$10k Stud Championship - Freddie Ellis - The Top Stud!

Eric Drache made a valiant effort to mount a comeback. He had clawed his way back to 1 million chips. It may sound like a lot, but the number gets much smaller when you consider the 100,000/200,000 level they were playing.

The final hand came when Drache picked a hand to go with and got all of his chips in on seventh street.

Drache was showing: 4 T Q 5

Freddie was showing: 4 9 3 J

Ellis made the call and turned over a heart flush. Drache couldn't beat it and mucked for the last time.

Tournament pioneer Eric Drache has done a lot for poker and has the utmost respect from those in the know. He ran the World Series of Poker for over a decade and did many things to advance tournament poker. He invented tournament satellites which have been responsible for the ever increasing numbers of players year after year.

PL.com would have been thrilled to see someone that has done so much for the game win but, as it turns out, Freddie Ellis is deserving champion as well.

Ellis has a little story of his own. He moved to New York City in the 1950's with high hopes of becoming a famous singer. While that didn't pan out, he did manage to make a fortune in real estate. This was only the second tournament he has ever played in his life (he final tabled the first one too) and his first WSOP event.

Ellis has been known for a long time in the Atlantic City poker scene. He regularly played in the biggest stud cash games on offer with his wife at his side. Sadly, Ellis' wife just passed away two weeks ago.

Surely this makes Ellis' win bitter sweet, but nonetheless he said he was very excited for the win and PL.com wishes him the best.

While Drache didn't get the bracelet, he took home a not-too-shabby $231,014.

Ellis took down the top prize of $373,744 and the bling to go along with it.

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$10k Stud Championship - Geriatric Park

The tides have turned here in the Amazon Room. It looked like Eric Drache was in position to take it down but Freddie Ellis wasn't quite ready to let him do so.

Drache maintained a steady lead for much of the last couple of levels but then the deck started to hit Freddie Ellis.

First Ellis made two pair in a sizeable pot. Drache couldn't best it and mucked. This was the beginning of the down slide.

Freddie 2 - Drache 0

A few minutes later, Freddie completed with a J showing and Drache checked his A.

Drache caught a 5 on fourth while Ellis matched him with a 5. Freddie contemplated a bet but decided to check. Drache fired and Ellis called.

On sixth Freddie caught a 3 and Drache a 4. Freddie checked again and Drache bet. This time Ellis raised it up. Drache looked at his jacks in the hole and tossed his hand in the muck!

Freddie 3 - Drache 0

Drache was down on his luck and low on chips. Nothing seemed to be working out for him when Ellis found yet another opportunity to dig the knife in deeper.

Freddie had a pair of nines showing while Drache showed 9 T Q J. Drache had been calling the whole way trying to hit soemthing. Both players checked seventh street and Ellis turned over a nine for trips.

Drache did what he has been doing all too much of lately and tossed his hand in the muck.

Drache is down to just a handful of chips while Ellis is now looking like he has a little pep in his step.

Freddie 3 - Drache 1

Just when we thought the end was near, Drache managed to double up.

Drache was all in with A Q J Q 4 4.

Ellis had a few outs with his 8s2 A 9 8 Q.

The river was a blank for Ellis and Drache's two pair held up. Drache has scraped his way back up to a million in chips. It sounds like a lot, but he's got a long way to go.

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$10k Stud Championship - Rock A Bye Freddie

The players are taking another unscheduled break in the Seven Card Stud Championship. Freddie Ellis, who has been looking pretty tired lately (wait, he always looks tired, dude is like a billion years old), asked for 15 minutes off.

Not much happened in the last level. Drache still maintains a small lead but lost it for a little while before getting it back in a decent sized pot.

There was betting on all streets with Ellis raising on fifth street and Drache popping it on seventh.

Ellis' board: 7 Q Q 4
Drache's board: 7 J 2 5

Ellis called Drache's raise and was shown a flush. The flush was good for the pot and Ellis flashed his third queen before pitching his cards.

We'll see if Freddie takes this break time to power chug a half dozen Red Bulls before coming back or else they might have to start waking him up when it's his turn to act.

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$10k Stud Championship - Drache Steamrolling!

It didn't take long for poker pioneer Eric Drache to take control of this $10,000 World Championship Stud heads-up match.

