$1.5k PLO 8 - The Brits Are Caning It!

No wobbles from Jelinek.
No wobbles from Jelinek.

After a little bit of back and forth, John Gottlieb and Steve Jelinek were back to dead even.

It only took a few minutes before the final confrontation went down.

We turned our heads for one minute and it was all over. From what we can gather Gottlieb got it in with aces and managed to make two pair. Without a low on board, that was enough to seal the deal.

The bracelet was within arms length of Gottlieb so he didn't have to go far to retrieve his prize.

Steve Jelinek will pocket a cool $245,871 for his victory. Who can forget that he also gets a nice chunk of gold to go along with the cash? Last year he finished sixth in this very same event. Vindication at last!

John Gottlieb earned $151,884 for second, not a number to sneeze at, but considering we had a hard time finding any cashes under his name, if it indeed his first cash, it's a great start.

For those of you paying attention, Jelinek's win makes five bracelets so far this year for the Brits.

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$1.5k PLO 8 - All Hell's Breaking Loose!

On the warpath.
On the warpath.

It's a zoo in there at the moment! There has been some serious drama during the last hour as monstrous pots were played and fortunes exchanged.

Gottlieb Mounts Comeback

At one point Steve Jelinek was going to take it down. He had a defeated looking Steve Gottlieb down to just over 400,000. Despite the monstrous chip deficit, Gottlieb kept his head down and kept playing hard.

The two got all in preflop with Gottlieb holding 3 6 4 5 to his opponent's 5 Q 6 8.

A board of T 2 A 8 Q gave Gottlieb a flush and a low to get him up to just under a million.

Gottlieb Gets Monster Chip Lead

Gottlieb then hacked out another few pots to get his stack to a little more than 1.5 million when a monster pot developed.

Steve Jelinek made it 240k to go from the button and John Gottlieb flatted. The flop came down K T 8. Gottlieb check called 480k.

The turn was the 4.

"All in," said Gottlieb. Jelinek made the monster call.

Gottlieb: A K J 7

Jelinek: A A K Q

The dealer burned and flipped over the 9 river and that's when time stopped.

Everybody in the room looked at the board trying to figure out the hands. Jelinek's crew started to make some noise prompting him to raise his arms up in victory. It was all over until...

"Straight!!! I got at STRAIGHT!!! Woooohoooo!!!" bellowed Gottllieb.

He did indeed hit a jack high straight on the river and nobody had seen it for several seconds. Jelenik confirmed the bad news and a crushing look of defeat swept over his face as he turned away from the table.

The massive 3.1 million chip pot was shoveled to Gottlieb. It was now Jelinek on the ropes with just a few hundred thousand.

Jelinek Back From The Murky Deep

But wait, it doesn't end there.

With ten minutes left until break time and after making a few preflop and flop calls, Jelinek had made a miraculous come back.

It appeared that Gottlieb was trying to put a hand together to end the tournament but he may have been a bit too overzealous.

His seemingly loose calls proved to be costly and somehow, going into the break it was Gottlieb, with 1.5 million and Jelinek back on top with 2.3 million.


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$1.5k PLO 8 - Heads Up Time

FML mode after losing set over set.
FML mode after losing set over set.

It's time for a little heads-up PLO 8 action.

Steve Jelinek is on a spectacular rush and seems completely unstoppable.

Steve Gottlieb playing out of Dallas, TX will take on the Birmingham Brit after a short break. The bracelet is on the table within reach of both players.

Jelinek is starting with a big advantage. His stack of 2.8 million dwarfs Gottlieb's 1.2 million stack. It doesn't matter though, it's anyone's game.

Jelinek Gets Massive Lead Part #1

Steve Jelinek got all in against Anders preflop with the J J 4 2 against A 5 6 K.

"And everyone walks away from the table," said the tournament as all players stood up from their chairs and walked away to their respective cheering sections.

The players turned back to the table and the dealer began to run the board.

Flop: K 8 T

Turn: 6

At this point, Jelinek was drawing pretty slim but then the dealer turned over the J!

Jelinek had made a set of jacks to scoop the whole pot. He let out a dual fist pump.

"It's ok, you had a lot of scoop outs!" someone said from the rail.

"Not really," replied Jelinek. "I wasn't looking for a jack. I wasn't sure what I was looking for but it definitely wasn't a jack."

The dealer counted out the pot and shoved the massive 1.2 million chip pot to Jelinek.

"And the pain goes on," he said as he reclaimed his seat.

Jelinek Gets Massive Lead Part #2

Steve Jelinek's rush continued when he made a target out of Anders Taylor. On a flop of Q 7 T the two raised the roof until there were no more chips to put in the pot.

