$5k Hold'em Six Max - Men Mastered, Papola Wins!

$667,433 richer, son!
$667,433 richer, son!

After what seemed like a never ending heads up battle it's all over.

Jeff Papola started by taking a decent hunk of Men "The Master" Nguyen's stack, getting him down to around 2.5 million to his 6 million.

The final hand began with the standard Papola preflop raise that was countered by an all in shove by Nguyen.

Papola made the call and it was showtime:

Papola: J J

Nguyen: K T

Nguyen's cheering section (which at a dozen people strong was almost four times stronger than Papola's) began begging for a king. A king didn't come on the flop, but there was a spade giving the long shot backdoor flush draw a chance.

Any hope for the flush was dashed when the turn was a brick. The river was another blank.

Papola, who has been emotionless almost all day let out a mini fist pump and perhaps a 'yes!' or two.

Men took it in stride offering a handshake which Papola took him up on.

"It was a good battle huh?" Men asked the tournament director who replied with a nod.

It appeared that there was no end in sight and then in a flash it was all over.

Men "The Master" Nguyen will take home $412,746 for his second place finish.

Jeff Papola must be happy he declined the offer to 'save' $100,000. He gets the lion's share of the money - a hefty $667,433 and a spot in the history books!

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$5k Hold’em 6-Max – The Beat Goes On

Not going away.
Not going away.

We're being told that it's starting to get light outside and yet Jeff Papola and Men "The Master" Nguyen show no signs of going home anytime soon.

The two are locked in a marathon heads-up match and every time one player grabs the lead the other comes storming back.

It's still anyone's game and we could be here for quite some time.

Here's a look at the latest happenings:

Chop it Up?

Men "The Master" Nguyen and Jeff Papola were about even in chips when Nguyen asked the tournament director to show him the payout sheet.

There is a quarter million dollar difference between first and second in this event and that caught Nguyen's attention.

"You want to do a hundred thousand save so we each get at least half million?" Nguyen asked. This means that $100,000 would go from first and into second. It would bring the difference between first and second down to the $50,000.

"No thank you. Good luck," Jeff replied.

Since then they've pretty much been passing chips back and forth though Men seems to be getting the better of it.

Here's a good example of how he's doing it.

More for Men

Men Nguyen just took back the chip lead again.

Jeff Papola bet 175,000 on a 5 3 2 Q and Nguyen called.

The river fell 9 and Nguyen fired 400,000, Papola thought for a minute and then called but immediately mucked when Nguyen showed Q J.

After the hand Nguyen was up to about 4.5 million chips while Papola fell down to 4.1 million.

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$5k Hold'em Six Max - Tie Game!

Refuses to lose.
Refuses to lose.

Men "The Master" Nguyen has been proving that he has alligator blood coursing through his veins. He just refuses to die.

Jeff Papola raised it from the button (like he normally does), but this time Nguyen moved all in over the top for about 2.1 million more.

Papola tanked it but ended up making the call. He must have been wishing he hadn't when he saw Nguyen turn over A-T and all he could counter with was A-8.

The flop was K-Q-3. Nguyen was in the lead and had some gutshot broadway outs to boot.

The turn was the 9 and the river the 7 - complete bricks.

With that hand, Nguyen is back in it with 4.1 million to Papola's 4.4 million. It's now anyone's game!

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$5k Hold’em 6-Max – All Out War

Men is hungry, baby!
Men is hungry, baby!

We're one hour into the heads-up match between Jeff Papola and Men "The Master" Nguyen and it's apparent it could be a long night.

Papola was initially smashing Nguyen but the experienced veteran was willing to show some patience and fold a large number of hands.

"Wake up the Master," shouted a Nguyen fan.

"I'll wake up when I get a hand," joked a slightly inebriated Nguyen.

Nguyen did wake up with a hand a few minutes later.

Nguyen limped, Papola shoved all-in (which he's been doing frequently) and after thinking for a few minutes Nguyen called.

Papola showed K-J but Nguyen had him dominated with A J.

