$25k NLHE 6-Max - Kelly's A Hero!


It's all over and a quick-fire day of drama ended in fittingly dramatic fashion.

The final hand saw Dan Kelly open to 200k, only for Shawn Buchanan to fire back at him, 3-betting to 650k.

Undeterred, Kelly now re-bumped it to 1.4 million and after requesting a stack count, Buchanan now moved allin!

Kelly called and the pair flipped their cards over.

A T for Kelly but a dominant pair of jacks for Buchanan, who looked poised to double-through and take control of this heads-up conflict.

The board was unpromising for Kelly, peeling off 6 4 3 followed by the 5 on the turn, but at least he'd picked up some chop outs.

He'd need an ace on the river to win though.

The river?

The A! His enthusiastic and at least partially inebriated rail started roaring their appreciation for their man, cheering away whilst an unfortunate Shawn Buchanan was forced to face the dawning realisation that his bracelet dream was over.

So $812,914 for Buchanan who ends up a highly-creditable runner-up in one of the strongest fields at the series.

However, it's Dan Kelly who wins the massive $1,315,518 first prize, as well as the bracelet, the admiration of his peers and has also won a prized place amongst the Brunson Ten as part of his achievements here at the World Series.

Massive congratulations to Kelly and thanks for following what's been an absorbing tournament.

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$25k NLHE 6-Max - Heads Up For Glory!


Well, we're heads-up for glory and we also have the news that Frank Kassela's bid to win his third bracelet has come crashing to an end.

And what a dramatic hand it was that saw Kassela's exit.

Here's how it went down.

River Makes Kassela Buch Up

A blind on blind confrontation between Frank Kassela and Shawn Buchanan saw the pair go to a flop of Q 4 3. Checked to Kassela in position he led out for 80k, only for Buchanan to now check-raise him to 260k.

Undeterred, Kassela now made it 710k to play and Buchanan had a think before calling.

The turn came the T and Kassela now bet out 1 million, only for Buchanan to check-raise him once again - only this time he moved all-in!

Kassela called and showed down Q 3 for two pair - whereas Buchanan had been a very naughty boy- making a move with 6 5 for an open-ended straight draw.

It was a huge 7 million pot and Kassela was about to scoop it and get heads-up for another bracelet.

He just needed to blank the river which came...the 2!

Incredible! Buchanan made his straight and his many fans roared their approval as a distraught-looking Kassela was bad beat out of contention.

Although very unlucky to exit in third, Kassela can draw some comfort from the fact he collects $556,053 for his performance and has probably sealed the Player of the Year title with his many good performances and two bracelets at WSOP 2010.

It's been an incredible year for him and he can look back with pride at his efforts.

Still, that means it's Shawn Buchanan and Dan Kelly who are heads up for the title.

The Count

Courtesy of that huge suck-out, Buchanan holds the chip lead, but Kelly isn't short of chips either. It may not be long before this aggressive pair get it in preflop though.

Shawn Buchanan  7,870,000
Dan Kelly  6,460,000

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$25k NLHE 6-Max - Somer's Over

Nice timing with the pocket rockets.
Nice timing with the pocket rockets.

One elimination and we are three-handed in almost no time.

Jason Somerville was the shortstack and really needed to find a good spot to chip up. Unfortunately...this was not it.

Ville He? He Von't

Frank Kassela started the carnage of this hand, popping it up to 140k, only for a delighted Somerville to look down at ace-jack four-handed and see this as a good spot to re-steal, shipping his just-over-a-million chip stack into the middle.

It probably would have been a good spot, except sadly for him Shawn Buchanan must have been delighted at all this action, as he'd picked up aces behind him.

He didn't take too long to consider his action before shoving to isolate, and Kassela quickly folded to leave Jason Somerville's tournament life hanging by a thread.

It was always going to be hard work to get out of this spot, and that proved the case as the board came with no help for Somerville, meaning his day was done and dusted - out in 4th spot for $386,125.