Taylor turned up J 7 7 6 for middle set but it was Jelinek's T T 5 2 that was the boss hand for top set. All of a sudden, Jelinek was sitting with 2.5 million.

A brick on the turn and river was utterly devastation to Taylor.

Left with just a couple of hundred thousand, Jelinek dealt the final blow as well when he eliminated Anders just a few minutes later.

Taylor goes home with $97,913 to add to the bankroll and a story to tell his buddies about how close he came to WSOP gold.

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$1.5k PLO 8 - It's A Threesome

Baaaaaaa bye.
Baaaaaaa bye.

What a difference an hour makes!

We've seen a couple of eliminations in the last level as well as a few close shaves. We're now three hand. Steve Gottlieb is barely hanging onto his chiplead and is being slowly crept up on by his two opponents.

Lamb Slaughtered

Ben Lamb doubled up to over half a million in chips which lasted him, oh, about five minutes.

Lamb made it 175,000 to go from the small blind and was called by Anders Taylor in the big.

The dealer rolled out the 7 6 4. Lamb bet, Taylor raised and Lamb called all in.

Taylor: A 4 3 2

Lamb: A 9 7 5

The turn was a meaningless K but the A on the river changed everything. It not only gave Taylor a flush, but also made him the nut low which was good for the whole pot.

Lamb earned $53,319 for his fifth place exit.

Mike Chapped

A couple of rounds later and Michael Chappus opened from the button. Resident executioner Anders Tayler reraised from the small blind and Chappus moved all in.

"Good luck," said Taylor.

Chappus tabled his A 8 5 2 and was looking at Taylor's A K 8 5

Chappus was at the mercy of the deck.

The flop: K Q T

Anders, in great shape against Chappus' hand, went closer to his opponent and assumed the 'I just beat you and I am going to shake your hand in a friendly manner' position.

The 4 on the turn left Chappus drawing dead and made it official.

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$1.5k PLO 8 - Choppity Chop

Used to be massive chip leader.
Used to be massive chip leader.

Somehow, massive chip leader, John Gottlieb has managed to spew off 600,000 of his stack. It's benefited Anders Taylor and Steve Jelinek greatly and has ensured that we still have plenty of poker left to watch.

With the exception of a couple of big hands, preflop blind raises and split pots have comprised 97% of the hands we have been seeing.

Taylor Doubles Through Gottlieb

First up to take a whack at Gottlieb's stack was Anders Taylor. He was down to about 250k when he opened it up for a standard 120,000 raise. Gottlieb reraised pot, enough to put Taylor all in.

Taylor called and showed A Q J 6 while Gottlieb tabled A A 7 6.

The flop brought the 7 3 T and the turn came the 8.

Someone in the crowd called for a gutterball nine and the dealer obliged with the 9.

Both players shared the same A-3-6-7-8 for the low but Gottlieb turned a nice profit by scooping the high with the queen high straight.

"Gotta win those," lamented Gottlieb.

"Yeah, if you won all the hands you would probably win the tournament," someone one the rail muttered.

Jelinek Helps Himself

Steve Jelinek was the next to help himself to John Gottlieb's chips.

Gottlieb opened for 120,000 and Jelinek flatted out of the big blind. The flop came down 8 8 9. Gottlieb bet out and Jelinek moved all in.

Gottlieb showed the 7 7 3 2 but was practically crushed by Jelinek when he saw the A 9 9 2 (nines full).

Some of Gottlieb's rail called for the soul crushing five or nine of clubs that would complete the straight flush but the T rolled over on the turn and a meaningless 5 came on the river. The pot cost Gottlieb over 450,000.

Jelinek is now on 925k.

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$1.5k PLO 8 - The Brat Packs Up, Thomas Toasted

Buh bye brat.
Buh bye brat.

Well, as promised the action has picked up. Unfortunately, all of the action has claimed the lives of the two most popular players left at the table. Both Phil Hellmuth and Mandy Thomas went out one after the other.

In other news, John Gottlieb is running away with this thing! He has almost 2 million in chips while second place Steve Jelinek barely has a third as many.

Let's have a look at the two eliminations that happened this round.

Hellmuth Evicted

First it was Phil "The Poker Brat" Hellmuth's turn.

He raised and then was reraised by John Gottlieb. Hellmuth called for the last of his chips and turned up A T 3 2. He had been dodging bullets all tournament and he was up against them yet again; Gottlieb turned over A A Q 8.

The Q 9 7 was not what Hellmuth was looking for, though he still had a chance to take half should two low cards come.

