$1.5k NLHE - Dwan Falls Just Short in Bracelet Bid

Simon Watt wins his first WSOP bracelet.
Simon Watt wins his first WSOP bracelet.

Close, but not close enough for Tom "durrrr" Dwan. Dwan may go home as the most distraught second place finisher in WSOP history based on the payday he could have garnered with a first place finish.

Still, even getting to a heads up match in a field of more than 2,500 players is an impressive accomplishment for the young poker pro who will celebrate his 24th birthday next month.

The final hand featured Dwan's queen-six off up against the pocket nines of Simon Watt all in preflop. Dwan never improved on a board of A A 8 A K, allowing Watt to seal the victory and ensure that the WSOP hardware will return with him to his native New Zealand.

"It was amazing to play in this atmosphere and playing durrrr heads up for the title? It doesn't get any better than that," a grinning Watt told reporters after his victory. Watt had been working as a software developer but has recently focused more of his time on poker. "My parents were not too keen on me playing poker, especially my mum, so hopefully this will help," said Watt.

Watt isn't the only person breathing a sigh of relief. During Watt's post-tournament press conference, Mike Matusow came into the Amazon Room and asked the virtually unknown player how it feels to be the hero of high-stakes gamblers everywhere. Matusow said jokingly that there might be a shrine someday dedicated to the man who kept the poker community from going broke.

That's a wrap from Sunday at the WSOP, join us again on Monday as we dive head first back into all the exciting WSOP action.

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$1.5k NLHE - Dwan vs. Watt for WSOP Bracelet

Durrrr has defied the odds, now can he win?
Durrrr has defied the odds, now can he win?

It's come down to this. We are now heads up at the $1.5k NLHE event and Tom Dwan has made it down to heads up play. Simon Watt has a 2:1 advantage on Dwan heading into the heads up match.

There is always excitement at a WSOP final table, but there seems to be even more buzz than usual in the Amazon Room given Dwan's rapid rise to success and his well publicized bracelet prop bets.

Eli Elezra, Mike Matusow and Huck Seed are among those players who will owe Dwan a substantial amount of money should durrrr successfully come from behind and win a bracelet.

Sweating It Out

A number of top pros are still involved in the stud tournament going on just feet from this evening's final table. Many of them with a stake in Dwan have made a point to pop in and check on Dwan's progress.

We are not privy to the exact terms of the side bets, but we've heard that Eli Elezra would be on the hook for $1.8 million should Dwan successfully win tonight as he agreed to give Dwan 3:1 odds on $600k.

Dwan's girlfriend is among those in attendance cheering him on.

3rd Place: David Randall

David Randall found himself as the short stack when play resumed after a 20 minute break and it didn't take long for him to shove his last million and change into the middle.

He was able to get it in with the best hand of A K against Watt's A 2. Things just weren't meant to be for Randall as Watt flopped a wheel draw 4 4 3 and then all but sealed the deal when the 2 fell on the turn. The river turned a brick 7 and Randall went home in 3rd place with $277k.

Chip Count

We should witness quite a battle as Dwan-one of the world's premier NLHE heads up players-attempts to come back from a 2:1 deficit in the biggest heads up match of his young career.

Simon Watt  8,560,000
Tom Dwan  2,985,000

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$1.5k NLHE - Chip Lead Changes Hands

I need a double up.
I need a double up.

If David Randall misses out on a bracelet in the $1.5k NLHE event, he will undoubtedly look back on tonight's three-handed action with regrets.

Randall came into three-handed play with a more than 2:1 chip advantage over second place, but now finds himself on the wrong end of a 2:1 chip deficit having given up a huge pot to Simon Watt.

Tom Dwan staved off elimination once but can't seem to string together much momentum as he sits in third place with roughly 1.5 million chips.

Game Changer

The pot of the night so far is one David Randall wishes he could have back. With blinds at 60k, Randall opened to 200k from the button.

After a pause Watt popped it to 590k from the small blind. Randall moved all in and Watt snap called showing 7 7. Randall sheepishly turned over his 10 6. The board came Q 5 2 J 6 and just like that we've got ourselves a new chip leader.

Staying Alive

Early on in three-handed play Tom Dwan put his tournament life on the line with just under 1 million chips. Dwan got it in bad with 9 7 from the small blind and was called by Randall, who held A 10.

Randall wasn't able to fade anything, however, as Dwan made a pair on the flop and trips on the turn to ensure that his night would continue.

Tension Building

Blinds are starting to become a factor for Dwan and the pro has very little room for error if he hopes to come from behind and win a bracelet.

