McKeehen Dominates November Nine, Eliminates 3 Players to End Day

Joe McKeehen Day8
Joe McKeehen has 47 percent of the chips in play.

Joe McKeehen is still dominating the World Series Of Poker.

More than 100 days ago, McKeehen made the November Nine with 64.1 million chips, the largest November Nine lead in history.

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Today, McKeehen eliminated all three players and increased his lead to 91.5 million.

First, McKeehen took care of the short stacks.

McKeehen scored the first elimination of the day on the second hand.

McKeehen an Unstoppable Force

Patrick Chan, the tournament short stack, called all-in from the small blind with K Q after McKeehen shoved with A 4 from the button.

Chan 4
Patrick Chan

The board missed both players but McKeehen’s ace-high took the pot.

Federico Butteroni started the day with a bit more than Chan, but his stack slowly shrunk until he moved all-in for his remaining 2.4 million.

Butteroni showed A J but McKeehen had a dominating A K.

Once again, the board tip-toed its way around the both players’ cards and McKeehen’s ace-king high took down the pot.

McKeehen’s enormous stack seemed to form its own gravitational pull that no one could avoid.

Oldest Novemeber Niner Out in 7th

After Pierre Neuville lost a big portion of his stack to Neil Blumenfield, McKeehen swooped in to take the rest.

The hand left Neuville with 7.5 million and the septuagenarian was chipped down a bit further before he moved all-in.

McKeehen raised with J 6 and Neuville moved all-in with A J.

McKeehen called and, of course, hit a flush on the river to eliminate the septuagenarian.

With an average age of 35.3, this was the oldest November Nine in history.

“My motivation is life,” Neuville said when asked how he stayed motivated in an increasingly young man’s game.

F Butteroni Elim
Federico Butteroni and rail watching disaster strike.

“I still have lots of friends that I went to school with, but we’re not the same age.

“They say, ‘Remember the army? Remember university?’ I say I don’t want to remember, I want to live actively every day of my life.”

One thing Neuville says he doesn’t want to remember are the last two hours of play and the last two cards he was dealt.

Down to 3 Tomorrow

While Neuville, Butteroni and Chan won’t be making any more memories at the final table this year, six other players will.

Day 9 starts tomorrow at 4:30 p.m. and we’ll be playing down to three players.

Zvi Stern is still in second place but his lead only grew by a few million.

Stern started Day 8 with 29.8 million and finished with 32.4 million.

Neil Blumenfield is in a close third with 31.5 million while Max Steinberg is fourth with an even 16 million.

Josha Becklely and Thomas Cannuli are separated by less than a small blind.

Beckley finished the day with 10.9 million while Cannuli ended with 10.4 million.

Pierre NeuvillleElim2

Pierre Neuville and fans after they got McKeeheened.

End of Day Counts

1: Joe McKeehen -- 91,450,000

2: Zvi Stern -- 32,400,00

3: Neil Blumenfield -- 31,500,000

4: Max Steinberg: 16,000,000

5: Joshua Beckley: 10,875,000

6: Thomas Cannuli: 10,425,000

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