The board ran out A-J-T-4-T and Nguyen won the pot handily.

After the hand Nguyen had 3.2 million to Papola's 5.3 million.

There are several compelling storylines in the heads-up match tonight.

First of all you've got Papola, who less than one week ago was sitting in the same chair in the $2.5k No-Limit Hold'em 6-Max event.

Tonight it's all about redemption for Papola who ended up finishing second to William Haydon in the $2.5k event.

Meanwhile you've got Men "The Master" Nguyen who has already tied for the lead in the 2010 WSOP Player of the Year race but could catapult into the overall lead by winning tonight.

It would also be Nguyen's second bracelet of the summer and his eighth overall. Eight bracelets would put him in a tie with Erik Seidel who is fourth overall.

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$5k Hold’em 6-Max – Radoja Wrecked

Mark'ed Man
Mark'ed Man

We are officially heads-up in the $5k Hold'em 6-Max event.

It all went down in a hand where Canadian Mark Radoja bet 175,000 and Jeff Papola called from the big blind.

The flop rolled out 9 5 4 and Papola checked to Radoja who kept the pressure on with a 225,000 bet.

Papola check-raised to 575,000 and Radoja moved all-in. Papola called and the players put the cards were on their backs:

Radoja: Q 8

Papola: T 9

It's Papola with top pair and Radoja with a flush draw and overcard.

The turn came 8 and Radoja picked up more outs but the K on the river missed him completely.

Radoja is out of the tournament in third place and will pick up $262,902 for his efforts.

We are now heads-up and here are the chip counts:

Papola - 6.5 million
Nguyen - 1.9 million

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$5k Hold’em 6-Max – Delacruz, Launais Fall

Bruno busts!
Bruno busts!

It took awhile to find our first elimination but players are starting to fall faster than the Stratosphere's SkyJump.

Both Bruno Launais and Orlando Delacruz have been relegated to the rail as Men "The Master" Nguyen inches closer to his second WSOP bracelet of the summer.

Here's a look at the action:

Launais Lit Up (Fourth)

France's Bruno Launais was short-stacked and decided to shove with Q 4 for his last 600,000. Unfortunately for Launais, Mark Radoja woke up with A K and made the easy call.

The board went down A Q J A 9 and that was more than enough to give Radoja the definitive checkmark.

Launais falls out in fourth place and will earn $173,123 for his efforts.

Delacruz is Dela-Busted (Fifth)

Californian Orlando Delacruz was crippled in a hand with Mark Radoja and the very next hand he was all-in from the big blind.

Jeff Papola limped and Rodaja completed his small blind.

The flop came T 3 2 and Radoja checked but Papola fired 150,000 into the pot. Radoja gave it up.

Orlando showed K 7 but Papola was in the lead with 9 2 for a pair of deuces.

The board finished with the A and then the Q.

Delacruz finished in fifth place for $117,595.

Hey at least the Lakers won!

Three's a Crowd

Here are the chip counts heading into three-handed play:

Men Nguyen - 3.3 million
Jeff Papola - 3.1 million
Mark Radoja - 1.8 million

Level 27

Blinds: 30,000/60,000 Ante: 5,000

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$5k Hold’em 6-Max – Lindgren Stunned (Sixth)

First out!
First out!

Action was somewhat slow at the $5,000 Six Max final table but then all hell broke loose between Men "The Master" Nguyen and Erick Lindgren.

With about 1.5 million in chips (about the same as Nguyen) Lindgren three bet an early position raise to 260,000. The Master then shoved all in over the top for his 1.5 million.

There was a bit of hemming and hawing bit before he finally made the call.

Lindgren turned over pocket queens but was a 4-1 dog against Nguyen's pocket kings.

Lindgren failed to snag a queen and the massive pot was shipped to The Master.

With that, Lindgren was eliminated. He'll get $82,303 got his efforts - a far cry from the $667,433 that the winner will take home.