"Keep it big dealer," pleaded Gottlieb. The dealer obliged and turned over the T. It was a little bit of help for Hellmuth, but needing to make trips or two pair, the 9 did neither.

Hellmuth's seventh place finish will pay $30,633 his 78th (yes 78th!!!) WSOP cash.

Roxy Rocked

Most of the crowd vanished almost as quickly as Hellmuth did. The stands were packed with spectators hoping to catch a glimpse of Phil and now that he's gone it's mostly just friends and family of the players left. Mandy Thomas has a little cheering section of her own.

At first glance, Mandy Thomas might seem like a mom, a housewife, a weekend penny ante poker player. Things aren't always what they appear.

Well, she is a mother of four, and a housewife, but she doesn't have time for penny games. She's busy cleaning up at the $150/$300 and up Omaha Eight or Better games on PokerStars.

She's amassed several hundred thousands of dollars in online and live tournament cashes and even has a WSOP Circuit event bracelet to her name (1998 Seven Card Stud Ladies Event).

Tonight she had a chance to win her first bracelet in an open event as well as be the first woman to do so this year but unfortunately, it wasn't in the cards.

Thomas, who plays as "Roxy24" on PokerStars, proved she was a tough nut to crack today. She survived all in after all in and her stack fluctuated up and down but she never lost her cool. The last hand came against Ben Lamb.

Thomas raised when it folded to her and Lamb three bet the pot to put her all in. Thomas called and turned over J 8 3 2.

"I like your hand," she said after seeing Lamb's A 7 5 3.

The 6 2 K came out on the flop.

"Four of diamonds," Thomas asked quietly perhaps looking for the runner, runner straight flush.

Instead the dealer put out the J followed by the A. While it made Thomas a flush, Lamb's was better and while it also made Thomas a low, well you know the rest.

Thomas did really well to make it all the way to sixth place considering how many times she was in peril.

"I don't know how much I won, but it's OK. Maybe I should have waited one more hand but I was too short to play tight!" she told one of her friends on the way out. Well, we're sure she knows by now, but she took down $40,169.

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$1.5k PLO 8 - Dinnarrr!

After dinner attire?
After dinner attire?

It's dinner time for the PLO 8 event.

Now that they've had a chance to get settled in and with the limits continuing to rise we're expecting to see a bunch more gamble from these guys (and girl) after they get back.

He Dodges Bullets!

Phil Hellmuth has been dodging bullets all day and he managed to do so yet again right before the break.

As the dinner bell was set to ring, Hellmuth and Anders Taylor raised and reraised until all the chips were in preflop.

Hellmuth turned over A T 7 3 while Taylor tabled his A A K 4.

Hellmuth was at the mercy of the deck and things were looking grim by river time. The board was 9 J 5 J.

Just one card from Hellmuth being yesterday's news, the dealer burned and rivered the 8!

Hellmuth had managed to outrun Taylor's aces and just like that he was back in it. Hellmuth is back up to a quarter million.

The crowd went nuts as they started to filter out of the tournament area to enjoy an hour break.

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$1.5k PLO 8 - Hellmuth Struggles, Mandy Hangs On

Phill Hellmuth hanging in there!
Phill Hellmuth hanging in there!

Those first five eliminations within the first 90 minutes that we had earlier today were a bit of a tease. The final table has been going for a couple of hours now and we've only had two bustouts.

Mandy Thomas and Phil Hellmuth have been flirting with the payout linen nearly the entire time but they can't lose. Both

In fact, Hellmuth, who was down to 35,000 recently on a run to build his stack up to 250,000. Mandy Thomas, who was in a similar spot, has survived several all ins and also still has a couple of hundred thousand.

Joel Edged Out

Joel Ettedgi was recently eliminated in ninth place after running into Ben Lamb's wheel.

Oh, Mandy Thomas was in the hand as well for her last 70k. She managed to scoop half of the main pot after making quad deuces but it was Lamb who took the lion's share of the chips and is now up to 725,000.

Despite being over 500,000 at one point he leaves in a disappointing ninth place.

Ettedgi will have a check cut for him for the amount $18,432.

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$1.5k PLO 8 - Finally...Final Table Set

On the down swing.
On the down swing.

John Gottlieb has amassed a monster stack of 830,000 which puts him solidly in the lead. Behind him is Ryan Karp. Phil Hellmuth is down at the bottom of the list. We're still waiting for him to actually do something. We're not holding our breath though.

Steve Jelinek, playing out of Birmingham, England, has been doing his best to make something happen, but it hasn't helped him much. Once chip leader, he's now in the middle of the pack after dropping half of his 700k stack.

