$2,500 Mixed - Norway! Did That Just Happen?

Not pretty, but he'll take it!
Not pretty, but he'll take it!

"I have a feeling this will be over before we get to another Razz round one way or another," Sigurd Eskeland said. He was right.

Steve Sung had been beating Eskeland up in a round of Razz and when Seven Card Stud came around a few of Sung's rail were asking for them to bring back the lowball stud.

The two were almost even when the final hand went down during a No Limit Hold-em round.

Eskeland opened from the button and Sung reraised out of the big blind. Eskeland shoved and Sung snap called.

Sung turned over pocket queens while Eske winced and showed his A 9.

Much to the Sung rail's delight, the dealer rolled over an aceless flop of 3 9 4. The turn was a very spicy J. This had some people in the crowd groaning while Eskeland's rail willed out a club.

The dealer rapped his hand on the table and burned a card. He then flipped over the 2!

Oh the humanity!

Sung's head dropped into his hands while Eskeland's hands went up in the air.

A large part of Sung's rail couldn't bear to watch Sung in agony and they ran off the stage. Some loud expletives were heard being shouted from them (at nobody in particular, just out of frustration).

They were so close in chips that it took several minutes for the floor to count and verify the chips.

"So do I win?" Eskeland asked.

"Yes, you do," the tournament official said. Eskeland threw up his hands one more time. Victory was his.

"At least it wasn't for a million dollars," one of Sung's friends told him as they walked off. No, it wasn't for a million, but it was for $100,000.

Sung, crushingly close to bracelet number two, will have to settle for $160,952.

On the other hand, Sigurd Eskeland will be taking home $260,497 for his dramatic suckout.

Oh, almost forgot, he gets a bracelet too.

So ends the $2,500 Mixed Event #48 at the 2010 WSOP. Congratulations to Sigurd Eskeland of Oslo, Norway on his first WSOP bracelet!

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$2,500 Mixed - A Little History

Dream Teamer.
Dream Teamer.

Here we are heads up. It's been a long road to get here.

On one side of the table sits Sigurd Eskeland. He has two WSOP cashes, one four years ago and one two years ago, but there's something a little more interesting about his history than just that.

Eskeland, from Oslo, Norway, won a promotion on Everest Poker that got him on their "Live Dream Team." What this means is that for the next year he is going to be on a $100,000 freeroll that will have him travelling the world and playing in various tournaments.

Today he is guaranteed a minimum of $160,000 and may win up to $260,497 - not a bad way to start!

On the other side of the table sits Steve Sung. He already won a bracelet last year in a $1,000 event and he's back for more. The rail cheering him on is like a who's who of the young poker world. Mike "The Grinder" Mizrachi, Chino Rheem,

Daniel Alaei, and Mark Newhouse, just to name a few, are all on cheering on their friend as they order cappuccino after cappuccino to keep them awake.

The match has just gotten under way and it seems like Eskeland has drawn first blood. We're going out there to check it out

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$2,500 Mixed - Wice Pilaf'd!

Fried Wice.
Fried Wice.

Alex Wice made a valiant effort to effort to remain in this tournament but his run ended just moments ago.

Wice's stack melted slowly over the last couple of levels until he got into a confrontation with Steve Sung in a deuce to seven hand gone wrong that cost him the bulk of his chips.

After a bunch of betting, Wice had to let go on the end after missing his draw. After that, he was left with about 150k.

The very next hand was the final nail in the coffin.

Also a triple draw hand, Wice found himself up against both Steve Sung and Sigurd Eskeland.

Wice stood pat on the last draw as Sung and Eskeland drew one. His two opponents had been checking it down but, all of a sudden, Eskeland woke up and bet.

Wice began to stand from the table in anticipation of what he was about to see.

Wice turned over his 8-7, generally a pretty decent hand. Eskeland squinted at Wice's cards and then turned over his 7-6 for the win.

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$2,500 Mixed - Yakov Smirnoffed!

Not Nikolai Yakovenko but a Nikolai nonetheless.
Not Nikolai Yakovenko but a Nikolai nonetheless.

Nikolai Yakovenko was just bounced out in fourth place as Alex Wice continued his epic comeback.

Steve Sung eliminated Nikolai "Googles" Yakovenko in a Limit Hold-em hand. Sung raised from the button and Googles reraised, Sung pushed back, and, so on and so forth until all of Googles' chips were in the middle.

