$10k Stud - Men Nguyens!

All you can eat baby!
All you can eat baby!

Well, it's been an incredible heads-up and as Men Nguyen did for much of the final, he literally dominated it.

Drinking heavily and clearly the worse for wear, Men still managed to play well enough to guide his way to the bracelet, the last hand being perhaps the most bizarre we have seen in WSOP history.

We've Never Seen Anything Like This

With Brandon Adams reduced to a pittance following a short break and a level increase, Men Nguyen, who had been playing blind and betting relentlessly, threw an offer on the table.

"How bout we get it in now baby. All you can eat baby? You want?"

Adams looked confused but after some consideration agreed. "Ok, but we have to raise each other all-in."

"It ok, we get you all-in," said Nguyen, picking up a huge stack of chips.

"No, you have to raise each other allin," confirmed the tournament director.

So the players went through a strange process of raising each other until a wobbling Men Nguyen just picked up a random number of chips and piled them on the table.

"ALL YOU CAN EAT BABY!" yelled Nguyen, slamming down the chips and staggering backwards, almost falling over to great amusement from the crowd.

He regained his balance and the players flipped for the bracelet!

The dealer rolled out the cards, Adams showing A-3-Q-Q-5-4-9 for a single pair of queens.

Nguyen meanwhile, showed T-6-9-K-J on sixth street. Behind to Adams' pair of queens, Nguyen needed to find himself a queen or king on 7th to win.

He took a peek.

"It's a picture baby!" he bellowed, beckoning the cameras over. He turned it over and slammed down the card - the K.

"YESSSSSSS!" exclaimed Nguyen as his supporters rushed over to hug him for collecting his seventh bracelet.

And with incredible scenes going on in the background, that was the tournament over!

Brandon Adams looked disbeleiving, but laughed to himself as he finished up 2nd for $243,958.

Meanwhile Men Nguyen collects the $394,800 for 1st place and perhaps most significantly, his first bracelet since 2003 and seventh in total.

Congratulations to Men for now - stick with us as we will be bringing you the full interview and a recap of the day shortly as well as winner shots.

Thanks for following - it's been an incredible ride.

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$10k Stud - Heads-up For The Bracelet!

GG 'roach.
GG 'roach.

The last period has seen the players taking a break, but has also seen Men Nguyen slip down the rankings and begin to look decided tilty.

Then this happened and the sun shone through for Nguyen once again.

The Cockroach Squished (Evdakov - 4th)

Nikolay Evdakov is nicknamed the cockroach due to his ability to survive in a poker tournament. There's a reason he holds the world record for number of cashes at a single World Series Of Poker.

Well, even cockroaches get crushed underfoot sometimes and that just happened to the Russian - Men Nguyen being the man to wield the boot of doom.

Evdakov started the hand with split aces and when Nguyen raised out the third guy in the pot, Brandon Adams on 5th, they were still good.

Men Nguyen had a mega draw though, a pair and 4 flush meaning he had a multitude of cards to hit over the next two streets.

Sixth bricked for both of them but Men squeezed a second baby pair out on seventh and Evdakov could only squeeze a sad brick out that ended his day.

$110,629 Evdakov's reward for 4th place.

"YES!" yelled the Master, who could scarcely control his emotions after a rough period for him.

Just as quickly as that happened, we found ourselves heads up!

What Kind of a Rapping Name is Steve? (Billirakis - 3rd)

Billirakis was short with 120k which went in following the deal, with Billirakis showing [T][Q]4 up against Men Nguyen's [K][7]7.

A slender advantage for Nguyen and though Billirakis was able to improve his hand to queens-up by 7th, Nguyen had already hit a third seven by then for trips, meaning Steve Billirakis bows out in 3rd spot, collecting $152,788.


It's Men Nguyen versus Brandon Adams for the bracelet. A muted rail is probably excited, but maybe needs to be cattle prodded into action.

We're fascinated with how this match-up will turn out - the mercurial Nguyen against the impassive Adams.

Men Nguyen  2,700,000
Brandon Adams  1,800,000

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$10k Stud - Cassidy Gets Cockroached (5th)

Kicking ass and chewing gum, and he's all out of gum...and chips
Kicking ass and chewing gum, and he's all out of gum...and chips

It's game over for cool-as-a-cucumber chiller Joe Cassidy, whose gum-chewing exploits have taken him to 5th in this championship...but no further.

Granite-faced Russian Nikolay Evdakov did the damage in the following hand.

Cassidy's Clock is Punched (5th)

Cassidy had become precariously short and heads-up with Evdakov, he raised Evdakov's bet, then called his three-bet all-in.