Within the first few minutes of mano-a-mano action, Drache had gotten paid with trip fives and then set about chipping away at Freddie Ellis' seemingly insurmountable chip lead.

Ellis, meanwhile, has been unable to fight back and now finds himself with less than 33% of the chips in play after losing another big hand to Drache that saw him bet-call Fifth, check-call Sixth and check-fold Seventh while showing 8 3 Q T to Drache's J 7 4 2.

Ellis is now on 1.3 million to Drache's 3 million.

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$10k Stud Championship - Heads-Up!

Short-stack Ville Wahlbeck has been eliminated and we're heads-up at the $10,000 Stud World Championship here at the 2009 World Series of Poker.

Wahlbeck lost a pot to chipleader Freddie Ellis with (x-x) 2 8 3 9 (x) to Ellis' (K 9) K 8 J 6 (4) and then lost two more after Ellis rivered a jack-high gutshot straight to counter his two pair and then bet him off A Q T 3 while showing A 2 3 4.

Finally, Wahlbeck got the last of his 200k stack in the middle in a raising war that began when Ellis brought it in and Eric Drache called with the T.

Wahlbeck raised with the 9 and Ellis got out of the way but Drache was game and came in for a re-raise.

Eventually all of Wahlbeck's stack was in the middle, with Drache turning up a buried pair of aces and Wahlbeck, clearly frustrated, showing a buried pair of kings.

Neither player would improve before Seventh Street and Wahlbeck was left needing any king, nine, four, trey or ace to stay alive.

The Scandie gave it a good sweat, but peeled the 7 instead and was thus eliminated.

He's out in third place and takes $152,915 for his time.

Meanwhile, Drache and Ellis will play heads-up for the bracelet. Ellis has 2.49 million to Drache's 1.77 million.

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$10k Stud Championship - Wahlbeck on the Ropes

Action has slowed three-handed here at the final table of the $10,000 Stud World Championship and East Coast underground legend Freddie Ellis is maintaining his lead.

Random Scandie Ville Wahlbeck, meanwhile, is the short stack and has seen his stack dwindle down to about 20% of the average.

He lost a big pot to Fellis before the last break when his tens-up couldn't beat the legend's aces-up and then lost again when his 9 J K T failed to click against Eric Drache's J T 7 7 when Drache turned up a buried pair of queens.

Wahlbeck was able to double up to 400,000 with a diamond flush against Drache's two pair, but would give most of it back after losing a succession of medium-sized pots shortly thereafter.

Short stack or not, Wahlbeck is in no hurry to get all of his money in and all three players are playing a slow, methodical grind.

Even if the Scandie busts, Drache and Ellis will likely milk this structure for all it's worth and we could be looking at a long night of studliness, which coincidentally is what they often say about the PokerListings squad. Ayo!

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$10k Stud Championship - Hasan All Gone!

After another hour of play in the $10,000 Stud World Championship we're down to three players with Hasan Habib and Max Pescatori the latest casualties at our final table.

Habib Habusto (5th)

Habib doubled up a short-stacked Pescatori when he called the Italian Pirate's all-in holding (x-x)T 8 J 5 to Pescatori's (x-x)9 A 4 8 and found himself drawing dead when the Full Tilt pro turned up 6 3 in the hole for the made flush.

That took a bite out of Habib's stack and he busted shortly thereafter, getting all-in on Sixth with A K J 4 Q 5 against Eric Drache's T 6 T 8 J 6 and found himself needing to spike a two-outer to make the Broadway Straight and stay alive.

The river, however, was the K and Habib was eliminated, out in 5th place and earning $80,969.

Pescatori Controlled (4th)

#img: max-pescatori_27836.jpg:left:Pirate shipped!#

Pescatori would go broke a few rounds later, getting his short-stack all-in on Third Street with Q J T and finding himself facing down Ville Wahlbeck's buried queens.

By Sixth Street, the Pirate would make jacks-up, but Wahlbeck made queens-up and Pescatori needed to a queen, jack or nine to stay alive.

Seventh Street, however, was the 2 and Pescatori couldn't get there. He's out in fourth place and takes $107,959.

Ellis Keeps Rolling

Freddie Ellis remains the chip leader in this event, holding 500,000 more than runners-up Eric Drache and Ville Wahlbeck combined.

One recent hand saw Ellis manage to bet Wahlbeck off of a pot despite Wahlbeck showing trip deuces on Seventh Street.