Action has understandably slowed quite a bit during three-handed play as blind stealing becomes paramount and walks come as a welcomed relief.

We'll be following the final table until a winner is crowned so grab a coffee, keep your finger close to the refresh button and bring it on home with us.

Updated Chip Count

Simon Watt  6,900,000
David Randall  2,425,000
Tom Dwan  2,005,000

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$1.5k NLHE - And Then There Were Three

Dwan feels the bracelet slipping away.
Dwan feels the bracelet slipping away.

We're down to three players here at the $1.5k NLHE event, with those left standing guaranteeing themselves at least $270k.

Tom Dwan is now your short stack with around 1.4 million in chips, while Simon Watt has 3.5 million and David Randall is your chip leader with approximately 6.7 million.

Randall has gone on a heater in the last 30 minutes and knocked out two players, allowing him to take a commanding lead.

5th Place: Jason Young

The only remaining bracelet winner in the bunch was eliminated in 5th place as young picked an unlucky spot to push with king-queen off.

Randall woke up with pocket queens and snap called the all in bet from Young. The board came 10 7 7 3 7 and Young was sent packing with a payday of $142,346.

4th Place: Austin McCormick

Speaking of bad spots to get aggressive with a hand, McCormick four bet the cutoff and Randall quickly reraised forcing the pot committed McCormick to make the call.

McCormick showed J 10 and Randall showed A 10. McCormick couldn't get lucky as the board fell K 8 4 7 5 and ended his bid for a bracelet. He walked with a nice parting gift of $194,939.

Chip Count

Tom Dwan has some work to do as he attempts to win his first bracelet and make good on a handful of side bets that would add millions to his bankroll. Keep it locked here as we will be following the final table until its conclusion.

David Randall  6,995,000
Simon Watt  3,385,000
Tom Dwan  1,160,000


Level 27: Small Blind - 30k; Big Blind - 60k; Ante 5k

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$1.5k NLHE - Five Players Fighting

Jason Young remains in contention for bracelet number two.
Jason Young remains in contention for bracelet number two.

No need to beat around the bush; Tom Dwan is no longer your chip leader in the $1.5k NLHE final table. But don't fret durrrr fans, he is still hanging tough in second.

Dwan is leading in the number of supporters packing the bleachers of the Amazon Room. Each time the 26-year old takes down a pot a loud chorus of cheers echoes out from the stands.  

Play is now five-handed as Eric Ladny, Kyle Winter, Marvin Rettenmaier and Michael Smith have all been eliminated since returning from dinner.

Smith Gets Durrrr'd

In the last 30 minutes Durrrr got a little stronger while Michael Smith lost a crucial pot that ultimately cost him his tournament.

On a board showing A Q 10 6 8 Dwan fired out a bet of 270k on the river. Smith called, Dwan showed 10 6 for two pair and Smith immediately mucked.

Not long after Smith was shown the door as the 6th place finisher.

Tom Dwan
Durrrr could be on the verge of his single biggest pay day ever.

Catching Up

Eric Ladny was the first to be eliminated from the final table as his ace-queen was no match for the pocket eights of Simon Watt.

Next to go was Kyle Winter. Winter got his A K all in preflop against the 10 10 of Austin McCormick. There was no drama in the flop as Winter hit his boat on a board of 8 8 10.

McCormick avoided a sick beat of running aces or kings and Winter was forced to settle for $59,547.

Dramatic Conclusion

In one of the more drama filled all ins of the night, German player Marvin Rettenmaier shoved his 455k stack all in preflop and was called by Simon Watt in the big blind.

Rettenmaier turned over 6 7 while Watt showed A 10. The German took the lead on a flop of 9 8 7 and extended his sweat with a blank 3 on the turn. Luck wasn't shining on Rettenmaier tonight, however, as the J fell on the river and eliminated him in 7th place.

The 7th place prize totaled $78,681.

Final Five Chip Count

David Randall  3,350,000
Tom Dwan  2,850,000
Simon Watt  2,500,000
Jason Young  1,695,000
Austin McCormick  1,600,000


Level 26: Small Blind - 25k; Big Blind - 50k; Ante 5k

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$1.5k NLHE - Final Table Off to Slow Start

All smiles from durrrr as he still leads.
All smiles from durrrr as he still leads.

Players in the $1.5k NLHE event just went on an hour long dinner break with nine players still remaining at the final table.

Tom Dwan is still your chip leader, though he managed to lose a decent sized pot just before break.

Flops are few and far between as players steal blinds and jostle for position, all trying to avoid making the first big mistake. We've got details on the few action hands that have been played in the last hour.

