November Niner Bruno Politano: “I Want to Make Brazil Proud”

Anyone who was sweating the final few tables of the 2014 WSOP Main Event will know that Brazilians are passionate about their poker.

They had every right to be too as Bruno Politano ultimately became the first Brazilian ever to secure a spot in the November Nine.

Thus far Politano is the only member of the 2014 November Nine who has made the trek to Australia for the WSOP APAC.

PokerListings caught up with Politano during Event 2: $2,200 No Limit Holdem to talk about everything from his final table preparation to his place in Brazil poker history. How important was it to you to come WSOP APAC to help with your preparation for the 2014 WSOP APAC?

Bruno Politano

Bruno Politano: Coming here was very important because I am playing the high-level players. The best players in the world are here.

I’m travelling not only for the WSOP but for pleasure too. I’m travelling with my friends and girlfriend. It’s a very beautiful city to visit and I think this trip is my last preparation before the November Nine. I’m feeling good.

PL: Are you surprised so many members of the November Nine decided to skip WSOP APAC?

No, not really because the WSOP APAC is so far away for some people. It’s a problem, I think, for the other guys to come out this far.

There is also the EPT London which is closer for everybody. So I’m not surprised.

PL: Is your mindset any different now than the first few days after you secured a place in the November Nine?

I’m more motivated now than ever. Because I’m the first player from Brazil to make the November Nine, everyone is very excited for this moment. I want to make Brazil proud.

I’m not really nervous, I’m just waiting for the moment. Overall, I’m relaxed.

Bruno Politano

PL: What has it been like in Brazil? Has there been a lot of fanfare?

It’s unbelievable. The poker community in Brazil is amazing. Everyone is just very excited for me. This is history for the poker community in Brazil.

PL: Has your rail of fans been practising some chants and getting ready to support you?

I will have a lot of fans there. I’m expecting at least 200 people.  I will have my girlfriend there and lots of family, along with a lot of friends and fans.

My grandmother will even be there and my granddaddy. Everyone except my my dog. I wanted him there though!

PL: You are the short stack of the November Nine. Does that at all effect your expectations?

I am the short stack, but I still have 30 big blinds and its two hour levels. It’s very comfortable. Bruno Politano

I have a strategy of course. Me and my coach and have talked a lot about the strategy I need to have. I’m very comfortable with where I’m at.

PL: Is this a coach that you already had or one you specifically got for the November Nine?

I only got a coach after the November Nine.

My coach is one of the best poker players in Brazil and I pay for this support to help me do the best that I can.

PL: Just how big would your win be for the people of Brazil? Would it make up for Brazil’s dismal performance at the World Cup?

I don’t think so! [Laughs]

Football is just the most important sport in Brazil. Poker is just so small compared to football. I think it would be very big news if I won, it would explode in our country, but it just could never compare to Football.

And I don’t think winning would make Brazilians feel any better about Germany just killing us dead at the world cup!

PL: Do you think that if you win poker Brazil will experience its own poker boom?


It would be a great thing for Brazil. Hopefully I can win and then who knows what could happens. 

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