Cassidy must have felt his [4][7]7 6 for split sevens was probably good on Evdakov's board of [x][x]6 9 but Evdakov showed he had caught good on fourth, flipping up [3][9] in the hole for a pair of nines.

Cassidy looked a little perturbed at this, but as fifth and sixth came T then 8 for him and bricked for Evdakov, he had a double belly buster as well as myriad 2 pair draws to get him out of the hole. His supporters yelled for one of the many cards that would save him.

"TEN TEN TEN!" was the loudest chant...but a useless queen on seventh did him no good and he busts in 5th spot for $86,461. Good gum game Joe.

So that left four. "The Master" is still in the ascendant although a burst from Brandon Adams sees him making it a challenge for Nguyen at least.

The Bare Statistics

Here's the lay of the land as they battle for the bracelet.

Men Nguyen  2,100,000
Brandon Adams  1,300,000
Steve Billirakis  750,000
Nikolay Evdakov  450,000

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$10k Stud - Grinder Gets Ground (6th)

Who da man, er Men?
Who da man, er Men?

He is human! The man who has looked unstoppable so far this series, Mike "The Grinder" Mizrachi has been thrust out of contention. Great player or not, you still have to run good to win poker tournaments and Mizrachi has never really been able to get going in this final.

Here's the story of his demise.

Tens Moments See Mizrachi Split

Mizrachi was crippled in a hand with Brandon Adams, getting to the river with his opponent, only to see him flip up a single pair of tens, which were good for the pot.

His final hand saw him take on the same man with [T][2]7, and strangely Adams again had a pair of tens [T][K]T to take him on with.

A pretty good advantage, The Grinder was unable to find any sort of helpful spikage down the remaining four streets and with that went his chances of a second bracelet here.

We lose Mike Mizrachi in 6th spot - he wins $68,949 for his performance.

Masterful Men Turns Up The Heat

Obviously Men Nguyen is a highly experienced exponent of the game of poker, but he really is running like an olympic sprinter on steroids right now and could prove on an unstoppable path to the title.

In the last few hands, he first went to 7th with Steve Billirakis with a board of [x][x]6 8 7 8[x] showing.

Whatever draw Billirakis had, clearly missed as he couldn't beat Nguyen's eights and threw his hand in the muck.

Next up Nguyen took on "The Cockroach" Nikolay Evdakov. Evdakov may be able to survive a nuclear fallout, but a blast from Men Nguyen is a different thing altogether.

The fallout of this hand was that Nguyen turned up buried aces on seventh street which handn't improved but were still good versus the Russian, who takes a big hit.

That just consolidated what was already a huge lead for an increasingly dominant-looking Men Nguyen.

Chip Counts

Here's how things stand following those tussles.

Men Nguyen  2,495,000
Brandon Adams  975,000
Steve Billirakis  565,000
Nikolay Evdakov  310,000
Joe Cassidy  220,000

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$10k Stud - Back From Dinner

Eye of the tiger!
Eye of the tiger!

The six remaining players return from the dinner break, and although most of them are bigger in stature than Men Nguyen, they will all be looking up at the poker veteran, as he currently has almost twice the number of chips as second place.

Michael Mizrachi is still chasing his dream second bracelet in three events and although that seems unlikely at the moment, given his small chip stack, he showed he is capable of turning round a chip deficit in the Player's Championship.

"I never give up...that's Rocky style," he said of his comeback there and those words should have the other players a little concerned that he might mount a sterling comeback.

We shall see as the run in to the bracelet continues.

Game on.

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$10k Stud - The Magnificent Seven

Cassidy's short but still alive.
Cassidy's short but still alive.

It's hard to seperate these players at the moment. As soon as one gets short they fight back into contention.

Russian Nikolay Evdakov continues to hold the chip lead, the players are climbing all over each other just below him like ferrets in a pillow case.

Here's news of the ferrets.

Double Bubble for Bazooka Joe

Joe Cassidy just went toe-to-toe with Men Nguyen, three-betting on fifth after Nguyen raised him - [x][x] 3 6 4 the hand Cassidy was showing down.

Nguyen may have felt he was good, having paired an eight with [9][8] 7 2 8 as his board.

When Cassidy turned up buried queens however, Nguyen was the one who needed to catch up and the dealer gave players their sixth street, helping neither.

The face-down seventh was dealt and Cassidy looked at his and Men Nguyen took well over a minute to look at his card - potentially about to pull out a sick slowroll.

But no, he hadn't improved and a relaxed Cassidy, chewing gum the whole way blasted his way back into things with a 300k double-up.

Rain of Diamonds Scatters Kings

You've got to put the whip to your big hands in tournaments, and Brandon Adams did just that moments ago. Holding [K][8]3 K 2 K#[Js] for trip kings, he 3 bet Men Nguyen on 7th street.