Robbery Gone Bad

On the last hand before break Michael Wilson raised from the cutoff to 84k. Perhaps thinking that Wilson wouldn't want any major confrontations before break, Dwan reraised to 229k.

Wilson called despite being out of position. The flop came K 9 5 and Wilson checked to durrrr. The aggressive Dwan fired out 94k, Wilson went all in and Dwan immediately folded.

Despite taking the hit of more than 300k, Dwan is still the chip leader with more than 2.4 million.

Kissing Your Sister

Navy football coach Eddie Erdelatz once said "A tie is like kissing your sister." Tonight's crowd in the Amazon Room would surely agree with Erdelatz's sentiments.

The crowd has been growing restless with the lack of action and thought they could finally be in for an elimination when Simon Watt called the all in bet of Marvin Rettenmaier. That wasn't the case, however, as both players turned over ace-jack and ultimately split the pot.

Boos reigned down from the antsy gallery-which is apparently out for blood tonight.

Channeling Unitas

Johnny Unitas is known as one of the greatest quarterbacks in National Football League history, and one of tonight's final table qualifiers is hoping some of that greatness rubs off on him.

David Randle is sporting a throwback Unitas Colts jersey at tonight's final table, and for what it's worth, it appears to be helping.

Randle managed to take a 400k pot off of Austin McCormick with his unbridled aggression. After raising 75k preflop and getting a call from McCormick, Randle fired another 110k bullet after seeing a flop of J J 5. McCormick called and Randle bet 250k on 4th street after seeing the 5 turn card.

The price of poker was too steep for McCormick and Randle is now second in chips.

Final Table Chip Count

Tom Dwan  2,415,000
David Randall  2,085,000
Austin McCormick  1,800,000
Simon Watt  1,345,000
Jason Young  1,140,000
Michael Smith  1,085,000
Eric Ladny  745,000
Marvin Rettenmaier  540,000
Kyle Winter  420,000


Level 24: Small Blind - 15k; Big Blind - 30k; Ante 4k

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$1.5k NLHE - Eleven Players Close In on Bracelet

No love from the ladies for Bolotin.
No love from the ladies for Bolotin.

Eliminations are coming at a rapid pace in the $1.5k NLHE event. An hour ago players had just broken into two tables but now find themselves on the verge of reaching the final table with only 11 remaining.

Tom Dwan is still the leader with nearly 1.8 million in chips. Jason Young is now second in chips after hitting a monster pot-details of the hand are included below.

No Guts No Glory

Jason Young brought his cheering section to the Rio today. If there was any doubt who was all in, his cheering section let the rest of the Amazon Room know there was action developing.

"No guts no glory!" That was the refrain from one of the more vocal members of Young's gallery as Young made a crucial preflop all in call for almost all of his chips.

Kyle Julius pushed all in with his ace-jack preflop and was called down by the ace-queen of Young. Young's queens held and he took all of Julius's remaining 650k in chips.

Worst Hand in Poker

Alex Bolotin was the second most recognizable face remaining in the field along with Tom Dwan, but Bolotin just saw his tournament life come to an end.

Bolotin shipped his remaining 400k into the pot preflop with ace-queen off and was called by the pocket sixes of Germany's Marvin Rettenmaier. The final board showed 9 8 4 3 2 and Bolotin was sent packing.

"Ace-queen is the worst hand in poker," he said before collecting his $28k prize.

Durrrr Rolling

David Benyamine is the latest durrrr fan to come over and offer his support, as if Dwan needed any more motivation to win his first bracelet.

Dwan's competition can't seem to pick the right spots today. The latest victim is Nicholas Phillips, who just surrendered a pot worth more than half a million. Phillips called the 62k opener from Dwan and both players checked a board of 4 3 2.

After the turn brought the 10 Phillips checked and Dwan bet out 68k. Phillips called, checked the river 2 and Dwan put him to the test with a 238k river bet.

Dwan showed A 10, scooped another pot and was showered with praise from his friend Benyamine.

From the Felt

"I had $100k with him at three and a quarter. I've just shipped him $325k already - he's gonna win," - Huck Seed regrets making a bracelet bet with durrrr, seeing only one outcome from here on in.

David Benyamine
Chairman of the durrrr fan club.

From the Rail

Much has been made of Tom Dwan's online heads up challenge to the rest of the poker world. Dwan has an open challenge to any takers willing to play 40,000 hands of online poker where he will pay $1 million if he is down after the 40k hands, or will gain $500k if he wins. Thus far Patrik Antonius has been the only taker, but Benyamine was rumored to be pondering the challenge.