Ellis, showing 7 2 Q T bet out after Wahlbeck checked and saw his rival muck the hand.

Ellis is on 2.3 million.


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$10k Stud Championship - Done with Dinner

The five remaining players are back from break and it's time to get serious about figuring out the 2009 $10,000 Seven-Card Stud World Championship winner!
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$10k Stud Championship – Disaster for Mueller

After another level of play in the $10,000 Championship Stud we’ve seen the elimination of the last of the short stacks and Hasan Habib start to close the gap on Freddie Ellis.

Greg Mueller Fully Blown Out (Seventh)

It appears that Greg “FBT” Mueller’s disappointing trend of making the final table but not winning his first WSOP bracelet will continue - at least for today.

To be fair Mueller was extremely short-stacked for most of the day and trying his best to get something going.

It was not to be.

Mueller attempted to make a stand with deuces in the hole against Hasan Habib’s pair of aces. Neither hand improved and Mueller will have to settle for seventh place and the $53,886 that comes with it.

This is the fifth time that Mueller has made a WSOP final table but failed to ship the bracelet.

#img: ivan-schertzer_31154.jpg:left: Ivan diving.#

Ivan Gets Terrible’ed (Sixth)

The third member of the short-stack trio found his way to the rail shortly after Greg Mueller. Ivan Schertzer has been eliminated in sixth. It happened in a fairly sick hand against Eric Drache too.

This is was the board as of fifth street:

Schertzer: (X)(X)J 6 2

Drache: (X)(X)9 T 3

Schertzer got the last of his chips in on fifth street and proudly flipped over KK in the hole but to his complete shock Drache showed a hidden AA.

The fireworks weren’t done yet, however, as sixth street brought Schertzer the J giving him two-pair and the lead. Drache received the 5. Schertzer let Drache sweat his final card and it was the 5 giving him a better two-pair and putting Schertzer in a rough spot. The final card of the hand was the 9, which eliminated Schertzer from the tournament.

Schertzer will receive $64,297 for coming sixth.

Chip it Up!

Here are the latest chip counts from the last hour courtesy of www.worldseriesofpoker.com:

Freddie Ellis 1.4 million
Hasan Habib
1 million
Ville Wahlbeck
Eric Drache
Max Pescatori

Dinner’s On!

The five remaining players are currently on a one-hour dinner break.

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$10k Stud Championship – Seven-Card Survivor

The short-stacks in the $10k Stud event have all been doing a great job of simply refusing to go away but we finally have our eighth place elimination.

Mueller Catches a Magnificent Card

No-Limit Hold’em always seems to be the game when players talk about suck-outs and high variance but you can get lucky in Seven-Card Stud as well.

Just a few minutes ago Greg “FBT” Mueller found himself completely dead to the last three aces in the deck but managed to find the A to stay in the tournament.

Mueller gave a victorious fist pump and will now set about trying to accomplish something with his moment of good fortune in this event.

Tim Phan gets Schertzer’ed (Eighth)

Tim Phan was one of the short-stacks we were talking about that wouldn’t go out without a fight but he has finally found his way to the rail.

Phan got all his chips in with ace-high and had the misfortune to have Ivan Schertzer call with rolled up trip tens. Freddie Ellis also called with a pair of nines. Nothing improved for any of the players and Phan was eliminated while Schertzer tripled up.

Phan will receive $47,532 for coming in eighth.

Chip Dip

Here’s a look at the most recent chip counts courtesy of the folks at www.worldseriesofpoker.com:

Freddy Ellis 1.7 million
Ville Wahlbeck
Eric Drache
Max Pescatori
Hasan Habib
Ivan Schertzer
Greg Mueller
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$10k Stud Championship – The Pros Go Down

We’ve made it through one hour of play at the nine-handed final table and so far it’s the well-known poker pros that have been scrambling to stay alive while players like Freddie Ellis and Eric Drache have been the dominant force at the table.

Phan Falters

Tim Phan has dropped into the danger zone with just under 50,000 chips. We’ll keep you updated but right now it doesn’t look good for the 24th place finisher in the 2005 WSOP Main Event.

Jeffrey Lisandro drilled (Ninth)

The big names keep dropping out of the Championship Stud event. Jeffrey Lisandro is the latest player to drop out of the event after losing several consecutive pots.