The rail gave an appreciative round of applause at the prompting of the announcer, and the players took a twenty-minute break to catch their breath.

The Stacks

Dan Kelly maintains his advantage but he now has two opponents capable of making big dents in his stack, and Frank Kassela won't be letting go of his dream to secure a third bracelet of the series and lock up Player of the Year.

Here's how they line-up.

Dan Kelly  6,270,000
Frank Kassela  4,180,000
Shawn Buchanan  3,780,000

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$25k NLHE 6-Max - Kelly Crushing


With aggressive players and a short-handed format, we expected a fast start and we've definitely got that, 2 eliminations in the early stages.

Already we're down to four handed, and Dan Kelly has only increased his already dominant chip stack.

Here's what's been going down.

The Sweet Smell of Sixes (Katchalov -6th)

First man down was Eugene Katchalov, who shipped his pretty small stack in with pocket sixes over the top of a button raise from Dan Kelly, but didn't have enough chips to make Kelly fold his two paint cards - Q J.

A queen-high flop spelt disaster for Katchalov and a jack on the turn just compounded matters.

When the river blanked, Kelly had made queens-up and sent the first man to the rail on this final table, Eugene Katchalov crashing out in 6th place for $194,559.

Not a bad return.

Mike Goes Dead (Thuritz - 5th)

Mikael Thuritz and Dan Kelly decided to go to war on a J 9 4 board - Thuritz leading out then three-bet shoving for just over 1.5 million over the top of Dan Kelly's check-raise.

He had the best hand, his A J ahead of the 5 6 flush draw in Kelly's hands but Kelly's been playing fearlessly and running pretty good, so it was no suprise that he got there, hittng a heart on the river to complete his flush and send Thuritz crashing out in 5th spot.

$272,084 is the reward for Thuritz - 5th place perhaps not what he spent last night dreaming about but a healthy remuneration for a deep run.

The Way It Is

So that leaves us now four-handed. Here's how the players are stacked up at this point. Kelly is in charge but it looks like Frank Kassela is not going to give up without a fight.

Counts courtesy of worldseriesofpoker.com.

Dan Kelly  6,715,000
Frank Kassela  3,850,000
Shawn Buchanan  2,885,000
Jason Somerville  875,000

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$25k NLHE 6-Max - Six Shooting For The Stars

Kassela gunning for number three and POY.
Kassela gunning for number three and POY.

One of the WSOP's flagship events has reached the final stages and there's an interesting story developing.

Frank Kassela has really made a dramatic impact on the WSOP - collecting two bracelets already and now proving he has the stones to take on the best of the best here in the $25k 6-max as well.

He comes into the final second in chips, although right now Dan Kelly is the man who holds sway with a large chip lead that gives him the edge in what will surely be a toughly-contested final.

We're intrigued to see how it plays out - hold tight and we'll keep you abreast of every interesting development.

Chipping Away

Dan Kelly  5,545,000
Frank Kassela  2,960,000
Shawn Buchanan  2,110,000
Jason Somerville  1,665,000
Mikael Thuritz  1,535,000
Eugene Katchalov  475,000

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Event Name Event 52 - $25,000 Six-Handed No-Limit Hold'em
Date 30 June 2010
Final Day 3 June 2010
Buy In $25,000
Entrants 191
Prize Pool $4,536,250
First Prize $1,315,518

Dan Kelly

Event 52 - $25,000 Six-Handed No-Limit Hold'em

Top Money Finishers Prize
1. Dan Kelly $1,315,518
2. Shawn Buchanan $812,941
3. Frank Kassela $556,053
4. Jason Somerville $386,125
5. Mikael Thuritz $272,084
6. Eugene Katchalov $194,559
7. Sam Trickett $141,168
8. Bryn Kenney $141,168
9. Isaac Haxton $104,651
10. Brian Hodhod $104,651