(Video) Negreanu, Trickett, Laliberté and More on $1m WSOP One Drop

Daniel Negreanu
Daniel Negreanu has big plans for the $15 million WHEN he wins the Big One.

The $1m Big One for One Drop has attracted a compelling mix of some of the greatest minds from the worlds of poker and business, and we've got them on video.

PokerListings.com caught Cirque de Soleil and One Drop founder Guy Laliberté as well as Daniel Negreanu, Jean-Robert Bellande, Tom Hall, Talal Shakerchi and Sam Trickett.

The players were surprisingly calm given they were about to sit down at a poker table with $1 million on the line and a potential $15+ million prize waiting for them at the end of the event.

But however calm the players appeared, the room was buzzing and it was clear businessmen and poker pros alike were antsy to get down to the action.

“This is a field that combines some of the best players in the world with some of the best minds in the world so [the businessmen] aren't going to be pushovers,” said Daniel Negreanu.

The poker pros certainly have the advantage in terms of skill and experience but the businessmen may be much more comfortable losing the $1 million.

Watch the following seven interviews we conducted with poker pros and businessmen who are all putting $1 million at risk in the 2014 WSOP Big One for One Drop.

Click here to follow all the action with PokerListings.com's On-Demand Live Updates of the 2014 WSOP Big One for One Drop.

Negreanu: “When I Win I'll Do My Best to Make a Difference”

Daniel Negreanu was brimming with confidence when we spoke to him and said that when, not if but when, he wins the One Drop, he'll use the money to make a difference.

That's also known as the Miss America answer.

Guy Laliberté: "Hopefully a Businessman Will Win Big One for One Drop"

Cirque de Soleil and One Drop founder Guy Laliberté really hopes a businessman wins the 2014 $1 million Big One for One Drop at the WSOP in Las Vegas since most of the businessmen in the event have pledged to donate the majority of their winnings.

Sam Trickett Didn't Have One Drop of Booze Before $1m One Drop

Inaugural One Drop runner-up Sam Trickett is known for his penchant for parties. After all, he did admit to PokerListings.com that he's spent over $1 million on champagne in the last three years.

But Trickett also told us he swore off alcohol for the week leading up to this One Drop to make sure he's in top form.

Say Goodbye to BrokeLivingJRB if Bellande Wins $1m One Drop

Jean-Robert Bellande has attracted thousands of fans through by being broke and living like a millionaire but all that's going to change if he wins the 2014 Big One for One Drop.

David Einhorn: David Einhorn Busts $1m Big One for One Drop in Under One Hour

Billionaire hedge-fund manager and philanthropist was a fan favorite in this event since he once again pledged 100% of his winnings to charity.

In 2012 he finished third in this event and donated $4.35 million. Sadly this year things did not go so well.

Talal Shakerchi Takes on Poker's Best for $1m Buy-In, Again

Talal Shakerchi, founder of Meditor Capital Management in the UK, is back at the poker table ready to take on the world's best poker players for the highest stakes ever played in a poker tournament

Tom Hall: "I'm a Little Nervous"

Tom Hall is a regular in the high-stakes games in Macau but even he was feeling some nerves before taking his seat in the Big One for One Drop.

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