Sung turned over pocket tens and Googles turned up A 6.

The flop changed nothing but the 6 gave Googles some false hope. The 8 on the river was all she wrote for the Maryland native.

Yakovenko will take home $73,776. With that elimination comes a twenty minute break.



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$2,500 Mixed - Steve Down

Nobody is safe from this guy.
Nobody is safe from this guy.

It's four handed at the moment and we've got to admit, it's pretty exciting.

See Su Later

Stephen Su held on for as long as he could. He had a few friends on the rail that were feverishly cheering on their buddy. When Su tripled up with pocket kings against Steve Sung's K J we thought one of them might pass out.

Unfortunately it was all for nothing. In the end, no amount of cheering could protect Su from Steve Sung's claws. The end came during a blind v. blind PLO hand.

Sung raised and Su moved all in over the top and it was showtime:

Sung: A Q 6 9

Su: K K 8 6

"He's in good shape," his buddy said to someone on the phone. The dealer rapped the table and flopped the J 8 5.

All of a sudden Su wasn't in good shape but his poor friend on the other end of that phone line wouldn't know it.

"He's still in good shape," his friend said. Su was up against a flush draw, a double gutter, among other things.

The dealer burned and turned the 9.

"No heart, no heart, no heart!" cried his friends (no seven, no ten, no ace, etc, etc) as the dealer banged out the 2.

Sung had made a flush. Luckily Su had a bunch of supportive friends around to escort him to the payout line.

Sticky Wice

Alexander Wice was in the head of the class with three quarters of a million chips when he decided to play the biggest pot of the tournament so far against the tightest player at the table.

Sigurd Eskeland made it 56,000 to go preflop and Wice made it 170k to go out of the big. Eskeland than shoved all in.

"Can I please review the payout schedule," Wice asked the tournament director. Whatever he saw on that sheet of paper convinced him to make the massive call.

Wice turned over A K but was up against Eskeland's pocket kings.

A board of blanks skyrocketed Eskeland's stock to almost two million while sending Wice's down to a measly 35k.

"Wow, I am shaking," said Eskeland who visibly trembled as he stacked up the chips.

Not wanting to be counted out, Wice put his head down and went back to grinding.

First he made it 41,000 from middle position in No Limit Hold-em. It folded to Nikolai Yakovenko who made it 100k straight to go. Everyone folded.

Wice: K 3

Yakovenko: A Q

It was a race with Wice trailing just a little bit.

The dealer rapped the table and flopped over the K Q Q. Now, we're not sure if it was Yakovenko's premature fist pump or the tournament director saying "Alex is in a world of trouble here," but like clockwork the dealer burned and turned the K.

Wice sat as cool as a cucumber as he watched the 7 roll off on the river.

Now Wice was back on over 100k.

A 2-7 Triple Hand later, where Wice drew two on each draw yet still managed to make a T-9 to drag the pot and he was over 300k.

Yet another few hands later and he's almost at 600k! It seems like Wice is planning on sticking around.

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$2,500 Mixed - Seiver Stitched

Seiver sunk.
Seiver sunk.

Scott Seiver was involved in a pretty interesting conversation with Nikolai Yakovenko that was tragically cut short.

They were talking about American Psycho (good movie but fantastic book).

"I dressed up as him on Halloween. I even went out and got bone white business cards embossed. I still think I have some in my wallet," he said as he took out a crisp business card (bone white and embossed of course).

"The thing that pissed me off the most that night, was that I actually saw someone else with the same costume, and they pulled it off better than me with less effort."

"That's just like in the movie! You should have murdered him!" Seiver laughed.

 "I know, it would have been totally justifiable. There is another part of the story..." he started but was cut off by Seiver.

"Hang on, let me double up real quick," Seiver said.

He had just reraised the last of his chips into Steve Sung in an Omaha 8 hand.

Sung made the auto-call and flipped up A J 8 3. Seiver countered with his A A K 6.

The dealer put out a flop of Q 4 3.

"That's a good flop," Yakovenko observed. The dealer then put out the 6.

"That is NOT a good turn card," Seiver said.

The J was an even worse card on the river. It failed to give Seiver a better low and it gave Sung two pair.

"Sorry I couldn't tell you the rest of my story," Yakovenko said. We're sure Seiver is heartbroken because of it.