In his final hand Lisandro had a pair of tens but Ville Wahbeck made two-pair by the river to eliminate the Australian poker pro.

Lisandro can take heart in the fact that he actually made the final table because in most Seven-Card Stud events he would have bubbled by coming in ninth.

The Iceman gets $36,267 for coming ninth.

Don’t Forget About Fred

Little-known player Freddie Ellis is taking control of this event. Ellis has passed the million mark in chips and is currently putting the hurt on almost every player at the table.

The only other cash Ellis has on his Hendon Mob home page is a Seven-Card Stud side event at the 2003 USPC in Atlantic City. By the end of the day Ellis will have a much more impressive stat to add to his poker resume.

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Final Day of World Championship Seven-Card Stud

After a slight delay the final day of the Seven-Card Stud Championship has finally begun.

Daniel Negreanu was certainly the centerpiece of this event and he had a thick crowd of railbirds formed around his feature table fawning over the Canadian poker star. Little did they know what was in store for Kid Poker…

Italian Pirate strikes first! Ray Dehkharghani Busts

It took little more than five hands for Max Pescatori to draw first blood in the final day of Championship Seven-Card Stud.

After a considerable amount of bets on five streets between Max Pescatori and Ray Dehkharghani both players got it all-in on sixth street. Pescatori showed a made club flush with K Q in the hole while Dehkharghani had A J for a pair of fives and a heart flush draw.

It didn’t come and the man with the killer last name was eliminated. Dekharghani will receive $29,152 for his efforts.

Negreanu Bubbles Final Table, Railbirds in Disarray!

Poker fans will likely be disappointed to know that Team PokerStars Pro Daniel Negreanu has already been eliminated from the Seven-Card Stud Championship event.

Negreanu started his day off wrong by getting involved in a big pot against Eric Drache and then folding on seventh street. Negreanu’s stack was severely crippled by the loss and on the very next hand he got the last of his chips in against Tim Phan.

Kid Poker could only manage a pair of tens while Phan actually made trip kings on seventh street. That was enough to put Negreanu away for good. Right then and there a good 70% of the rail packed up their bags and headed for the exit.

Don't worry, he'll be back!

The Real Final Table

With Negreanu’s elimination organizers have decided to consolidate the remaining nine players to one final table. This is somewhat unusual because stud is usually played with a max of eight players to a table.

Without further ado here are your final table contestants:

Eric Drache 847,000
Ville Wahbeck
Hasan Habib
Freddie Ellis
Max Pescatori
Jeffrey Lisandro
Ivan Schertzer
Greg Mueller
Tim Phan
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Event Name Event 6 - $10,000 Seven-Card Stud Championship
Venue Rio All-Suites Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas
Date 1 June 2009
Final Day 3 June 2009
Buy In $10,000
Entrants 142
Prize Pool $1,134,800
First Prize $373,744
Level Ante Blinds
Level 1 50 0/0
Level 2 75 0/0
Level 3 100 0/0
Level 4 100 0/0
Level 5 100 0/0
Level 6 200 0/0
Level 7 200 0/0
Level 8 300 0/0
Level 9 300 0/0
Level 10 500 0/0
Level 11 500 0/0
Level 12 700 0/0
Level 13 1000 0/0
Level 14 1000 0/0
Level 15 1500 0/0
Level 16 2000 0/0
Level 17 2000 0/0
Level 18 3000 0/0
Level 19 3000 0/0
Level 20 4000 0/0
Level 21 5000 0/0
Level 22 5000 0/0
Level 23 7000 0/0
Level 24 10000 0/0
Level 25 10000 0/0
Level 26 15000 0/0
Level 27 20000 0/0
Level 28 20000 0/0
Level 29 30000 0/0
Level 30 30000 0/0
Level 31 50000 0/0
Level 32 50000 0/0

Freddie Ellis

Event 6 - $10,000 Seven-Card Stud Championship

Top Money Finishers Prize
1. Freddie Ellis $373,744
2. Eric Drache $231,014
3. Ville Wahlbeck $152,915
4. Max Pescatori $107,959
5. Hasan Habib $80,969
6. Ivan Schertzer $64,297
7. Greg Mueller $53,886
8. $47,532
9. Jeffrey Lisandro $36,267
10. Daniel Negreanu $36,267