As with many other events, the final table assembles with one player left to be eliminated before the "official final table" is set. A few minutes ago, the elimination occurred.

Bubble Boy, Jeff Baker Cooked

Today's final table bubble boy was Jeffrey Baker. He went out in tenth place after getting all in on a 7 8 9 board with his A 2 3 6 to John Gottlieb's A T 6 2. Baker was drawing dead for the high and could only hope to get back chips if he hit a low.

Unfortunately for him a brick turn and river left him out in the Vegas heat. For his tenth place he'll be taking home $14,544.

Hellmuth Here, But Isn't Playing

Players are still proceeding with caution in the PLO 8, but none more than Phil Hellmuth.

It appears Hellmuth didn't get the memo and thinks he's going to win this event by folding way to the bracelet.

He's hardly played a pot and even when he does enter he's out before you know it.

His stack which started at over half a million has been halved since the start of day three.

Representing the Ladies

Mandy Thomas is here representing the ladies and trying to take down a bracelet. She has nearly no chips left. Recently she increased her stack by 50% after winning half of a three way pot in which she was all in.

Nonetheless, she's still only on 75,000 which puts her way down at the bottom of the list.

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$1.5 PLO 8 - Final Table

Bear mauled!
Bear mauled!

The first hour had five rapid fire eliminations. Tony Cousineau and Barry Greenstein fans, look away now!

Cousineau Flies Coop

Tony Cousineau doubled up early on in the day but it only delayed his elimination by a few minutes. Cousineau ended getting all the chips in preflop with A T 7 3. He was up against Joel Ettedgi's A Q 5 4.

Cousineau blanked on everything while Ettedgi made a measly pair of queens that was enough to take it down.

Bear Mauled

Not long after that, Barry Greenstein met the same fate as Cousineau. Jeffrey Baker opened and Greenstein reraised pot. Baker went all in and Greenstein made the call.

Greenstein: A T 5 4

Baker: A 7 5 2

The dealer ran a board of Q 9 2 6 Q. The Bear had just been eliminated by a lousy pair of deuces.

For now the fanboy's last hope lies with Phil Hellmuth.

Final Table Time

Down to ten players in less than an hour, the players bagged their chips and headed for the main stage.

Normally at this time of day during a work week the crowd would be sparse and disinterested, but all it takes is Hellmuth to draw the crowds in and get them lively.

"Let's see a blowup Phil!" someone yelled.

"No fetal position when you bust!" cried another.

"Ahhh, just kidding, we love you Phil! Now bust!" said yet another.

"Cheering is encouraged, booing is not, so when Phil wins a pot let's keep the booing to a minimum," even the tournament director couldn't resist needling Phil.

"There will be one person that will clap for me. My wife, when she gets here, she'll clap," Hellmuth said. PL.com couldn't help but notice Hellmuth's wife hiding quietly in the corner.

"I love this table. I love what it represents," Hellmuth said nostalgically.

"Jack Links Beef Jerky?" someone quipped.

The table started off slowly. Perhaps everyone is trying to get their bearings, or the cards just aren't cooperating. Either way, it's PLO 8, so it's only a matter of time before all hell breaks loose.

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$1.5k PLO 8 - The Brat Is Back!

Can you even spell PLO-8?
Can you even spell PLO-8?

Day three of the $1,500 Pot Limit Hold-em Hi/Lo Split is getting started as we speak. Fifteen players made it this far and they're going to play it out to a winner tonight.

There are a few notables in the field. Barry Greenstein is still here and Tony Cousineau is right there with him.

Oh, there is also a person by the name of Phil Hellmuth that also is returning for more pot splitting goodness.

Phil Hellmuth already made a deep run at this year's WSOP in a $1,500 donkament. He fell short though, only able to make it to fifteenth place.

Today he comes in fourth in chips so chances are he'll be here for a while, but does he have what it takes to go all the way?

Only time will tell. Stick around and see what happens. The tournament resumes right now!

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Event Name Event 41 - $1,500 Pot-Limit Omaha Hi-Low
Date 22 June 2010
Final Day 24 June 2010
Buy In $1,500
Entrants 847
Prize Pool $1,143,450
First Prize $245,871

Steve Jelinek

Event 41 - $1,500 Pot-Limit Omaha Hi-Low

Top Money Finishers Prize
1. Steve Jelinek $245,871
2. John Gottlieb $151,884
3. Anders Taylor $97,913
4. Michael Chappus $71,728
5. Ben Lamb $53,319
6. Mandy Thomas $40,169
7. Phil Hellmuth $30,633
8. Ryan Karp $23,635
9. Joel Ettedgi $18,432
10. Jeffrey Baker $14,544