Seiver will get $40,175 for his sixth place finish. That ought to buy more than a few embossed business cards.

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$2,500 Mixed - Two More Down


Here is a quick update while the tournament is out on break.

We're seeing some quick movement at the final table. Kirill Rabstov and Jared Jaffee were both evicted from the final table after running into bad 2-7 Triple Draw hands.

First up on the chopping block was Kirill Rabstov. He was bounced in eighth place after he paired up on the final draw against Scott Seiver's 8-7.

Jared Jaffee was next to go. He played a hand against Nikolai "Googles" Yakovenko where Yakovenko stood for the last two draws while Jaffee took one. In the end Jaffee did make a T-6 but it was no match to Yakovenko's 8-7.

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$2,500 Mixed - It's Official!

Ahhh... the good old times.
Ahhh... the good old times.

The final table is now official in the $2,500 Mixed Event. You would have never guessed who would be the final table bubble if we had asked you a couple of hours ago but more on that later.

For now, Steve Sung is leading the pack.

Vengrin Obliterated

At one point earlier today, Matt Vengrin was on top of the world. He was that woman standing up on the tip of the bow of the Titanic. He had a mountain of chips and was in the zone. Now he's out in the payout line waiting to collect his $18,045.

Vengrin was eliminated in ninth place during a No Limit Hold-em hand that was three handed with Jared Jaffee and Steve Sung. The flop was A 7 2 and Sung fired 25,000. Just Vengrin made the call and they were heads up for the K turn.

This time Sung fired 62,000 and Vengrin shoved all in for a quarter million total. Sung made the call and turned over A J which happened to be well ahead of Vengrin's A 3. The river was a thunderous A.

Googles Fumbles

Steve Sung continued his chip building effort by next focusing his attention on Nikolai Yakovenko.

This time it was during a Pot Limit Omaha hand that Yakovenko had opened to 23,000. Sung made it 79,000 total to go from the small blind and Yakovenko called.

The flop came down 6 5 9 and both players checked. Sung fired 144,000 on the Q turn and Yakovenko called.

The 3 river was once again checked through. Sung turned over A A K J and Nikolay mucked.

All the while during the hand, the tournament director was referring to Nikolai by his first name, but Nikolai was none too pleased.

"Listen, you're putting me on tilt. I told you before I want to be called anything but Nikolai. Call me "Googles" (his internet nickname) call me whatever you want except for that. I already asked you once," he semi-snapped.

The tournament director nodded and agreed that he would no longer be referring to Nikolai by his first name.

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$2,500 Mixed - Final Table, Kinda

Later young Brun.
Later young Brun.

Dinner break is now over. The plan was to play until one more player dropped and then everyone would be moved over to the main stage to start with an unofficial final table of nine players and that's what they're doing now.

Todd Brunson went out in tenth place after getting all in on fourth street against Steve Sung and Nikolai Yakovenko.

Brunson made two pair but it didn't matter because Yakovenko was rolled up. Sung stuck around and called a few bets from Yakovenko before finally letting his hand go on seventh.

Meanwhile on the table next door, Jared Jaffee was on a spew streak. He went from having nearly half a million in chips to just 150k or so.

They're on another break as the chips get shipped and unpacked at the final table.

Here is the new seating arrangement:

1. Alexander Wice

2. Steve Sung

3. Scott Seiver

4. Matt Vengrin

5. Kirill Rabtsov

6. Jared Jaffee

7. Stephen Su

8. Nikolai Yakovenko

9.Sigured Eskeland


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$2,500 Mixed - The Main Course


The players are off hunting down some good food. They're gone for an hour and it couldn't have come too soon for Matt Vengrin.

Vengrin, who had been running the table and getting his stack up in to the 800k range, spent the last half hour blowing a bunch of chips.

Todd Brunson heads off to dinner with the least amount of chips while now it looks like we have a new chip leader in the form of Steve Sung.

We'll see you back here in an hour.

Deconstructing Vengrin

First it was Vengrin v. Jared Jaffee.

Vengrin raised it up and it folded to Jaffee in the big blind who called.

The flop came down T 8 5 and both players checked. The turn card was the 7 and Jaffee checked again.

Vengrin fired 9,000 and Jaffee check-raised to 29,000.

"20k more? Really? I don't believe you yet," Vengrin said as he called.

