been on both the giving and the receiving end before.

What is your schedule looking like for the rest of the World Series of Poker?

I'm going to play in about 18 events, including a lot of Pot-Limit tournaments. But no Stud, that's boring to me.

Cash games or tournaments?

I don't really play cash games. Tournaments are a lot more interesting to me. I try and play about 25 big tournaments per year.

What is your poker background?

I started to really get into it when I was 22, back in the early Nineties. I lost my ass off for the first three or four years before things started to turn around in 1997 or 1998. It wasn't until I finished fourth in the 2001 World Series main event that I started to play poker professionally.

What do you do outside of poker?

I play a lot of tennis and golf and I also do a lot of traveling.

How has the recent surge in the popularity of poker affected you?

It has changed my life completely. The celebrity poker TV-show I'm doing has become really big and my first book on poker that came out in October (Poker: the Real Deal) has already sold 125,000 copies. I think teaching the game is my biggest strength. I don't think I am among the top 50 players in the world but I think I am one of the top teachers of the game.

What poker projects are you working on right now?

I have new book shipping in July called 'Phil Gordon's Little Green Book: Lessons and Teachings in No-Limit Texas Hold'em'. With this book, I'm trying to show the reader how I play poker instead of telling them how they should play. I also have a dvd coming out called 'Expert Insight.' In it we're using experimental learning and we put you in the mind of the player. The viewer gets to play along with me as I compete at a final table.

Are there any players you don't want to see at your table during the WSOP main event?

I don't like to play against John Juanda. He's impossible to get a read on.

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