Maria Ho Finishes 77th in Second Last Woman Standing Run

Maria Ho

To outlast thousands of players and become the last woman standing in the World Series of Poker Main is an incredible achievement and Maria Ho has officially done it twice now.

Ho outlasted all of her fellow female poker players on Day 5 of the Main Event and finally busted in 77th place for a $85,812.

An impressive feat but Ho was still stinging shortly after being eliminated.

“I’m super disappointed obviously,” she said.

“You don’t get that many chances to go this deep in the Main Event so you feel like you have to make the most of it. There’s a lot of pressure to do better, especially when you had a deep run in the past.”

Ho Outlasts Even More Players in 2014

Maria Ho
Maria Ho during her Main Event run in 2007.

The California-native outlasted 6,320 players to finish 38th in the 2007 Main Event. This year she actually outlasted more players (6,606) but finished higher (77th) thanks to a bigger overall field.

Ho entered Day 6 of the this year’s Main Event as the shortest stack with 435,000 chips.

“It’s really disappointing but when you come in as the shortest stack you can’t really expect all that much,” said Ho.

“I know I have a lot to be proud of. Right now it doesn’t feel super great but I know I will take a lot of awesome things away from this experience.”

Ho went on to say she felt validated after reprising her role as last woman standing in the Main Event.

“Although I’m still lacking a huge, monumental tournament win I feel like I’ve built a résumé that I’m very proud of,” she said.

“My career may not be as illustrious as Vanessa Selbst or someone with a ton of events but I feel like it has been very consistent.”

Ho: "Female Poker Players Are Getting a Lot Better"

Beyond her own career, Ho has seen an explosion of female poker players over the last 10 years, which makes her happy.

“I feel like not only are there more female players but they are getting a lot better,” she said.

“They are taking the game very seriously and they want to be in contention. That’s awesome to see, especially because I’ve been playing for 10 years and when I started there really were no women playing.

While Ho won’t be making an appearance in the 2014 WSOP November Nine, anyone who attends the PokerListings Battle of Malta in November will likely see Ho as she’s scheduled to host this year.

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Hank 2014-07-17 22:50:18


Couldn't agree more. Well put.

Bob 2014-07-17 12:55:57

"Stone Morningwood"

Your obvious anti-female rage and misdirected "PC" rant shows you miss the point entirely. "Degrading to men" is literally one of the most laughable and juvenile expressions I've ever heard.

The clearest conclusion from your silly comment is you've never in your life experienced being a "minority." Or if you have, you're far too oblivious to recognize tacit and systematic prejudice when it's directly in your face, all day every day.

The primary purpose in celebrating female accomplishments in poker separately from men is that, despite the theoretical equality of all at the poker table, if you've ever sat at one you'd recognize the context in which any woman sits down at the table is decidedly different from yours - and quite literally dehumanizing in both direct and indirect ways.

Subtly or overtly every woman in a poker room is in some form being evaluated as a sex object. Immediately and repeatedly. You, I'm sure, are not. The context of every conversation, every hand, every gesture is sexism in multiple forms whether you choose to see it or not.

It's oppressive, offensive and packed with latent aggression and condescension no matter what guise of conviviality seems to be there. Just sitting down as a woman at a poker table once you'll feel it long after you've played and left. Try it for 12 hours, or over several occasions. See what impact it has on your inclination to play poker again.

The accomplishments of female pros like Maria, Vanessa Selbst, etc aren't notable because they are women who are "lesser" poker players than men who have managed to overcome their intellectual or physical "limitations," which you seem to suggest is what's being celebrated. The celebration is that they manage to thrive despite a consistently poisonous atmosphere in which they ply their trade.

There are exceptions, of course, and you'll find more pleasant and progressive tables across the country, but until you've had your "fuckability" evaluated on a public poker forum and any legitimate success you've had in poker questioned because of your gender, you're in no position to assess what an accomplishment it is to finish 77th - or even play poker at all.

Stone Morningwood 2014-07-16 20:35:31

How is finishing 77th even an accomplishment or a story? This pro-woman political correctness is idiotic at best. At worse, its degrading to men.

Rick Gleason 2014-07-14 18:34:52

Congratulations to Maria. I enjoy her commentary on the Heartland Poker Tour broadcasts. Common sense poker, good for her!