The river was the 4 and Jaffee bet out 44,000. Vengrin called and Jaffee turned over J 9.

"Jack high straight," the dealer said.

"That was FOR SURE, a jack high straight!" Scott Seiver guffawed as he pointed at Jaffee's hand..

"Now that you see it it's for sure, right? Maybe it would be nice if you didn't laugh at me when I lose a pot," Vengrin said coolly, failing to see the humor.

Vengrin and Jaffee were at it again just a few minutes later when Jaffee opened it up for 16,000 in a Pot Limit Omaha hand. Vengrin called from the button and they were heads up again.

The dealer flopped the T 7 6. Jaffee fired 27,000 and Vengrin called.

The turn was the 7. This time Jaffee check called 40,000. The river was the 8 and Jaffee checked. Vengrin checked behind and flipped up A Q J J but Jaffee turned up K T 9 9 for a straight.

It was like the last hand all over again. Seiver laughed, Vengrin looked like he might have a conniption, while Jaffee sheepishly dragged in the nice pot.

Kravchenko Out In 11th

Alex Kravchenko was bounced in 11th place by Steve Sung. They were playing NLHE when Sung made it 16k to go. Kravchenko shoved for 86,000 and Sung called.

Kravchenko's A 9 was marginally ahead of Sungs Q J but the dealer fixed all that by flopping a jack and, just for the hell of it, put another one out on the river as well.

Kravchenko is out in eleventh place and will add another $14,232 to his lifetime tournament winnings.

One more player needs to go before they move to the unofficial final table.

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$2,500 Mixed - Minieri Out, Sung On Ropes


The clock is approaching 7pm and we still have thirteen players in the mix. The pots are getting enormous though and the dealers arms are getting a workout pushing chips around.

Minieri Gabagool'd!

"Morto!" Dario Minieri exclaimed as he walked out of the Amazon Room. He was heading to the payout line to collect his $11,377 fourteenth place money.

Earlier on he was joking about how bad he is at Pot Limit Omaha and that he had lost 400,000 in chips in the PLO rounds.

He didn't bust in PLO but he spent most of his chips during that round. The last of his chips would go in during a Limit Hold-em hand when Minieri, holding K-Q off, reraised all in against Alexander Wice's A-K offsuit.

Minieri snagged a queen on the turn but a fourth diamond on the river went with Wice's A in his hand.

Sung Stung X 2

Steve Sung had a tough Omaha Eight or Better round that ended up costing him the bulk of his chips.

On the first hand, Alex Kravchenko bumped it up from early position and Sung made it three bets. A-Krav called and the two saw a A Q J flop.

Kravchenko check called and then checked on the T turn but then fired when the 7 hit the river. Sung made the call.

"Straight," Kravchenko said and turned over A-K-J-7. Sung flashed his A-Q before throwing it in the muck.

The next hand to hit Sung was against Nikolai Yakovenko. It was also an O-8 hand. Yakovenko said he had an eight high straight but then quickly realized he also had a 7-5 low. Sung, who was about to show a low, realized he had no wins and threw his hand in the muck.

Yakovenko apologized for the misunderstanding but Sung didn't seem to notice as he looked over his greatly reduced stack.

Quote of the Hour

"Do flushes count in this game? I'm asking seriously," Sigurd Eskeland asked. PL.com politely told him that flushes don't count in Razz. 

"Perhaps I gave a little something away there," Eskeland said sheepishly. How he made it three days into this event without figuring this out, we'll never know.

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$2,500 Mixed - Vengrin Is An Animal


With the elimination of John D'Agostino, the tournament director paused the tournament and began handing out bags for the chips. It was time for everyone to move all the way across the room and consolidate to two tables.

This whole process ended up taking a long time as players wandered off for over twenty minuets.

We're not sure what happen to D'Agostino, but, from what we could gather, he lost all of his chips and was eliminated from the tournament in seventeenth place.

Kirk Morrison K.T.F.O.

We did see how Kirk Morrison went out, and it wasn't pretty.

Matt Vengrin, who is already working on building up a monster stack, flat called a preflop raise from Morrison in a NLHE hand.

The flop came down Q 6 J and Vengrin checked. Morrizon bet 16,000, Vengrin went to 41,000, Morrison was all in, and Vengrin was right there with him.

Morrison turned over pocket sixes for a set of sixes but Vengrin was boss with pocket jacks.