We asked Benyamine if he is still thinking about challenging the young phenom. "He is my friend now so I don't know if I can now," Benyamine told PokerListings.


Level 23: Small Blind - 12k; Big Blind - 24k; Ante 3k

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$1.5k NLHE - Two Tables, Dwan Still Leads

Prop bets would outweigh WSOP payout if durrrr holds on for win.
Prop bets would outweigh WSOP payout if durrrr holds on for win.

There are now 18 players remaining in the $1.5k NLHE. With two tables left Tom Dwan is still leading the way as he seeks his first WSOP bracelet.

There is talk in the media room that a Dwan bracelet win could bankrupt the poker community because he has so many active bracelet prop bets going. It's believed that Eli Elezra would owe Dwan $1.8 million if he emerges victorious as he took 3:1 odds on $600k against Dwan winning a crown this year.

We don't have anything against Elezra, and we are definitely impartial journalists here at PokerListings, but we wouldn't be opposed to seeing a Dwan win due to the excitement it could generate.

Big Blinds, Big Calls

With blinds now up around 10k and 20k players are being forced into tougher decisions.

With a short stack and position one player pushed his K Q and last 120k into the middle and was somewhat surprised when he was promptly called by 10 9.

After being eliminated by a river flush it was all over except for the complaining. "I couldn't have made that call with nine-ten, but I'm not him." Players finishing outside of the top 18 will earn $17,577.

Pick Your Spots

Tom Dwan was last seen bullying his table, having raised four of six pots. One player decided he had enough of Dwan's big stack play and tried to play back into "durrrr" out of position.

That proved to be a mistake as Dwan smoothly called the players 4x preflop reraise.

After seeing a board of A 9 7 Dwan's opponent led out with 40k, and Dwan called. The turn brought an 8 and both players checked. The river blank 3 fell with both players once again checking.

Dwan's opponent showed K 9 while Dwan showed the winning A 10. Durrrr walked away with a pot worth over 100k and his opponent was left to stew over his mistimed aggression.

Alex Bolotin
Alex Bolotin is among the names still remaining.

From the Felt

"Can I show one card?" Jeremy Fendelet toyed with his opponent after putting the adversary all in with a 10-high flop showing. "Make sure you think about this now," he said trying to talk the foe into a fold. His opponent mucked and Fendelet showed a king-ten and top pair. Fendelet is trying to battle back from the bottom fourth of the leader board and has a group of vocal supporters cheering him on in the Amazon Room.


Level 22: Small Blind - 10k; Big Blind - 20k; Ante 3k

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$1.5k NLHE - "durrrr" Guns For Bracelet

Who knows what this bracelet is worth to durrrr?
Who knows what this bracelet is worth to durrrr?

Well, another small buy-in donkament is well into its stride - the $1.5k NLHE down to just 21 players now from the opening 2,563 after 2 full days of play. What makes this tournament different from the average WSOP donkament though is the presence of one man - Tom "durrrr" Dwan.

The pin-up boy of the internet generation, "durrrr" is the epitome of the online grinder's aspirations - successful, world-famous and with a C.V. bursting with stories of poker excellence.

One line that remains blank on durrrr's resume is details of WSOP bracelets. As yet he has not managed to take one down, but this year a number of big money bracelet bets seem to have motivated durrrr to pull his best game out and go for gold.

It's working out just fine right now, as he heads the field with the final table in sight. The other 20 players will obviously have a big say in who takes down this bracelet and it won't be a walk in the park for Dwan.

Whatever the outcome, there will be a host of eyes riveted on how Event 11 plays out and the eagle vision of PokerListings' Update Team will be trained on the action, ready to swoop in on any tender morsels of information.

It should be a great finale and we're ready for a thrilling denouement to durrrr's first bracelet challenge.

Buckle up!


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Event Name Event 11 - $1,500 No-Limit Hold'em
Venue Rio All Suites Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas
Date 4 June 2010
Final Day 6 June 2010
Buy In $1,500
Entrants 2563
Prize Pool $3,460,050
First Prize $614,248

Simon Watt

Event 11 - $1,500 No-Limit Hold'em

Top Money Finishers Prize
1. Simon Watt $614,248
2. Tom Dwan $381,885
3. David Randall $270,299
4. Austin McCormick $194,939
5. Jason Young $142,346
6. Michael Smith $105,185
7. Marvin Rettenmaier $78,681
8. Kyle Winter $59,547
9. Eric Ladny $45,603
10. Nicholas Phillips $35,327