Nguyen tanked but threw the call in, showing down another monster [A][9]2 Q 2 8[3] for the nut flush. He was good and Adams had a chunk taken out of his stack.

The Lay of the Land

All that shuffling of the pack has left the players arranged in this configuration.

Nikolay Evdakov  1,050,000
Men Nguyen  925,000
Brandon Adams  800,000
Steve Billarikis  570,000
Vladimir Schmelev  430,000
Michael Mizrachi  420,000
Joe Cassidy  300,000

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$10k Stud - Final Table!

Dan Heimiller - agonisingly short of bracelet glory again.
Dan Heimiller - agonisingly short of bracelet glory again.

The players are on a short twenty-minute break right now, but just prior to the break, we saw action as one player busted to create the official "final table" and we even squeezed in one more elimination just before the players left to grab some food and drinks.

Here's the main news from the last hour:

It's Not Hei-Miller Time! (9th)

Dan Heimiller has come close to a bracelet already this WSOP, runner-up in the $1.5k Omaha/8 and he will have been desperate to rectify that near-miss today. Sadly for our many Dan Heimiller fans out there however, that won't be happening.

Down to 30k in our last update, he managed a desperate triple-up after making a full house with his final chips but ultimately, it didn't help his cause.

It was left to the resurgent Men Nguyen to finish his day, Heimiller going for broke with [A][J]3 - Men with an ace showing. When Nguyen paired his ace on fifth, Heimiller was drawing thin and by the time seventh had come and gone, he couldn't beat Nguyen's pair of bullets.

Heimiller out in 9th spot then, collecting $38,676 and officially bubbling the Final Table.

Time To Get Sirious (8th)

Sirious Jamshidi has been flirting with elimination for much of the day and moments ago, he stopped flirting and did the dirty - banged out in 8th spot.

Brandon Adams was the man to end his day, Jamshidi going at it with split eights. Up against Adams' split aces, he was always at a disadvantage though, and come seventh he hadn't improved meaning his run at the bracelet was over.

Sirious Jamshidi out in 8th spot collects $46,206 for his troubles.

Take The Count, Champ

Evdakov is the man to catch on the leaderboard right now, whilst Michael Mizrachi's challenge for a second bracelet looks unlikely at the moment.

He's only a few big pots from the lead in reality though, so the path to WSOP gold is still well and truly open.

Nikolay Evdakov  1,140,000
Brandon Adams  1,075,000
Vladimir Schmelev  610,000
Steve Billirakis  545,000
Men Nguyen  500,000
Michael Mizrachi  450,000
Joe Cassidy  180,000

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$10k Stud - Heimiller Dancing With the Devil

A Men amongst men.
A Men amongst men.

The players have just returned from a 20-minute break and Dan Heimiller remains the man most likely to miss out on the final table, his stack tiny right now.

He is hanging in there for now though, and we've seen Men Nguyen rise up the leaderboard over the last hour. Here's how things have progressed with nine men still contending the bracelet.

Heimiller Not Done Yet

Scratching around for chips, Dan Heimiller picked up a very useful pot when he lead out on 5th with a group of uncoordinated baby cards, causing Joe Cassidy to lay his hand down.

Heimiller showed him tens in the hole for what was almost certainly a good fold.

Next up however he took on the Grinder, Mike Mizrachi, who lead with [x] [x] 5 J A showing on 5th. The bet would have been the remainder of Heimiller's chips and after some consideration he decided to jettison his hand toward the muck.

That hand left him in dire trouble with just 30k in chips to his name.

Nikolay Evdakov
Nikolay Evdakov, aka "The Cockroach. Get your big-spray out fellas!

Monster Men On The Rise

Men Nguyen had more than a few wobbles in the early stages, seeing his stack plummit below 350k but since then he keeps making big hands and shipping pots, pushing him well into contention for the chip lead now.

First off, he had the sweetest buried pair, aces in the hole and by the time he got to the river his board of [A][A]4 7 4 9[A] saw him improved to aces full of fours - a huge hand in Stud.

Of course none of his opponents could match this, Sirious Jamshidi the main man to suffer as Nguyen rose up to around 380k following the hand.

Not long after Nguyen was at it again. This time he was showing [x][x]Q 4 Q on 5th and his bet caused a shrewd Mizrachi to throw his hand in.

"Queen-four in the hole," claimed Nguyen, meaning he would have had another house. Must be nice Men, must be nice!

Multitabling Mizrachi

During the break Mizrachi was considering paying the entry fee for the 2-7 No Limit $1.5k event starting at 17:00 p.m.