A dejected Morrison stood from his seat as the dealer rolled over a meaningless turn and river.

"Did you just set over set Kirk?" Scott Seiver asked with disbelief. "Now you really can't be bullied around!"

That hand boosted Vengrin's stack to the a little over 600k which gives him more than double second places Nikolai Yakovenko.

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$2,500 Mixed - Kenney Killed

Peace, homie.
Peace, homie.

Byrn Kenney didn't last too long. Just thirty minutes into the day he was eliminated when he drew paint on his last draw in a 2-7 triple draw hand and was bounced out in twentieth place.

Bill Chen's stack began crumble from the start. By the end of the level the last of his chips were being shipped over to Stephen Su.

Apparently Chen seemed ahead with his pair of fours the whole way but Su, with a million outs, flipped over his seventh street card to make a better pair.

Beginning Of Chen's Demise

Todd Brunson is out there decimating Bill Chen's stack.

First, he got all in against Chen in a Limit Hold-em hand where the two refused to stop reraising.

The flop was K 8 3 and after all of Brunson's chips were in, he turned over K T while all Chen had was K 5.

The turn and river were blanks and the pot was shipped.

A few hands later the two got into a preflop raising war. Chen erred on the side of caution and shut down, only calling Brunson the whole way. By the end the board was 6 K T 3 3.

"Queens," said Todd as he confidently tabled his two ladies.

"You're good," said a dejected Chen whose stack is a mere shell of what it was just minutes ago.

Super Dario

Dario Minieri is sputtering around like a Vespa possessed.

Matt Vengrin
Pasta fazooled!

"I raise," he said as he put out double the small blind.

"Sir, you are the big blind," replied the dealer.

"Oh, sorry. Nevermind then," Minieri said.

The entire table started laughing at the gaffe.

"I don't know if I even want to play my hand," Scott Seiver said as he looked down at his cards. He mucked, as did the rest of the table giving the mini-Italian a walk.

"I folded queen-nine of hearts," Seiver said.

"I folded ace-ten!" Matt Vengrin said.

"Ok, just this a-one time, I will show," Minieri said as he turned over his A Q.

That wasn't the last we would hear from the Italian.

A ridiculous hand unfolded that was capped preflop in a hand of O/8.

John D'Agostino was all in while Matt Vengrin and Dario would contest the hand the rest of the way through.

Dario fired the entire way on a 5 9#8d7c5 board while Vengrin called down.

"I have ace-two only," Minieri said as he turned over A-2-3-3.

"Why are you betting ace-two the whole way?" asked an exasperated Vengrin as he tabled his A-2-4-J.

Minieri took one look at Vengrin's hand and then the board.

"Why am I betting ace-two? Because I get you for the high," Minieri said triumphantly. It was true, his pair of threes in the hole were good for the high pot.

Meanwhile, J-Dags turned over A-3-4-8 which made a straight and kept him in contention.

"So stupid... Wow!" said Vengrin, still flabbergasted that he had just been quartered by a measly pair of threes.

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$2,500 Mixed - It's A Mixed Bag

Mama mia!
Mama mia!

It's a mixed bag today as the $2,500 Mixed Event resumes. We have a few very familiar faces dispersed among the field and a bunch of not to so familiar ones.

Nikolai Yakovenko is heading the pack of 20 players that are to return today. He is starting today with 310,000 in chips followed closely by Matt Vengrin with 276,600.

Other notables in the top ten include Kirk Morrison, Scott Seiver, Steve Sung. With less chips but just as notable are Dario Minieri, John D'agostino and Alex Kravchenko.

Get out the Red Bulls. It's going to be a long one. We play until one man is left standing.

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Event Name Event 48 - $2,500 Mixed Game
Date 26 June 2010
Final Day 28 June 2010
Buy In $2,500
Entrants 453
Prize Pool $1,041,900
First Prize $260,497

Sigurd Eskeland

Event 48 - $2,500 Mixed Game

Top Money Finishers Prize
1. Sigurd Eskeland $260,497
2. Steve Sung $160,952
3. Alexander Wice $102,314
4. Nikolai Yakovenko $73,776
5. Stephen Su $54,032
6. Scott Seiver $40,175
7. Jared Jaffee $30,319
8. Kirill Rabtsov $23,223
9. Matthew Vengrin $18,045
10. Todd Brunson $18,045