Level 26

Blinds: 25,000/50,000 Ante: 5,000

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$5k Hold’em 6-Max – The Silver Six

Erick the Great?
Erick the Great?

The final table in the $5k Hold'em 6-Max event has been set and we've got a couple pros looking to add to their already significant accolades.

Erick Lindgren is here looking to win his second WSOP bracelet while Men "The Master" Nguyen is looking to win his second bracelet this summer.

Good luck to getting by online stud Jeff Papola who's got over 2.3 million chips.

Here's a look at the action leading up to the final table:

McFarland Gets Spawn'ed

One player had to be eliminated before we had our actual final table of six and that player is Taylor McFarland.

McFarland was crippled in a big hand against Erick Lindgren and then opened shoved a few hands later when action folded to him in late position.

Mark Radoja found it in himself to call with A 9, which had McFarland's T 9 crushed.

The board came J 5 2 5 K and that was enough to send McFarland packing just short of the final table.

He picks up $59,291 for coming in seventh place.

Final Table Chip Counts

Here's a look at the stacks as the players enter the final table:

Jeff Papola - 2.3 million
Erick Lindgren - 1.6 million
Men Nguyen - 1.5 million
Orlando Delacruz - 1.1 million
Bruno Launais - 1.03 million
Mark Radoja - 480,000

Level 25

Blinds: 20,000/40,000 Ante: 5,000

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$5k Hold’em 6-Max – Final Table Looms

One sick dude.
One sick dude.

We're down to eight players in the $5k Hold'em 6-Max event and Erick Lindren is just two eliminations from booking his first final table seat of the summer.

Meanwhile Men "The Master" Nguyen and Jeff Papola are looking to make their second final table appearance of the 2010 WSOP.

Orlando Delacruz is the later player to slim into the danger zone with a short stack of 595,000.

Here's a look at the latest action from the floor:

Men Keeps Nguyen'ing

Men "The Master" Nguyen is doing a superb job of playing short stack today but he just got luck to double up through Paul Sheng.

Nguyen got all-in with A Q against Sheng's J J.

The board ran out Q 8 4 7 K and Nguyen raked the pot. After the hand Nguyen had 800,000 to Sheng's 735,000.

Shortly after that hand Nguyen busted Sheng in ninth place when he flopped top-pair, top-kicker and Sheng had top-pair, second kicker. Nguyen improved to two-pair and that was more than enough to eliminate Sheng.

Sheng receives $43,941 and suddenly Nguyen isn't playing from the short stack any more.

Papola Faces Off With Radoja

Jeff Papola opened for 52,000 from the cutoff and Mark Radoja raised to 120,000 from the button.

Papola wasted no time and moved all-in for 1.1 million more.

This sent Radoja deep into the tank as he contemplated his decision.

"Do you have tens or nines?" Radoja asked.

Papola said nothing and continued to stare blankly at the table.

Finally after several minutes Radoja threw his hand into the muck.

Papola flashed the 5 as he raked the pot, which stunned Radoja.

"You're sicker than me," he said.


Here's your official stack update:

Jeff Papola - 2.3 million
Men Nguyen - 1.5 million
Erick Lindgren - 1 million
Mark Radoja - 925,000
Bruno Launais - 850,000
Taylor McFarland - 815,000
Orlando Delacruz - 595,000

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$5k Hold’em 6-Max – The Nine

All you can eat, baby?
All you can eat, baby?

We've made it down to the final nine players but since this is 6-Max we won't consolidate to a final table until six players remain.

Canadian Mark Radoja is the new chip leader although Paul Sheng is hot on his heels.

Men Nguyen is in danger of being mastered as he's the short stack.

He's a more detailed look at what happened in the last hour:

Nguyen Doubles Up

Men "The Master" Nguyen just got all-in for the last of his 142,000 stack and Paul Sheng, having made an initial bet, called.

The players flipped over their cards:

Nguyen: K T

Sheng: J 3

Nguyen, who's looking for his second bracelet at the 2010 WSOP, was in the lead, albeit slightly.