"Don't do it!" urged his friend "Chino" Rheem. "By the time you get back you'll only have 1k in chips or something."

"Yeh maybe, it's only a small buy-in though..." mused Mizrachi as he got ready to continue with his main focus - picking up his second Championship bracelet of the series.

The Leaderboard

Here's the current standings, showing Heimiller's increasingly precarious position.

Nikolay Evdakov  885,000
Men Nguyen  820,000
Vladimir Schmelev  760,000
Brandon Adams  660,000
Michael Mizrachi  465,000
Steve Billirakis  440,000
Joe Cassidy  245,000
Sirious Jamshidi  175,000
Dan Heimiller  30,000

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$10k Stud - Studs Bust Out

Former WSOP Main Event Final tablist Eric Buchman busts the Stud
Former WSOP Main Event Final tablist Eric Buchman busts the Stud

It's been a frantic opening to the day with no less than three eliminations.

These bustouts mean the players have been consolidated to a single table of nine, although the official final table threshold is set at eight, so we need one more to bite the dust before we can herald the official $10k Championship Stud final table.

With no further ado, here's news of the developments.

Buchman Busted By Russian Tagteam (12th)

Eric Buchman saw his own version of the cold war breakout at his table, firstly taking on Evdakov's open pair of nines with two pair of his own showing, only to make a frustrated fold on a later street.

It proved a good fold, as Evdakov showed him buried aces for a superior two pair.

That left him in trouble however and he put the rest of his chips in with just fours in the hole versus the second Russian on the team - Vladimir Schmelev.

This time Schmelev had eights showing and when Buchman failed to improve, his day was done in 12th place - good for $32,909.

Ray of Sunshine Blocked Out (Dehkhargani 11th)

Ray Dehkhargani saw his chances eclipsed by a buoyant Brandon Adams. Two hands in quick succession, Adams made trip jacks and a queen-high flush - Dehkhargani unable to slip the noose in the latter hand.

Ray busts in 11th spot for $32,909 whilst Adams is looking more and more of a threat as the day progresses.

Dan Heimiller
It's **** or bust time for Heimiller!

Joe Soap Cleans Up (Barlow - 10th)

Joe Cassidy is another man who's stock is currently rising. He knocked the shortstacked Todd Barlow out of proceedings when the pair went to war, both with buried pairs.

Cassidy's kings however were superior to Barlow's nines - and when his advantage held across all the streets, we were one more man down - Todd Barlow out in 10th spot, collecting $38,676 for his performance.

Chips, Chips and More Chips

Here are the standings as the players home in on that official "final table." Dan Heimiller is in a bit of trouble at the foot of the leaderboard.

Vladimir Schmelev  880,000
Nikolay Evdakov  870,000
Brandon Adams  670,000
Joe Cassidy  550,000
Michael Mizrachi  460,000
Sirious Jamshidi  430,000
Steve Billirakis  420,000
Men Nguyen  190,000
Dan Heimiller  85,000

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$10k Stud - Glory Awaits

Vladimir Schmelev's second Championship final table.
Vladimir Schmelev's second Championship final table.

12 players return to play down to a finish in the second Championship event of the series and guess what, that man Michael Mizrachi is well in the mix to contend his second bracelet of the series and make an early run for "Player Of The Year."

In a strange twist of fate Vladimir Schmelev - who finished second to Mizrachi in the $50k Player's Championship - has also made it through to the latter stages.

Little is known about the Russian, but he has shown his excellence against the best players in the world so far here at the series and he goes into the day with a big chip lead and brimming with the confidence that his performances so far have inspired.

One man with a point to prove will be Dan Heimiller, who narrowly missed out on a bracelet in the $1.5k PLO/8 earlier in the series. We are big fans of Heimiller, who as well as being an accomplished WSOP veteran, is quite a character.

If you need any evidence of this, check out his website. What it lacks in great design, it makes up for in humor and we certainly had a good laugh here at PokerListings when we looked through it.

A great day's Stud beckons so stay with us as we highlight all the killer action from the tables as we play through to the Champion.

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Event Name Event 10 - $10k Seven-Card Stud Championship
Venue Rio All Suites Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas
Date 3 June 2010
Final Day 5 June 2010
Buy In $10,000

Men Nguyen

Event 10 - $10k Seven-Card Stud Championship

Top Money Finishers Prize
1. Men Nguyen $394,800
2. Brandon Adams $243,958
3. Steve Billirakis $152,788
4. Nikolay Evdakov $110,629
5. Joe Cassidy $86,461
6. Michael Mizrachi $68,949
7. Vladimir Schmelev $55,991
8. Sirious Jamshidi $46,206
9. Dan Heimiller $38,676
10. Todd Barlow $38,676