The dealer rolled out a K 8 4 6 8 board and Ngueyn was safe, at least for the time being.

Nguyen is still extremely short with just 360,000 to work with.

Panesis Punted in 10th

Darren Elias opened from the button and Evan Panesis shoved from the big blind. Elias called and showed A 8, which had Panesis' Q J beat.

The board came T 9 6 A J to give Elias the definitive checkmark.

Panesis bails out in 10th place for a $43,941 payday.


Here's how it all stacks up after the last hour:

Mark Radoja - 1.9 million
Paul Sheng - 1.3 million
Erick Lindgren - 1.1 million
Jeff Papola - 1.1 million
Taylor McFarland - 1 million
Orlando Delacruz - 665,000
Bruno Launais - 565,000
Darren Elias - 550,000
Men Nguyen - 330,000

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$5k Hold’em 6-Max – Lindgren Falters, Papola Rises

Big Papa?
Big Papa?

Erick Lindgren's chances of winning this event diminished in the last hour of play while Jeff Papola is on the up and up.

We're officially down to 11 players as the final table looms in $5k Hold'em 6-Max event.

Here's a look at the latest action on the tournament floor:

Big Laydown Lindgren

Team Full Tilt pro Erick Lindgren has not had the best start to Day 3 of the $5k No-Limit Hold'em 6-Max event.

After losing a couple inconsequential pots, Lindgren played a massive pot where he saw a A K 8 A T board against one player.

Lindgren checked but his opponent fired 264,000 at the pot. Lindgren thought for a minute or two but then threw his hand into the muck.

After the hand Lindgren fell down to 900,000.

Rockets in Papola's Pockets

We didn't catch the action but Jeff Papola managed to get his opponent all-in with A K while Papola was holding a crushing A A.

The board ran out J 9 4 2 Q and Papola safely doubled up with his pocket rockets.

After the hand Papola was up to 650,000.

Roux Rocked

Anthony Roux bet 38,000 from late position and Mark Radoja moved in on him from the big blind.

Roux called and flipped K K, which was in the lead against Radoja's A 4.

The flop was painful for Roux, however, as it came A 9 8. The turn fell 8 and the river finished with the 4.

Roux is out of the tournament.

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$5k Hold’em 6-Max – The Final Day Begins

Does E-dog smell a bracelet?
Does E-dog smell a bracelet?

It's of the final day of the hotly contested $5k Hold'em 6-Max event.

2008 Player of the Year Erick Lindgren is second in chips with 1.1 million but Anthony Rous, Men "The Master" Nguyen and upstart online player Jeff "jpapola" Papola are all in the running as well.

Incredibly Papola finished runner up in the $2.5k 6-Max WSOP event barely one week ago. Perhaps today he'll be able to exercise his demons and take it all down.

The plan last night was to play all the down to a final table but after an extremely long night yesterday there are 12 players returning today.

Here's a look at the top 10 chip counts as the day begins:

Mark Radoja  1,270,000
Erick Lindgren  1,100,000
Taylor McFarland  867,000
Bruno Launais  710,000
Darren Elias  700,000
Anthony Rous  600,000
Men Nguyen  440,000
Jeffrey Papola  435,000
Orlando Delacruz  420,000
Lucas Greenwood  310,000
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Event Name Event 32 - $5,000 Six-handed No-Limit Hold'em
Venue Rio All Suites Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas
Date 17 June 2010
Final Day 19 June 2010
Buy In $5,000
Entrants 568
Prize Pool $2,669,600
First Prize $667,433

Jeffrey Papola

Event 32 - $5,000 Six-handed No-Limit Hold'em

Top Money Finishers Prize
1. Jeffrey Papola $667,433
2. Men "The Master" Nguyen $412,746
3. Mark Radoja $262,902
4. Bruno Launais $173,123
5. Orlando Delacruz $117,595
6. Erick Lindgren $82,303
7. Taylor McFarland $59,291
8. Darren Elias $59,291
9. Paul Sheng $43,941
10. Evan Panesis $43,941